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Nov 21, 2015

Reformation of Heavenly World 39 - The Killshot Avoided (North Korea Crisis, Boston Bombing Incident)

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Reformation of Heavenly World 39
The Killshot Avoided (North Korea Crisis, Boston Bombing Incident)

As recounted in the previous post “Reformation of Heavenly World 38,” a prospect has finally emerged for avoiding or mitigating solar super flares and killshots. This is because the vibrations of the Earth and of the Moon were enhanced as the result of having destroyed evil people on earth. Here below, however, a very serious situation occurred afterwards.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 9, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 39

U.N. Security Council Unanimously Voted for Tightening Restrictions on Pyongyan
March 8, 2013, 3:41 a.m.

UNITED NATIONS, March 7 (Reuters) In response to North Korea's third nuclear test on Feb. 12, the U.N. Security Council voted on Thursday to tighten financial restrictions on Pyongyang and crack down on its attempts to ship and receive banned cargo in breach of U.N. sanctions. The drafted resolution was approved unanimously by the 15-nation council.

The World Theater: a 30-Year-Old Guy Fights against the Whole World.
Ichiro Iiyama’s Little HP March 11, 2013

Regarding its severity, the sanctions resolution against North Korea as adopted unanimously by the U.N. Security Council this time has no precedents in the past.

The resolution thoroughly tightens restrictions on the flow of people, goods, capital. And this is legally binding on the U.N. member countries across the globe. Inspections of North Korea-related cargos have also been mandated.
Both Russia and China have approved the U.N. resolution in favor of a “necessary and appropriate response.”

How will Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, respond to this? He said,

“The officers and men of every unit are all prepared. In order to do justice to our homeland’s unity, they will be commanded to charge forward immediately if our enemy shows any provocative behavior in the frontal zone.”
“The officers and men of the army, the navy, the air force, the antiaircraft force, the strategic missile force, including the units at the front, are all prepared to start a ‘North Korea-style all-out war’”, he also stressed. (Searchina News

As described in these articles, North Korea has prepared itself for full-scale war since the U.N. sanctions resolution against its 3rd nuclear test. This implies that North Korea has a high potential to launch missiles with a nuclear warhead, using them as an EMP weapon exploded up in the air. So looking back from now, the situation seems to have taken a very wrong turn. For the following remote viewing predictions by Ed Dames were known beforehand.

[Unity Design] Prepare Yourself Now for Receiving the Age of Cataclysm in Peace of Mind.
March 20, 2013, 3:40 p.m.

Predictions by Ed Dames for the Year 2003

Here are 5 events posted on Shanti Phula’s Blog on Current News as they were predicted to take place before the occurrence of any killshot (solar storms assaulting the Earth in succession).

Out of these the following two predictions became reality.

1. It was predicted that in Africa epidemics of plant diseases would have major impacts on agricultural produce such as wheat, which became realized in 2007.

2. It was predicted that a major earthquake would hit Japan, resulting in destruction of nuclear power plants leading to a major nuclear incident. This became realized in 2011.

And now, the following three events are predicted to take place.

3. North Korea will launch a nuclear missile (a worrying attack to South Korea with an EMP weapon?)

4. A space ship similar to a space shuttle will be forced to land on earth.
(According to Ed Dames, a killshot will occur soon after this incident.)

5. It will so happen that in an area in war, soldiers, allies and foes alike, will be looking up to the sky in a stupor, then will stop fighting, each going back home.

While the first and the second event have both been realized, the third is also likely to occur actually. It seems like the fifth event mentioned above is precisely the “X-DAY”. Will that be the beginning of an age of cataclysm when not only the local community life infrastructure stops its function, including supply of electricity, water, gas, etc., but also food is hard to get, with commodity distribution, information, politics and economy being in chaos?

If war should break out in Korean Peninsula, North Korea is likely to use the EMP weapon I have just mentioned. In that case, a killshot will inevitably occur as predicted. As for USA, the American military took provocative actions repeatedly in the name of joint military exercises with South Korea. As a result, the situation in Korean Peninsula is now very tense.

[The Voice of Russia] North Korea “The Threat of Nuclear War in Korean Peninsula Is Now Real”
March 27, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

Photo: EPA

The situation in Korean Peninsula has become “very tense as a result of the repeated acts of provocation by USA and South Korea.”

North Korea pointed out as an example the large-scale military exercises now being performed by South Korea and USA with B-52 bombers bearing a part.

North Korean authorities also pointed out that now, with US nuclear submarines being present off the coast of South Korea, “the sights of US strategic missiles are aimed on Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. As a result, the threat of nuclear war has become a reality.”

Earlier the North Korean Foreign Ministry announced that the Republic is fully ready to fight a war with “the long-range artillery and missile units “covering the US military bases in Hawaii and Guam, as well as South Korea and even the continental United States.”

[Raba Q] Gosh! North Koreans’ Classified Photos Have Come to Light... “Thank you, Kim Jong-un, for Showing Your Plan to All!”
March 31, 2013, 6:34 p.m.

Here is a scene of their operation meeting in an emergency situation. The problem is, however, a document marked with a red circle tells us something.

Um... This is how you are going to assault your enemy...

Under the Kim Jong-un regime, North Korea severed its connections with the US warmongers (the Bush/Nazi camp) and switched sides to the Rockefeller/Obama camp. As proof of this, all high ranking officers of the military were replaced when the regime change occurred. It is also known from an article released later that the Kim Jong-un regime and Obama’s regime were taking contact with each other beneath the surface. Accordingly, it is understandable that the provocative actions taken in Korean Peninsula largely implied retaliation by the Bush/Nazi camp against Kim Jong-un.
If, however, North Korea had been incited to fire just a single shot, it could immediately have led to an all-out war with high probability. So while both Obama and Kim Jong-un had originally no mind to wage war, the Bush/Nazi camp repeatedly took such actions in the hope just a single shot would trigger war.
And yet, the above photos clearly show the North Korean officers are not really bent on fighting a war. Actually, no sense of urgency is displayed in these pictures taken at an “emergency meeting”. Even targets of military attack have kindly been revealed with a view to give an account of their plan to strike the U.S. mainland.
Why then have these photos been released? One can take it this is meant to be the message to Obama: “Why not somehow harness the US warmongers any time soon?” In fact, looking back on what followed, it is now clear that Obama and Kelly started taking measures to prevent war as they got flustered to see the U.S. military escalating provocative actions step by step.

[Mr. Ukeru Magosaki] North Korea’s Situation Has Escalated in Tension.
April 8, 2013, 9:30 p.m.

As pointed out repeatedly, Obama’s regime has no intention to air-raid North Korea.

The worst-case scenario the U.S. Defense Department and North Korea are worried about the most is that in a false flag operation ― those bad lots’ usual maneuver ― North Korea will be falsely accused of lethal actions using nuclear weapons.

(Masatoshi Takeshita)

[I AM] North Korea Crisis et al.
April 15, 2013, 00:06 p.m.

IAM 4/12/2013

According to a Gnostic, his partisans “have already deployed 500 ton-class nuclear weapons in Jerusalem in order to respond to the ‘North Korea Crisis’ trumped up by the Sabbateans and the nuclear threat staged by them utilizing the opportunity.” To put it simply, it seems like “the Gnostics will strike Jerusalem in retaliation if the Sabbateans perpetrate nuclear terrorism anywhere over the globe, making believe that North Koreans are the perpetrators.

Without ever rising to provocations repeated by the U.S. military, North Korea exhibited good patience. In case there is no response, what the U.S. warmongers do is always the same. That is, to stage a false flag operation by blaming nuclear terror on North Korea so that people would be brought into war. Such action was foreseeable, so I was most alert during this period of time. However, as was suggested in the above-cited information from Benjamin Fulford, it seems the Gnostic Illuminati threatened to retaliate any false flag terror attack staged by the Bush/Nazi camp and so these people gave up their plan. And this seems to be the prime reason Korean Peninsula did not become a battlefield.
At that time I focused my consciousness on Kim Jong-un’s resolve to wage war. For he maintained his ambition to have the honor of reunifying Korean Peninsula, as far as he had the odds in his favor should war break out.
In this period my body was not relaxed due to a sense of tension. However, this feeling was suddenly loosened on April 14 around 0:15 p.m. when I was just taking our dog out for a walk. I remember saying then to my wife, “It seems like Kim Jong-un has lost his will
to wage war. Probably war will no longer break out.” Just to make sure, I took another day to wait and see, and then commented as follows on Shanti Phula’s Blog on Current News:

[Gendai Net] Is North Korea’s Negotiation with US over Nuclear Armaments Now Started?
April 16, 2013, 6:01 p.m.

From a series of events whose trends have been tracked on Shanti Phula’s Blog, it is natural to consider a path to war has been prepared with a staged nuclear terror planned to have been blamed on North Korea. As suggested by Mr. Fulford’s information, it looks like this plan has been aborted. Though people cannot let their guard down, there is now a possibility reunification of Korean Peninsula will be achieved not by force, but by agreement, as was the case with the reunification of East and West Germany. As for me, I will side by that solution.

(M. Takeshita)


In the comment above, I suggested this war would not take place by mentioning “a possibility of Korean Peninsula will be achieved....”

To my surprise, about the time when I mentioned this possibility in my comments, bombing terror occurred at the Boston Marathon in America.

[Kaleidoscope] The Boston Marathon Bombing Terror Used to Beef up Surveillance of Individuals
April 17, 2013, 6:22 p.m.

Clearly, in this case, the perpetrator in question is FBI. If this had been a case of nuclear terrorism, war on North Korea would have become inevitable.

(M. Takeshita)

Kaleidoscope 4/17/2013

Explosions at the Boston Marathon

Identification of the profile of criminals has been started right away.

As might be expected, ABC and CNN did not go so far as to put the blame on North Korea in their news. However, other media agitators wrote up articles with the tone that ‘it’s North Korea’s terror attack!’, or asking, ‘what is their demand?’, etc.

However, the situation is far from North Korea’s terror.

The bombs exploded on the scene were not for military purposes with high destructive power, but a makeshift type anyone can prepare.

Actually, 300 thousand Americans are identified as terrorists by U.S. law enforcement authorities. Movements like this are termed comprehensively as homegrown terrorism by the American mass media.

As I commented at that time, my immediate intuition [also based on historical grounds] told me FBI staged a false flag incident but yet this terror would not be linked to North Korea. Then, it so happened that Kaleidoscope posted the same view in the above article. Precisely as was predicted in this article, it turned out later that this terror maneuver had been aimed at passing the gun control bill.

However, as this incident was eventually treated as a domestic issue, it seemed to me there was no more chance war will break out in Korean Peninsula.

What about the Predicted Super Flares and Killshot
April 19, 2013, 5:45 p.m.

What Was Occurring on the Backside of the Sun on April 12?
In Deep 4/15/2013

Photographic image, LASCO C2 of SOHO, one of NASA’s solar observation satellites.

At the sight of this image, Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi addressed the Sun, Tamako-sama, asking what was going on with this phenomenon. The correspondence at that occasion was as follows:

“According to the response, the lights that looked like huge explosions occurring on the backside of the Sun were ’super flares’. I thought they were the predicted super flares. So I put the question: “Why did this occur on the back side?” The answer was: “I did all my best.” If this had happened on the front side! With this in mind, I could not help feeling deep gratitude and love for Tamako-sama.”
(Fax, April 18, p.m. 0:52)

Then, as a result of the super flares occurring on the backside of the Sun, what becomes of the predicted killshot? Fortunately enough, the killshot once predicted to take place about June 1 seems to have been cancelled for a moment.

In these circumstances, it is of a major significance that contrary to expectation, the tensions in Korean Peninsula did not develop into war. But I wonder if this has been, above all, the result of efforts made by our audience who, after reading articles on our blog, prayed the worst would be avoided.

(M. Takeshita)

The above article shows super flares and killshot have almost certainly been staved off. Considering super flares were released on the backside of the Sun on April 12, it seems significant that the Bush/Nazi camp gave up their attempt at a false flag operation as a result of the threat by the Gnostic Illuminati.
As for me, I felt relieved war would no longer occur. However, as the following article was circulating in the media at the moment, I could not help laughing at it bitterly.

How This War Is to Develop: North Korea vs. US, Japan, South Korea. Urgent Inside Information: Dangerous Neighbors and Naive Japanese People.
April 23, 2013

The situation in North Korea is getting increasingly strained.

Here is an explanation from an official of the South Korean Ministry of National Defense:

“It will bring shame to First Secretary Kim Jong-un if North Korea does nothing whatsoever for all the provocative remarks ever made vis-a-vis people at home and abroad.

Given this factor, it is likely that they will take provocative actions to the maximum extent that the U.S. military won’t be given opportunities to participate. For that purpose, firing on the coast of West Sea in the vicinity of the capital Seoul will be the most effective.”

Later on, at the stage when war was definitely avoided, it became clear as well that super flares and killshot were staved off completely, as was shown by the following article:

[In Deep] When Facing Earth, the Sun Has So Far Shown a Tendency Not to Unleash Huge Solar Flares.
May 23, 2013, 11:19 a.m.

Monster X-class Solar Flare on May 14, 2013.

In spite of having caused some commotion in the world, sunspot groups are now going to disappear calmly, relatively quietened down while facing Earth.

In reality, this has happened very frequently since last year, which tendency means: ‘Those sunspot groups showing so vigorous activities suddenly quieten down when facing Earth.’

Just a few days ago, on May 20, major activities were shown to be present on the back side of the Sun.”

Space Weather

My feeling is that something like this has been constantly taking place over more than a year. I do not know whether or not the present Earth is favored by the Sun, but at least up to the present, there has been a manifest tendency for the Sun not to unleash huge solar flares when facing Earth.

Regarding the last passage of the above article, I should add people of Earth at present is likely to be unloved by the Sun whereas this is not the case with the Earth, of course. It follows that to avoid disfavor, they have no other choice but to reform their nature at heart.

To be continued.

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