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Apr 7, 2015

[Information from SaLuSa] Change of Reformation on the Earth from avoidance of World War III to Collapse and Reconstruction of Financial Systems – What is life mission?

[Information from SaLuSa] Change of Reformation on the Earth from avoidance of World War III to Collapse and Reconstruction of Financial Systems – What is life mission?

The first sentence of the message from SaLuSa will show you that the target of the reformation on the earth has been changed from avoidance of World War III to specific issues. World War III will no longer happen.
However, Transition to specific issued, means, as written in the message, “karmic consequences coming back to you is being removed.” It suggests that significant changes will occur and a great number of people will lose their life due to their karma. I think that it is safe to say that those who know Gayatri Mantra are blessed.
Almost at the end, the message says: “our allies are now dug in and poised to implement changes to the Big Banks.” It presumably indicates the collapse and reconstruction of the financial systems. This is consistent with what I have mentioned occasionally.
It is likely that during the process of such changes, various disasters including man-made disasters will also occur. SaLuSa gives a proper advice to you when you have to face purification of karma: “Don’t forget your life mission.” “Life mission” means “expansion of love”.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 30, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Takisan’s Homepage – March 30, 2015 –


SaLuSa (physical body)

SaLuSa 28 March 2015.

Heaven has decreed reform and rectification of religious and political organizations on your world. These changes lay in wait to spring into action and will be piercing in effectiveness.  With nationalism Replaced with a flattened world order, a level playing field, and where all stand equal. Some will be very accommodating, while for others cause confusion, with reactions of mockery and derision to changes. Dear Ones these changes are for your safety and security as no other Star System lives as you do with so much discordance, to continue on this path is to face oblivion. To those found wanting of considered ethical reasoning think of the love and warm feelings you have for your family as under the new system they would face a clear bright future. The underlining tide is moving in the direction of bringing healing to All, and your DNA will be upgraded. Your world is set to rise in consciousness and the plan for your ascension has been well thought out.

 Use your inner guidance to discern what is being offered concerning your life.

 The proliferation of nuclear weapons is objectionable, the central issue at play, and of great significance. Upon arriving in your vicinity we will henceforth banish those weapons to history.

 The Dark Cabal has created much distortion of the need for war, of relevance is their claim that these weapons are needed so you can counter the growth of China. Further they claim that if they all had a car and coal fired power plants you would all be smothered in smog. Step back from this thinking, cast the propaganda aside and
look to more harmonious ways of living with each other. -----   . Dear Ones know there are heights of plenty on your world more than enough for all to enjoy a jet set lifestyle and for each person to be given land enough for a Manor.

 The protective fence that was built to stop worst of karmic consequences coming back to you, is being removed. So you are entering into a time of great volatility in that respect. It is advisable to have an uncompromising attitude regarding your ethics and actions.

You can see the machinations of the Dark Ones to kill and steal. They planned to lower your consciousness and greatly reduce the population so they may more easily implant you with cybernetic control systems to enslave.

Their plans are being delayed and jumbled. ----------   . These predatory practices are illegal by universal law and the dark skirt and dodge this simple fact, but time will come when they will have to face punitory actions.

 The will to plunder another’s goods in collective humanity will be neutralized incrementally as the luminescent energies come to earth, and people will be turned around to see the severity of their folly.

 Our allies are now dug in and poised to implement changes to the Big Banks. The way business is done will be cleaned up, and topped off by a politicized campaign highlighting their work to tie down your hands with debt. This will be the cornerstone and begin a new cycle for the people. If you then watch the new cycle carefully you can avoid any undesired outcomes, and take corrective action if needed. The tidal wave of public opinion wants this issue resolved and restored from confusion, except for the few who benefit from it.

You have been insulated where we were allowed, and given premonitions when we could not intervene with your life plan. By not forgetting your life mission you are fully prepared for what is ahead and not cannon fodder for others agenda.  I am SaLuSa from Sirius and have a great warmth of feeling for all of you.

Thank You SaLuSa.

Love, Phil.

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