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Mar 7, 2015

Testimony of a woman who lived in Hampstead Heath, London Reality of Satanism – Remants of Hierarchy Already Destroyed

Testimony of a woman who lived in Hampstead Heath, London Reality of Satanism – Remants of Hierarchy Already Destroyed

This is additional information to the article about the satanic ceremonies carried out at a school in Britain. Reading this article, you will understand that Britain has a unique atmosphere where Harry Potter gains popularity. I think that in the country satanic ceremonies have been secretly carried out since quite long time ago. Then, with the spread of the Illuminati’s activities in recent years, such evil ceremonies have been carried out in many churches, hospitals and even schools, as mentioned in the article.
Usually, such ceremonies are carried out by devils, particularly mainly by reptilians and the “(fake) Galactic Federation” fight against them. However, this is just like the relation between the current ISIS and the U.S. & Israel. Although they seem to be enemies, actually the U.S. & Israel nurture and use the ISIS with the intention of having them finally cause a World War III. As is the case with this, as a matter of fact, the “(fake) Galactic Federation” has manipulated reptilians to realize their ambition of global domination.
As I commented yesterday, approximately 10,000 remnants of the Hierarchy were executed at midnight on 28. Therefore, there exist no beings who will spiritually guide humanity to cause a World War III. There exists only fanatic humanity. In a word, humans are the next target of execution.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 28, 2015

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – February 27, 2015 –

Testimony of a woman who lived in Hampstead Heath, London


Dated: February 27

There is an area called Hampstead at the foot of Hampstead Heath and an area called Highgate in the northern hill of Hampstead Heath.
Hampstead and Highgate have peculiar atmosphere. There live very many Jews. There is another residential area for Jews called Golders Green on the side opposite to Hampstead.

There is a place called Kenwood House around Hampstead Heath. The area is lined with ancient houses of Victorian Age and Gothic castles, where the elite of the elite live. Many entertainers and musicians live there.

It has been found that Hampstead is the place where satanic ceremonies are carried out by the illuminati.
There is an old cemetery. There is the oldest pub in London (Spaniards Inn) beside the road connecting Hampstead and Highgate. The Highgate cemetery is the most cursed place. Many people encountered living entities such as Greys, reptilians and other aliens there.

There is a small pyramid in the enclosure inside the cemetery. In a basement under the pyramid (grave) satanic ceremonies are carried out. Actually, some people saw members of the Illuminati entering the pyramid.

In a church near a subway station in Hampstead, bodies of children who were killed for ritual sacrifice in satanic ceremonies were found. It was a dumping ground.

As exposed by Anonymous, something horrible was carried out at schools around Hampstead. Hampstead is the place where entertainers and celebrities such as Jimmy Saville repeated committed pedophile crimes (sexual abuse, butchery, ritual sacrifice, eating human flesh or drinking blood, etc.).
The school named by Anonymous the other day is not the only place where something horrible has been done. Similar crimes are being committed in many churches in Hampstead area. So are hospitals in Hampstead.

She used to live in Downchild Hill Road near Hampstead Heath, in which there was an old pub called Freemaison’s Arm. The basement of the pub was off-limits to people except for Freemaisonry members. Members held gatherings there.

Bodies (dead bodies) turning up all over Hampstead Heath. What’s been happening at the school is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. Children murdered in rituals are put into MacDonalds Burgers. Parliament Hill a focal point for Satanic ritual.

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