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Jun 5, 2015

Channeling information from fake SaLuSa and fake Archangel Gabriel – It is a serious crime to send a message under a false name.

Channeling information from fake SaLuSa and fake Archangel Gabriel – It is a serious crime to send a message under a false name.

I have picked up two articles. As I have told you, SaLuSa has been executed and he does not exist. Therefore, SaLuSa who sent this message is a fake. Archangel Gabriel who sent the second message is, of course, also a fake because four archangels already disappeared long time ago in the reformation of the heavenly world.
Both of the beings who have sent such false messages were SaluSa’s subordinates. I have warned that “it is a serious crime to send a message under a false name.” These two have already been arrested; I think fake SaLuSa has already been executed and fake Archangel Gabriel seems to have been decided on 30-years imprisonment. This person is likely to be executed if his past crimes are exposed in the future.
It is safe to say that anyone who tries to send such false message will be immediately arrested and be given similar punishment. In the past I commented that such false channeling information would disappear. The number of channeling information has significantly decreased since I gave such comment. Since SaLuSa’s comrades have been punished, I think that the time has really come.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 30, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s Homepage – May 29, 2015 –

SaLuSa, May 29, 2015


The old system continues to break apart as it no longer serves your need to expand your levels of consciousness. Also those who serve your interests are largely working with the old energies and whilst they remain, making more progress into the Light is a very slow affair. However the Lightworkers do have a voice and those seeking illumination will be drawn to those people who can guide them along a suitable pathway. Your intuition has a major role to play in guiding you in the direction that best suits your needs, and sometimes there is karma involved that may require you to experience progress in a certain way. Be assured once again that nothing of importance to your evolution happens by chance, and all experiences have their value. Sometimes the reasons may not be immediately apparent, but often in retrospect you can begin to see the lesson to be learnt. In these end times some lessons have been harsh, but you would be well advised to take note of the message they have given. However, do not worry about your degree of progress, as providing you handle your experiences with the intent to learn from them you will evolve. In fact, you would not have reached this far had you not been walking your path of illumination.
Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s Homepage – May 29, 2015 –



Beloved Ones!
Call me into your presence so that I may direct
you into Heaven across the bridge of desire.
The time of changes has come!
Great, unique and immutable changes come to
this world and they occur in the hearts of human Beings.
The change occurs from the inner to the outer, and what
has already been anchored in your hearts and has been
consolidated, now becomes visible in the outer world;
the outer appearances of life receive a new countenance:
the countenance of Love, of Light and Peace.
Joyfully Accepting Changes
It is time to react to the changes in a new manner,
to adjust to these in a new manner. Many human Beings
still back off from the changes; they are frightened and
behave cautiously toward any change, which is on the horizon.
Many prefer to wait instead of taking the initiative themselves,
instead of being the change themselves.
The resonance with the actualities of this time is of great value
today, like a reed, which sways in the wind, this is how you
shall sway in God’s Odem, because truly:
It is God, who instructs you today, who accompanies
you reliably step by step toward the ascension into
another world. Attune today to further and so far
unthinkable changes! Greet these and change with
them, because truly everything undergoes a radical

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