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Mar 9, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 16 – Descent of Higher Dimensional Deities and Crisis of Earth

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 16 – Descent of Higher Dimensional Deities and Crisis of Earth

When I received the first page of this message sent by fax, I thought it was a fake because I felt vibration different from that of the goddess. Reading the content of the message, I found that it was a true message from the goddess. Subsequently I received the last third page of the message and I understood why this message had vibration different than usual; this is because what is written in the message has the vibration of Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. I have found it a very interesting communication method.
In the message, there is information about Cosmic Federation composed of Super cluster deities. The names of the chairman and deputy chairmen, and their wives are listed. For your reference, please see the table of the System of Heavenly World 10.
The deities listed belong to the 1st Level of Super cluster deities 12th to 9th Systems. The dimensions where they reside are shown below.

Chairman of Cosmic Federation Daigenshinmakotonaru-kami 843rd dimension
His wife Daigenshinmakotonaru-himemiko
843rd dimension
Assistants to Chairman And their wives Tokumitsuru-kami 838th dimension
Tokumitsuru-himemiko 838th dimension
Takakiizanagino-mikoto 833rd dimension
Takakiizanagino-himemiko 833rd dimension
Hoshimitsurusorano-mikoto 828th dimension
Hoshimitsurusorano-himemiko 828th dimension

The above-mentioned deities are from inconceivably highdimension. They have descended to the third dimension where we live. So if you call to such deities in your heart, they accept every thought you have. They have taken the trouble to descend from a far higher realm to earth. I sincerely hope that you will express your appreciation to the deities.
Lastly, I’d like to show you the easiest way to determine whether a message sent is true or not, once more.
Prepare a piece of white paper. Write down the name of a deity or person you want to check on the paper. Touch the paper with your both hands, slightly focusing your conscious on the center of forehead, and you will feel the physical response you receive from the person examined. When you have the card with the name of any deity from Cosmic Federation, Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko, Masatoshi Takeshita or Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi written on it, you must feel consciousness slightly rise. If you have senses of energy chakras emit, feel the energy out-of-the-body chakras or body surface chakras emit. You will feel that all chakras simultaneously open. This usually does not happen, which indicates that the subject is a higher dimensional being.
In contrast, check a message from so-called dubious spirt being sent via a channeler, write down the channeler’s name and do the same procedure. In most case, with the chakras closed by contraries, you must feel consciousness dragged into the perineum. It indicates that the message is from Darkness or the channeler gets involved in Darkness. In such case, I do recommend you not to connect with such channeler or what is written in the message.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 1, 2015

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: February 28, 2015>

“Fake information has been spread voluminously so far. If you make a mistake in determining true information, you will lose your life. I have seen how many souls have perished due to blindly accepting a lot of fake information. It’s extremely regrettable.
Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita shows the easy way to judge truth or falsity of information on his blog.
I hope you will master it.

Today, I’d like to tell about the “Cosmic Federation” keeping an eye on the earth.

The Cosmic Federation is composed of Super Cluster deities. It is usually unthinkable that such deities descend near the earth. With focus on the reformation on the earth, the deities have descended near the earth from rarefied height and are preparing for an emergency while keeping watch over the earth.

It is a great encouragement to us and I cannot help but express my gratitude to them.

Since I’ve got permission, I take this opportunity to make known to you the names of deities representing the Federation on the Shanti Phula’s blog.

<Names of deities on board spaceship>

Chairman of Cosmic Federation Daigenshinmakotonaru-kami
His wife Daigenshinmakotonaru-himemiko
Assistants to Chairman And their wives Tokumitsuru-kami

A total of 300 deities are on board the spaceship.

I let you know what created such unusual situation.
We have found signs that evil elements driven into the corner in the reformation on the earth realized it impossible to achieve their ambition, and as a result, rushed into destructive, radical actions to take humanity on the earth down with them and annihilate humanity.

Since you are under the situation where there is not completely no risk, with the cooperation of deities of Cosmic Federation, The Galactic Federation, Pleiadian Council, Andromeda Council are keeping an eye on the entire Earth, while engaging in practical activities.

I let you know about these things in the hope that you may not get extremely confused mentally and emotionally or you may not give in to despair.
I hope you will never despair even in the seemingly worst situation and put up with it.

To be continued”


Today I called to the goddess at a different time than usual, namely, at 10:00 a.m. and got a message from her. (I did so to avoid any intervention.) During the first five minutes or so I felt strong vibration from the Ajna chakra as if some energy was flowing. During that period I didn’t hear anything. And then I got a message from the goddess as follows:

“My message is inside your brain.
Just listen to it.
Your reception ability has reached completion, which has enabled this method to be used.
This method will have nobody listen in to any information.
It is a safe and sure method.
Only if you pay attention to a message from me at any time you like, the message will be sent from your buddhi , or intuitive intelligence.
Thank you for your cooperation.”

I learned that information is input into my brain like a Fax receiver and the information can be printed out at any time I like.
I got a message in this way for the first time. Although I worried about whether I was able to output the information, I made it by becoming conscious of it. This is it.

I am half in doubt about whether my brain works without any accident, properly enough to read information correctly. (Laugher)

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