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May 27, 2015

Conspiracy of 25 Heavenly Emperors Belonging to Highest Dimension of Outer Space and “Final Judgment” Being Carried out in Whole Universe including Outer Space

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Conspiracy of 25 Heavenly Emperors Belonging to Highest Dimension of Outer Space and “Final Judgment” Being Carried out in Whole Universe including Outer Space

I told you that a message came from adeity of outer space on April 26. The other day, this deity and the parties concerned have disappeared. I found the warning given in the Message 27 dated May 17 to be useless in the end. I didn’t recognize their conspiracy until I was actually attacked by them. However, my inner body seems to have foreseen such attack.
I asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to get in contact with Sumiwataru-takakihoshinoi-himemiko to confirm whether my understanding of incidents in the heavenly world was correct or not. I’d like to show you my communication with the goddess through Mrs. Nakanishi.
I’d like to give a detailed explanation of what actually happened, following the communication.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 21, 2015

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: May 20, 2015>

“Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko, I have something to confirm with you. Please answer my questions.

1.     I think that Kusushikiikazuchino-mikoto of outer space and 600 deities, his followers, who attempted to kill me at 4 a.m. on May 19, and as a result all disappeared. Am I right?

Answer: Yes, you are right.

2.     I think that 25 Heavenly Emperors of outer space including him got involved in this incident. I think that they intended to make my 25 wives their own after killing me. Am I right?

Answer: Yes, that’s exactly right.

3.     I think that a total of 5425 deities including his families and followers disappeared. What do you think?

Answer: That’s exactly right.

4.     My 25 wives (body of Supreme Being) are in the 5763rd dimension. Even if they manage to kill me, my wives are in a realm beyond the reach of them. And yet they committed such act of folly. I suppose this is because they didn’t believe at all that I and my 25 wives are in a higher dimension. They never understood that such act would lead to disappearance of their souls. What do you think?

Answer: That’s exactly right.
They did not believe that new dimensions had been added or you and your 25 wives were in a higher dimension, either. They committed such an act of foolishness. The only possible explanation for it would be that they didn’t understand that their souls would disappear.

I should have given a warning to deities of outer space much earlier.
At any rate, however, the warning would have been useless.
I am really sorry about it.”

Kusushikiikazuchino-mikoto of outer space and 600 deities who were his followers disappeared at 4 a.m. on May 19 (Tuesday).
Although I was asleep, I recognized a minor explosion and pain in the brain, which happen when the soul disappears. I immediately understood that this man disappeared. Subsequently, his wife and 1500 relatives and 600 deities involved including his followers and involved parties attempted to attack me but all of them disappeared.

He is merely a being existing in the 1103rd dimension, though a Heavenly Emperor. I examined what made him try to kill me and I found that he tried to kill me with a clear intention to make my wives his own. However, even if he had managed to kill me, he could not gain support in the heavenly world. Examining whether there was anybody else behind him and his group, I found that this conspiracy was plotted by 25 Heavenly Emperors including him.
Except for Kushushikiiikazuchino-mikoto, 24 Heavenly Emperors except out of these 25 Heavenly Emperors were executed at midnight on 20. I predicted that relatives and followers of such executed Heavenly Emperors would attack me and their attack started at 12:40 a.m. on 20. Twenty-seven hundred deities attempted to attack me; experience tells me that such attack lasts two hours. I foresaw that their souls would disappear just in two hours and as expected, their souls disappeared at 2:40 a.m.
This incident was caused by Heavenly Emperors belonging to the highest dimension of outer space. My only regret is that although they had seen me and my 25 wives personally at meetings in the heavenly world, they never believed what I said and never understood what was important.
I think they had such an illusion that they could do anything as long as they stay at the top of power. It was completely beyond the comprehension of them that there is the law of God controlling the whole universe, which exists in a place far higher than their consciousness. Every wrongdoing is put on record. When such wrongdoing exceeds a certain limit, a judgment is carried out like this and the soul disappears. However, deities existing in the highest dimension did not know the fact that their souls would disappear. Although I had warned them in advance, they didn’t believed my warning.
Even deities existing in the highest dimension is being like this. Therefore, I don’t want people on the earth to understand such information. However, I accurately understand such an important incident, though my physical body exists on the earth.
As for channeling information, aliens living in significantly lower dimensions still have provided through channelers such information that “the human soul is immortal.” It is left to your discretion whether you believe my information or not. It does not serve as a criterion for judgment. The point is that if anybody puts into practice apparently illegal action for example, such as arranging a plan to kill me to steal my wives from me, he will be punished. Usually the soul does not disappear immediately, and instead an opportunity to reflect on such action is provided. Those who are judged to be unlikely to repent will lose their souls. In case of those assuming a higher position, however, one- time serious mistake will lead to immediate disappearance of the soul.
They should understand that the “final judgment” is being carried out not only on the earth but in the whole universe including outer space.

Masatoshi Takeshita

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