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Apr 3, 2015

I have drunk hot water or warm tea every day. Then, what’s the result?

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I have drunk hot water or warm tea every day. Then, what’s the result?

As shown in the following THREAD (Topic On A Message Board), hot water seems to be good for health. It is recommended to drink hot water in Ayurveda.  It is said that hot water helps qi pass through all nadis. I also drink hot water every day.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 27, 2015

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Netouyo News – February 25, 2015 –

1: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:28:17 ID:MeQ
I have got surprisingly healthy.
I have woken in a good mood.

2: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:29:01 ID:MeQ
Everybody, why not drink it?

5: Nanashisan@open Feb. 24 (Tues.)14:30:57 ID:LqR
What kind tea do you drink?

7: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:31:16 ID:MeQ
Any tea will do.

6: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:30:58 ID:MeQ
Hot water is trendy now.

9: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:31:35 ID:MeQ
It’s good to drink hot water when you wake up.

11: Nanashisan@open Feb. 24 (Tues.)14:31:56 ID:McV
I also drink it.
I do so after cooling it down because I can’t drink very hot things.

14: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:32:30 ID:MeQ
It’s tasty, isn’t it?

25: Nanashisan@open Feb. 24 (Tues.)14:37:41 ID:McV>>14
It’s yummy and I’m addicted to it.
I can’t live when I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning.

13: Nanashisan@open Feb. 24 (Tues.)14:32:13 ID:LqR
Is lukewarm water all right? I don’t like hot water.

15: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:33:16 ID:MeQ
It’s OK (with smile). Lukewarm tea or water is OK, but your body gets chilled when you drink it in winter.

17: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:34:16 ID:MeQ
It’s OK to drink it before you go to bed.

19: Nanashisan@open Feb. 24 (Tues.)14:35:06 ID:LqR
I’ll try it.

24: Nikumamushi Feb. 24, 2015 (Tues.) 14:37:06 ID:MeQ
Keep in mind that you should heat water for a few minutes.

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