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Feb 14, 2015

Interesting article concerning Prince Williams – “Last Judgment” to determine complete extinction of soul or chance of survival

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Interesting article concerning Prince Williams – “Last Judgment” to determine complete extinction of soul or chance of survival

It is very interesting article. Almost all of the information written here is true. At 2:18 to 2:27 on the video you will see the same image of reptilians, which was introduced in the questions toSumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko and her responses. It shows that this is accurate information. It is true that Prince William is a hybrid between a human and this type of reptilian. Around 3:15 on the video, you will clearly see his vertical slit pupils.

The article reads: the False Prophet and the Anti-Christ are Roman Pope and Obama. This is true. It also reads that they plan to insert microchips into people. This is also true. Channeling information that Obama is the Savior is given to make people feel secure and confuse them so that they can secretly carry out such plan.

The problem is that the information contains 99 percent accurate information and one percent of erroneous information. The being calling himself Jehovah (Almighty God) is a deity of Earthly Deity 4th Level in the 3rd System. However, he does not belong to the Pleiadian Council. This being skillfully escaped from every judgment in the reformation of heavenly world and has finally revealed his true colors this time. He plots a coup in the heavenly world in the confusion on the earth and the “144,000 secret servants of the Lord” in the text are his subordinates. As a matter of fact, they use reptilians and super-elite as a tool to accomplish their ambition and they patronize reptilians in terms of spirituality and energy.

I’m going to have them subject to divine punishment at 21:00 today. Given the fact that they have sent out a message under an assumed name, I think they would not be saved. Probably, all of them, including their subordinates, would disappear before the end of today.

I think that their disappearance would nullify the plan of FEMA to behead Christians in the U.S. Since I have thought that this plan would be inevitable, this message was decisive.
After all, Evil, whether, for example, it is a deity in a higher System or not, would be destroyed.

Today, on February 6 at 21:51, “Jehovah (Almighty God)” and all of “144,000 field servants of the Lord” completely disappeared.
They will have nothing left, including reincarnations. They have passed into nothingness. The religious teaching that soul is eternal is wrong. Now it is the “Last Judgment”, which will determine the extinction of soul or a chance of survival, that is carried out. Deities are not exceptional, either.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 6, 2015

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trendof Japan, World and Universe – February 5, 2015 –

Interesting article concerning Prince Williams


(Summary) dated February 4, 2015

Seho Song receives a message from Jehovah God on December 1, 2014.
(Prince Williams owns the Mark of the Beast RFID Chip.)
Prince William: The Liaison between the Antichrist and the False Prophet (A Message to the Modern Day Church from Jehovah God, The One True Originator of the Universe. 
According to Seho Song “My children, I want to explain to you in simple terms who Prince William is in the end time’s scheme of things. He is not the Son of Perdition; he is not the False Prophet either. He is the liaison between the False Prophet and the Antichrist. He is also the mouthpiece for the reptilian demons that are operating upon this earth. “
“Prior to the Birth of Prince William his mother had another child. It was a miscarriage that was planned by the reptilian lords. They took the stem cells from the child’s umbilical blood and tried to create the purest reptilian being possible. In essence, the percentage of the reptilian DNA within Prince William’s cells is higher than any other person upon this planet with the exception of Queen Elizabeth. This has been their plan all along. Their plan was to create a hybrid demon reptilian that could shape shift more smoothly than anyone else on the planet. This plan was necessary as there needed to be a reptilian who could communicate with the others that are coming to the planet in the days ahead. He is the one true king of the reptilians, children. He is also the go between for the False Prophet and the Antichrist

These facts are very difficult to substantiate because the details of Prince William’s childhood have been concealed from the Internet. You will not find accurate medical records that show multiple surgeries to accommodate his shape-shifting body. You will also not find personal testimonies from surgeons who have done surgery on him. He has some distinct anatomical differences from the other humans upon this earth. When a cold-blooded creature like a reptilian tries to blend in with normal human society, there are multiple challenges for survival.

There is a great need to be indoors because of the mutating DNA. They are also very sensitive to the sun light. They are also sensitive to the water that humans drink upon this planet. They require different type of drink, a mixture of salt and human blood. If human blood is not available, these reptilians begin shape shifting back to their primitive physical appearance.

Reptilians must continually kill the children of God in order to keep their identities concealed.

It is the end of the church era. These truths need to be brought to the forefront. There will be a price to pay for some of my children exposing the enemy.

This is why the 140,000-field servants of the Lord will come back to   the royals and all the superpowers that served the beast.

Yes, my children, I’m God and have a counterplan. I will always win in the end. My children, I’ll work the battle.

The role of Prince William in the scheme of the world is very simple. He is the one who releases the mark of the beast worldwide. He is the owner of the patent and he owns the right to the FID technology. His goal it to use his handsome looks, his wife’s popular fashion styles to woo the rest of the world into thinking he is the great man who can save the world from the atrocities that are on their way. In the days ahead you will recall the contents of this video.

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