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Apr 24, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 23 – Mantra from which energy of love flows out

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 23 – Mantra from which energy of love flows out
I received a hand-written mantra from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi by fax. I have printed it out and made a formatting change into 17 x17 as shown below so that blog readers can print out the mantra and post it in a room. Holding of a piece of paper on which this mantra is printed out with hands, you will feel the energy of love flowing out with all chakras of the out-of-the-body, body surface, nerve plexus and spinal cord opened. At the same time, you must feel energy poured from the heaven through the Sahasrara chakra of the body surface. Holding a mantra printed out with hands or posting it in a room, you can confirm that this mantra truly works.
When you *chant this mantra 289 times, you will feel that above-mentioned state of energy last for quite a while. Any highly sensitive person will recognize that he can send effusive energy of love to anywhere. He must recognize that it is possible to send out such energy through hands or just by consciously thinking of the other. When such energy of love is directed toward work, it would turn out to be the path of Karma yoga, while toward deity, human being, animal or plant, it would turn out to be the path of Bhakti yoga.
Chanting this mantra many times, you will get to know that chanting this mantra just once, as long as you connect with God, makes you feel the above-mentioned state of energy. You will also understand that mantra is not needed and all you have to do is to think of God. This is the perfection of the path of Bhakti yoga.
This mantra changes you into light. You are connected with the heaven and energy of love emits to the world through you. It is you who will change the earth into a place with affluent love.

(Note)*Please be sure to chant it in Japanese, “aishite-imasu”.
Masatoshi Takeshita
April 19, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 23

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: April 18, 2015>

I was very surprised when I received this unusual message. Later I realized that this was a special mantra given from Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami.
I was asked to write mantra in full (289 times).

<Words from the goddess after I finished writing>

“You must be surprised.
This is a special “mantra of love.”
It is words of love repeated 289 times.
Print this mantra and post it in a room, the place becomes the space of love.
Devise how to use this mantra.
Please give printed mantra to anybody who wants it.

This is a mantra received from Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami so that you can keep lofty love and live a healthy life.

To be continued”

*When I received this message, the goddess told me to write the mantra in full because the love of Daishoushin-makotonaru-kami is put into letters I write. However, she allowed me to type it for the blog.
Due to limitations of space, I divided it into five parts, each of which consists of 58 sentences of “aishite-imasu.”  Layout was left to my discretion.

Seiko Nakanishi

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