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Oct 17, 2015

Reformation of Heavenly World 37 ― The Super Flare & Killshot Cataclysm (2)

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Reformation of Heavenly World 37 ― The Super Flare & Killshot Cataclysm (2)

This is a sequel to “Reformation to Heavenly World 36”. After World War Ⅲ was found avoidable without fail, the next crisis to consider was the imminence of highly intensive solar flares, but they seemed to be very difficult to avoid. In this post, I’d like to review the information given at that time about super flares and killshots.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 7, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 37

  As I explained in the last post “Reformation of Heavenly World 36”, a considerable number of warning messages from deities and aliens had been received by early November in 2012. The following article is a partial summary of the conversation that Serena had with his husband Ameno-mikageno-mikoto on this matter on November 8 (originally introduced and posted on Shanti Phula’s Blog on Current News).

Conversation of Serena with His Husband, Ameno-Mikageno-Mikotothe Will of Earth and the Future of Humanity
November 16, 2012, 7:42 p.m.

I hear the following conversation was held by Serena with his husband, Ameno-mikageno-mikoto.
(Masatoshi Takeshita)

S.: “I think it was around November 1 when I asked you ‘what would become of the nuclear power plants if strong solar flares irradiate the Earth’. As I remember, you seemed to consider it was still undecided by what means cooling water should be supplied to the nuclear reactors, to what extent deities should intervene and get involved with human societies, etc.”

A.: “Yes.”

S.: “At that time, you seemed also to think in the following line: ‘Some day humanity may launch nuclear missiles to the universe if allowed to continue the use of nuclear power generation. So it would be necessary to nip the possibility in the bud. The consciousness of humans on Earth would not be changed until solar flares would have damaged the Earth. What has become of that matter?”

A.: “That was a regrettable decision for us, too.”

S.: “A decision? Is it already decided that solar flares should damage the Earth?”

A: “It wouldn’t be in time even if nuclear power generation was stopped now... (unclear)
Of course, it must be stopped now, immediately.
If the operation of each and every nuclear power plant can be stopped, then the decision may be changed.”

S.: “What do you mean by saying ‘it wouldn’t be in time even if nuclear power generation was stopped now’?”

A.: “Even if the operation of all nuclear reactors is stopped, the spent nuclear fuel must be cooled on and on. Humans have no technology fit for purpose. Only once the power goes out, enormous damages are to be expanded from Earth to the universe.”

S.: “Is it that the Earth has asked the Sun for help?”

A.: “Yes. Earth almost cannot stand this condition any longer.”

S.: “...so that humanity will be extinguished?”

A.: “No. That’s the worst case. But in the best case, the consciousness of people will be fundamentally changed because of a sense of crisis. Then, nobody will attempt to get energy from nuclear power any longer.”

A.: “The human consciousness is closely connected with Earth. And Earth cannot exist alone. If it is possible to change the human consciousness, and that fundamentally, Earth may change Her mind. Then, the universe will be changed and Earth will be saved.”

S.: “I thought the worst course was the outbreak of a major war and that was avoided...”

A.: “World War Ⅲ was about to occur, but this has been avoided. And yet, how has the consciousness of people in this world been changed? A vast majority of people wish for peace. In spite of that, evil deeds abound, such as massacres, plunders, exploitations, treacheries, greed, jealousy, - deceiving people by entrapping them in a plot. Even now, outcries of despaired people reach my ears without breaks.”

S.: “How does the voice of Earth sound to you, Ameno-mikageno-mikoto? Is it also an outcry?”

A.: “Serena, you must be hearing it. Isn’t your heart one with the Earth, always?”

The Voice of Earth:

“Stupid humans!
You are no different than when you used to kill one another with stones in your hands, ―
Always jealous of others’ possessions, plundering, destructing one another;
Loving conquests, used to plundering, violating others, crushing them underfoot.

I am mother of all.
The mother has the obligation to protect all her children.
However, must I abandon you humans, now?
Must I chasten you in order to protect other children of mine?

S.: “Oh Earth! How can we make ourselves pardoned? How can humans be allowed to exist?”

Earth: “I want the abundant Nature restored. While there is no way to restore what have been lost, I want you to no longer plunder others, including the skies, the lands, the winds, the waters, the lives.”

For long I haven’t sung the song of land, the song of sky, the song of seasons, the song for birds.”


I tried speaking to the Sun.

Sun: “Finally, you have realized my presence. I have been waiting for you.”

S.: “About solar flares, there is a sense of impending crisis spoken of here on Earth. Are there going to be damages on the Earth surface?

Sun: “That’s what I have wanted to tell you about all this while. Soon Earth will be subject to our strong head-on impacts.”

S.: “When will that occur? Next year?”

Sun: “In 2013.”

S.: “Is that already decided?”

Sun: “It’s an approximate estimation. That requires various conditions to be arranged. However, it may occur within half a year.”

S.: “To what extent will Earth be affected by solar flares?”

Sun: “The word ‘extensive’ will apply.”

S.: “When feasible, couldn’t you kindly put off the time a little bit?

Sun: “You would rather humans were changed and had built a society safe enough to receive solar flares’ strong electromagnetic waves, wouldn’t you?”

S.: “Yes.”

Sun: “That will be impossible. For I emit solar flares in order to change the human consciousness. This is the plan of the universe.”

About yesterday’s conversation with the Sun, there is a point I forgot to report:
Regarding the estimated period of solar flares attacks, the Sun suggested it would be in early summer and autumn. Since the expression was ambiguous, I asked again about it. It seemed to be meant by the answer that the precise date was undecided unless the requirements are satisfied, but that the approximate time is decided. I felt ‘early summer’ meant the season including May. It was mentioned that Earth would be hit not only once but some times, at least two times.


 From this conversation, we understand the Sun emit intensive solar flares in order to change the consciousness of humanity and and that Earth may be hit not only once but some times, probably also in the season including May in 2013.
 Even accident-free nuclear power plants exert destructive impacts on the Earth’s environment by emitting harmful radioactive ray constantly, continuing to pollute sea water with tritium, etc., raising the temperature of sea water, etc. Nuclear power plants should have been headed for dismantlement immediately when these facts became clear. But in reality, humans cannot do away with power generation by nuclear energy they are clearly not cut out to control ― because of various ulterior motives and rights and interests that intertwine with one another. This becomes obvious when Japan’s situation since the Fukushima accident, for example, is examined. This is a situation where gains have been prioritized so that people have been prevented from taking clearly right actions, without any means to change it. As a result, it is felt to be inevitable in a way that the Sun emits solar flares in order to lead humans to change their consciousness.
 However, a closer examination showed me that the damages caused by strong solar flares would be extraordinary.

Major Ed DamesThe Solar “Killshot” Is to Set to Shutdown Nuclear Power Plants and Cause Large-Scale Radiation Leak
November 9, 2012, 9:11 a.m.

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Impacts of Radioactivity

・I went to Japan in 2003 to appear on television. I performed a remote viewing and estimated the possibility of a great earthquake hitting Tokyo. The results were that while there would occur a massive earthquake, Tokyo would not suffer much damage. However, it turned out at the same time that a nuclear power plant would be destructed, involving a radiation leak even more serious than in Chernobyl. This vision precisely became reality.

On Fukushima

・The results of a remote viewing say that in Japan, unfortunately, a vast number of people will get cancer from now on. In particular, a large number of cancer patients will be found among children in Fukushima. The number of cancer patients will reach 1 million at the minimum, out of whom one hundred thousand will die.

Direct Hits by Solar Flares

・What we have to watch out the most for among the next natural disasters are direct hits by solar flares, which I call “killshots”.

・Earth will be hit directly by huge solar flares, not one but some in succession. This will occur between 2013 and 2014. Preparations should be made from now on.

・These killshots will cause large-scale radiation leaks from nuclear power plants as well as their shutdown. Due to long term blackouts, it will become impossible to cool the nuclear reactor cores. This danger comes when the stock of heavy oil for in-house power generation is used up.

・After “killshots”, what should be done will be to restore the collapsed society; however, the remaining population will be fairly small in number, ― possibly around 500 millions. There is a doomsday image like Armageddon, and precisely, killshots are close to something like that.

・As the result of a remote viewing, it has turned out that the Earth started to send signals for help to other stars and planets such as the Sun. The killshots seem to be the results of these signals sent out.

These predictions by Major Ed Dames’ remote viewing are very convincing. From this, we understand the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster had been predicted in a precise manner and that the number of children predicted to die coincides with the view of medical doctors and specialists who had helped patients in Chernobyl. His information about killshots are also very convincing in that just as in Serena’s conversation, they had been predicted to occur not only once in 2013, that the word ‘extensive’ describing the extent of damages after killshots corresponds with the remaining population of as few as 500 millions, and that the killshots were to be discharged as the result of Earth’s signals for help having been sent to the Sun and other planets since 25 years ago. When I read Serena’s conversation, I intuitively understood it was impossible even for Hotsuma deities to avoid super flares or killshots. The only possibility to avoid the cataclysm was to lend the assistance of deities that descended from the higher level of Creator Deity of Love.

The Present Status of the Planet Nibiru and the Best Method to Avoid the Cataclysm (brought in by Mr. Takeshita):
November 13, 2012, 8:22 p.m.

  There is something the audience of Shanti Phula can do easily.
  Play a video on the former articles as well as on this article, focus your consciousness on the UFO you have chosen and communicate your sentiment of gratitude for their constant aid to us. Deities can receive all of what you have communicated just in your mind.
  It is actually the best method to avoid the catastrophe when as many people as possible have realized the presence of deities and aliens as well as the assistance they are extending to us.
  The awakening of humanity is just around the corner.

November 13, 2012  Masatoshi Takeshita

 Shanti Phula’s Blog on Current News serves as a bridge between humanity and the universe, helping as many people as possible communicate their sentiment of gratitude to deities and our brothers in the universe for their assistance. Nothing positive will take place unless we humans on Earth feel this crisis as a reality and take actions by seriously considering how to avoid a catastrophe. However, as has been explained, it is impossible on all accounts to physically shutdown all nuclear power plants operating on Earth by the first half of 2013. And yet, even though impossible for humans, it may be possible for deities in higher Systems to apply their advanced technology.
So I found the best method for solution was to address deities and aliens from higher Systems who were lending their helping hand to Earth. I thought it would be possible to minimize the damages even if they could not be avoided.
 Our editor Hatchi has produced a quite admirable video related to their operations.

Ten Minutes Video: Warnings from the Universe (hope this goes viral):
November 20, 2012, 10:02 p.m.

 The video below shows what has been going on in the world and what we should do now. We hope as many people as possible will watch this video.

Special TalkWarnings from Deities 2: Super Solar Flare Crisis
November 30, 2012, 1:33 p.m.

Warning from Deities 2” has been produced to help you get rid of your anxiety and communicate your sentiment of gratitude to deities and our brothers in the universe. And that’s the major message from us. (In “Warning from Deities 1”, the main concern was to avoid World War Ⅲ and prevent antipathies against other nations or countries.)

To be continued.

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