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Jan 23, 2015

Replacement of Prime Minister’s Primary Care Doctor – LDP members’ rumor about possibility of tumor detection

Replacement of Prime Minister’s Primary Care Doctor – LDP members’ rumor about possibility of tumor detection

It is good news. If what the article says is true, I wonder how many people will be happy.
I have thought for a long time that Prime Minister is suffering from cancer. So I’m not so surprised at the news, or rather, I am impressed by the fact that he has endured it so far. Probably his medical team is so excellent. I have predicted that Prime Minister Abe would disappear around between June and December of last year, but it seems that he has been treated successfully with life-prolonging therapy.
As a trailer of Harimaya depicts “Shinzo Abe, prepare for divine retribution,” I am sure that many Japanese feel empathy for the phrase. I think he had better resign from office early to concentrate on treating his disease.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 17, 2015

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: NEWS Post Seven – January 16, 2015 –

Replacement of Prime Minister’s Primary Care Doctor – LDP members’ rumor about possibility of tumor detection

“Recently, the prime minister has looked sick. He looked tired with lowering his eyes in the New Year’s social gathering, too.” Such voice is heard inside the LDP.

Although Prime Minister Abe officially hails himself as “healthy,” he seems to have a serious symptom of ulcerative colitis, a chronic disease he has. Serious information has emerged.

A medical team led by Dr. Toshifumi Hibi, who was the prime minister’s primary care doctor and a professor at Keio University School of Medicine (a specialist in gastroenterological medicine at the University Hospital)(currently a special appointment professor at Graduate School, Kitasato University) has paid meticulous attention to the healthcare management for the prime minister. However, infomation that around between the year-and the new-year the medical system changed significantly ran rampant in Japan’s political center Nagata-chou, which has spurred speculations about the prime minister’s health. Nothing has yet been reported about it.

At a recent meeting where IDP ranking members and those concerned at Keio University Hospital got together, “replacement of prime minister’s primary care doctor” became the main topic of conversation.
Immediately after the general election, the prime minister’s primary care doctor was secretly replaced. Dr. Hibi was replaced by a specialist in oncology as a new personal doctor.”

Reportedly, a replacement to Dr. Hibi is Associate Professor Hiromasa Takaishi at Keio University Hospital Tumor Center (specialist in new outpatient treatment for cancer). He was originally one of the medical team for Prime Minister Abe and has engagedtogether with Dr. Hibi in treatment of ulcerative colitis the prime minister suffers from. If he had replaced Dr. Hibi, who served as primary care doctor for a long period of time, to sit at the center of the team, it must have some significant meaning.

After retiring from office in the first Abe Cabinet, Mr. Abe said at an interview as follows:

“During office, when I suddenly got sick late at night, I asked a big favor of Dr. Hibi and Dr. Takaishi to come to the official residence, where they devotedly cared for me.” (October 22, 2011 issue of Shukan Gendai)

Dr. Hibi left Keio University two years ago when he reached the mandatory retirement age. As mentioned above, he has transferred to Kitasato University, where he serves as chief of Advanced Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment Center. Prime Minister Abe is still examined at Keio Hospital and it is not unnatural that Dr. Takaishi, who participated in treatment of the prime minister as an assistant to Dr. Hibi for many years.

Attention is paid to the difference in specialties between the two. Dr. Hibi held positions such as “supervisory physician for certified by Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society” and Chairman of Japan Society for Mucosal Immunology. He is well-known as an expert in diagnosis of ulcerative colitis and treatment research for the disease, while Dr. Takaishi is qualified as a “certified physician for cancer treatment” and “supervisory physician for cancer medication treatment” and he is an expert in treatment of cancer developed by worsening condition, not treatment of colitis per se.

Furthermore, Dr. Takaishi, an expert in “oncology,” has become a primary care doctor, at this time, not two years ago when Dr. Hibi retired. The participants at the meeting have drawn attention to this fact. A Diet member attended says:

“Naturally, we talked about the possibility of cancer detection. Reportedly, the prime minister is a great lover of meat and sake. Fatty foods or sake should be avoided in ulcerative colitis. According to a physicist attended, he was worried about such dietary habit, which is undesirable, however better condition the prime minister might enjoy.”

Ulcerative colitis is an intractable disease, which is susceptible to ulcer in the large-intestinal mucosa, and it is known among cancer specialists that patients suffering for a long period of time (more than 10 years) are susceptible to bowel cancer.  Thirty years have already passed since Prime Minister was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis for the first time in his mid-twenties. 

*October 30, 2015 issue of Shukan Post

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