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Feb 28, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 15 – Fall of the U.S. and liquidation of Karma on global scale to get into full swing

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 15
– Fall of the U.S. and liquidation of Karma on global scale to get into full swing

I have mentioned the fall of the U.S. in the past. It appears certain that the fall will occur. Please note that it will affect the whole world, as mentioned in the message. Especially, in Japan, which is deeply related to the U.S., substantial confusion is likely to occur due to extremely low self-sufficiency rate of food and energy.
I have often called for the need to stockpile food. I’d advise you to stockpile at least three months of food or as much food as possible, if you will. The restriction to withdrawal of deposit has been talked about. It is likely that you will not be able to withdraw your deposit in an emergency. So always have cash at hand, with which you can make a living. Since a significant devaluation of the currency is likely to occur, you might need to swap cash for actual goods as soon as possible.
In the chaotic days after the war, urban dwellers had a great difficulty in seeking for food. Now the self-sufficiency rate of food is far lower than those days. So if we should fall into the similar situation again, the world would assume the aspect of hell, though I don’t want to imagine this. In the worst case like this, gold or diamond has almost no value. It is said in Germany, which experienced hyper-inflation, one hen producing eggs had more value than one house. In other words, the ultimate actual good is to have cultivatable land.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 22, 2015

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko 15

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: February 21, 2015>

“Many deities, divine spirits, space friends and fairies have helped minimize disasters on the earth.
However, this announcement might sound so shocking to you.

Regrettably, it is very difficult to avoid the fall of the U.S. People will learn about it as it is becoming a reality some day in the future, though it has not come to the surface.

We see several states of the U.S in very dangerous situation.
This situation leading to the fall of the U.S. will expand from areas to states, from states to the whole country.
It will directly affect Japan and other countries, where political and economic confusions will be unavoidable.

It is likely that a great majority of people, who have to face such situation that has been warned for many years, will get involved in such disorders and ruin themselves.

Please note that the final liquidation of karma will get into full swing on an earthly level, covering countries, races and furthermore, organizations and individuals.

Please remain calm and peaceful to the utmost extent in any situation.
Please endure to the last in any situation.
This ordeal will cover the earth for a while.

Since signs of the ordeal have come to the surface in various places, the outcome must differ to some extent, depending on how people become aware about it and how people cope with it.

You will see difficulties in many fields.

Please show the spirit of sharing and helping, and keep chanting Gayatri Mantra as often as possible while waiting with total surrender to Almighty God.

Please accept any outcome without losing your composure and keep an eye on hope.
Please listen to your inner voice without giving in to many rumors.

As part of a great plan of universal evolution predetermined from time immemorial, .the process of purification is about to reach the final stage.

I hope you will act with awareness of life as a member of the universe.

Please be assured that ordeal will swiftly pass and so spend every day with sound spirit and mind.

Please don’t forget that the God of entire universe is always watching over each of you.

To be continued.”

The above is everything of the message.

Seiko Nakanishi

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