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May 9, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakishoshino-himemiko 25 – Message from Takaki-uchunohikarino-mikoto: Restoration of Health Earth Has Achieved and Life that Needs to be Made in the Future

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Message from Sumiwataru-takakishoshino-himemiko 25 – Message from Takaki-uchunohikarino-mikoto: Restoration of Health Earth Has Achieved and Life that Needs to be Made in the Future

According to the following message, Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami, which is my name as a deity, has changed his name. I had not recognized it myself before I saw this message. The message was sent from consciousness of my Linga Sarira to Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. The physical body, Linga Sarira and causal body do completely different things in different realms. As it happened this time, it is likely that my Linga Sarira sends a message through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to let my physical body know what happens to my Linga Sarira.
My physical body recognizes important events which happen in the spirit world but my physical consciousness realizes almost nothing of life in the heavenly world. I don’t know about what happens in the heavenly world unless I go into a deep state of meditation. I think it is preferable not to know about details of what happens in the heavenly world because if I know details, it would interfere with my work here.
Well, let’s get down to business. A personal message from Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami to Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi reads:
“My name has been changed to Takaki-uchunohikarino-mikoto this time. My name has been renamed as I have become the source of light of the entire universe.”
It says “has been renamed”, not “have renamed.” Intuition tells me that a new name would have been presented by deities from outer space.
In the past lecture, I told you that I had descended from the 5th System of Creator Deity of Love to this Sirius System 450 million years ago. At that time, I told you that I had come from outside the framework of Heavenly deities or Earthly deities but I didn’t tell you any more about details. This message might give you some vague idea about where I have descended. However, you don’t need to believe it because nothing is more important than the contents of the message and your pure-heartedness.
However, if you have ability to feel vibrations, you see that what I comment and this message share the same vibrations.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 3, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakishoshino-himemiko 25

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: May 2, 2015>

I have recently experienced endless surprises!
The message I received today was from Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami whose name has been changed to “Takaki-uchunohikarino-mikoto.”

<Message from Takaki-uchunohikarino-mikoto to Earthlings>

“I am sure that you recognize that the energy of light is getting stronger and more brilliant day by day.

Today, the power of light has reached its climax.

Contrary to confusions and misery around the world, the earth itself has restored her health as never before.

Without the good health and security of Mother Earth, which is a habitat for humanity and all living beings, there can be no happiness or peace of humanity.

To achieve this goal, we have launched a project to restore the health of Earth in physical and spiritual dimensions by using every possibility and technology and put it into action in the heavenly world for the last several years.

We all living in the heavenly world find it a great joy and happiness to let you know here today that the project has been finished.

We have proceeded with the reformation in the heavenly world and have preferentially engaged in purifying the earth and restoring her health for the last eight years. We have concurrently proceeded with the reformation on the earth in areas where we can tackle with.
It naturally required a lot of time and patience to get every process going because the reformation on the earth is related to the liquidation of human karma.

However, during these years, I have provided information on various changes to be seen on the earth from now on and made repeated warnings to you by showing from every angle the correspondence relationship between such changes to come and changes of actual world situation. I believe that this has enabled you to have enough time to materially and mentally prepare for events to occur in the future

Now “Earth Deity” is ready to accept everything.
Furthermore, all cosmic friends, including planets in the solar system, many deities, divine spirits, angels, fairies and spirits, that are united with love, have been stationed in their own positions and everything is ready.

From now on, every politics, religion, military, financial organization, industrial circle and commercial business in all countries on the earth, regardless of size, will be significantly shaken up.

Those who cannot stop being overly ambitious in such areas will finally be driven into difficult situations and forced to face the consequence of their ambition.

Falsehood of various ideologies such as concept of value, politics, economy, philosophy, science, medicine and religion will come to light and such fallacy will be totally exposed, destroyed and disappear.

When facing such situations, each individual will have to choose his own direction under the guidance of his inner voice.
This is because existing outlook on life and concept of values are no longer useful.

Only those who can seriously and sincerely come face-to-face with their conscience will be able to keep inner peace and harmonize well with earth’s vibrations.

We always watch over you from behind so that you can pass through hardships and confusions as briefly as possible.

It depends on sincere trust in the power of God, individual higher awareness and above all “love” whether you can go through such a tough time properly.

I hope that you will keep on living a careful life and refine your mind so that you can spend every day living peacefully as well as patiently.”

I have a confirmation from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemimko that this is another extraordinary message and the message is from Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami.

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