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Dec 12, 2014

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko (4) – Birth of Hierarchy and NWO Agenda, and Its End

Message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemiko (4) – Birth of Hierarchy and NWO Agenda, and Its End

This is the fourth message from Sumiwataru-takakihoshino-himemko. Reading the message, you will see that the deities cast out of heaven down to the earth due to a coup they staged in the heavenly world, subsequently created an organization called the Hierarchy. For true God, the Hierarchy is Army of Evil cast down to the earth and an organization of Darkness.

In this organization, Sanat Kumara and Maitreya, in particular, assume important position. Sanat Kumara is the absolute god in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, while Maitreya is the savor in Buddhism and also the true Christ who overshadowed Jesus in Theosophy. In a word, a string of religious thoughts per se are a plan for control by army of Darkness, including Buddhism and Hinduism. In Japan, Shadow Emperor, *Yatagarasu, **Hitsuki Shinji and Oomoto religious organization join this trend.

As already shown in a series of “Reformation of Heavenly World,” all those of the Hierarchy, except for the repentant ones, have been destroyed and vanished. We can say that those who still never cease to act, believing in Hitsuki Shinji or Japanese-Jewish ancestry theory are collaborators (initiates) of the Hierarchy. There are still many people who have not realized that the masters they served have already been destroyed. Finally, top members of the group dominated by the Shadow Emperor have realized this fact and have followed the Nathaniel camp.

*Yatagarasu – secret society assigned to protect Shadow Emperor
**Hitsuki Shinji – revelations of a higher divine spirit Kunitokotachinomikoto conveyed by Tenmei Okamoto

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 7, 2014

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: December 6, 2014 13:00>

“This time, I’d like to roughly talk about a series of events which include those which occurred in the heavenly world about 35 million years ago until now.

Last time, I talked about the deities who refused their reincarnations on Earth.
Dysfunction of reincarnation system like this caused unexpected situation.

The deity called “Sanat Kumara” was at the top of the rebel deities.
He held an extremely high position among Hotsuma deities. His followers were comprised of several million deities, divine spirits and angels.

With the lapse of time, their rebel against God turned into an attack to it. The situation developed into a coup plot against the organization of governing God.

The divine organization won clear-cut victory over them. As a result, Sanat Kumara and his comrade were thrown down into the realm near to the earth and became the rulers in the realm.

Subsequently, they were called the “Hierarchy” and it has been called the “Solar System Hierarchy” as system to control a group of planets in solar system.
The names of the ruling elite had been gradually clarified in a certain thought, which was subsequently known as “Theosophy.”
Names of such people have been revealed in detail in video lectures and the article posted in the blog the other day by Mr. Takeshita.

They have tried every possible means through the Hierarchy to induce humanity to go off the right path of spiritual evolution to temp them into evil.

Utilizing the leaders reincarnated on earth, they have misled humanity through false religions, Satanism, corrupt sexual morality, sacred prostitution, materialism, power struggles, racial conflicts, nationalism, hedonism, and various forms of temptation and deception, and they has expanded their sphere of control over the earth.

One of such means was the use of money.
Money changed its form: it changed from real money to symbolic money and finally changed to currency in circulation now, which is so convenient that it is prompted to be used more widely.
Circulation of an enormous volume of money helped the spread of the evil forces at a furious speed. The Hierarchy in the heavenly world have manipulated such evil forces to steadily prepare for putting into practice an evil plan called “NWO” (Note by Shanti Phula: New World Order) in order to realize a unified state on Earth, for more than ten million years.

We can say that in recent years, the history of the last century has shown the fact that many people have remained in the dark about the truth due to misinformation given the mass media and have followed the media with spiritual ignorance.

They have controlled the earth over a long period of time and put energy in particular to target the 20th century as the final stage to realize their ambition.

With the beginning of new control by deities, however, this ambition has been completely foiled.

With the beginning of a new trillion-year cycle, deities have decided unanimously to undergo drastic reforms of every organization on earth over a few years to come, in which as the original plan of the universe, the final judge will be made to sort out appropriate souls for the next cycle. The deities are proceeding to prepare for it.

I’m thinking of clarifying events in more detail and deeper from now.

To be continued

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