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Jun 1, 2015

Disappearance of SaLuSa on charges of rebellion against Federation Questions to his successor, Tachibanano-himemiko and her answers

Disappearance of SaLuSa on charges of rebellion against Federation Questions to his successor, Tachibanano-himemiko and her answers

I gave a comment in the last Message 28from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko that “At present, we are discussing the case of punishment of the wicked in the “Galactic Federation.” As I commented, SaLuSa disappeared yesterday.
I’m going to let you know the details about this some time. This time I have asked a female deity, successor to SaLuSa, several questions. As Usual, I have asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to get in contact with her.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 26, 2015

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: May 25, 2015>

“1. Good evening. I think you are a successor to SaLuSa and you are a female. I suppose that you visited me around 18:10 hours today on 25. What do you say?

:  It is me that visited you on the time you said.

2. Could you tell me your name?

:  I am “Tachibanano-himemiko.”

3. I think that SaLuSa was executed on charges of rebellion against Federation on 12:30 a.m. on 25. Am I right?

:  That’s exactly right.

4. I think that 166 SaLuSa’s comrades in total were executed: six were executed together with SaLuSa, 100 lost souls and spirit bodies and 60 were sentenced to life in prison. Am I right?

:  Everything you say is correct.

5. I think there are 25 remnants of SaLuSa’s faction. What do you say?

:  That’s exactly right.

6. I think that SaLuSa’s comrades have significantly intensified confusion on the earth. Confusion will be alleviated so much because they have been destroyed. What do you say?

:  I agree with you.
They were far away from having contributed to peace for the earth. They rather have taken such actions to cause increased confusions and struggles.
From now on, there will be no influence from them. It is expected that the situation will calm down.

7. I think you are a very beautiful woman. Please try to use the “    “ and also “    .”
I believe you will be more beautiful.

:  How glad I am to hear that!. I’m really glad.
I’ll use them right now. (I told about Shanti Phula’s blog.)

8. Would you give a message to earthlings?

:  “People of earth, nice to meet you.
I am Tachibanano-himemiko and have been newly appointed as a successor to SaLuSa with the Galactic Federation.

I am sure that this incident has posed quite a shock to you.
They were my comrades with who I have shared the assignment for a long period of time. So their rebellion was also a great shock to us and temporarily plunged into deep sorrow.

Although it is a regrettable event for us to have lost them, we find their actions unacceptable. We think that it is natural conclusion that they have reaped the reward of their own actions.

This incident has made us make anew a resolution to try to destroy inner evil by always reflecting ourselves. We have firmly made a mutual promise to do so. We also think that this incident will never have a negative factor on the reformation or rather we think positively that it is a matter of joy to have eliminated a cause of confusions on the earth.

In harsher and harsher situation, please keep your inner peace and remember that we are carrying out our mission to bring about peace on earth.

With fervent wish,


The above is a message from the goddess.

Seiko Nakanishi

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