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Nov 18, 2014

The APEC summit showed close relationship between Russia and China. It has been disclosed that immediately before the smmit, the two countries signed the second large-scale deal to supply natural gas from Russia to China.

The APEC summit showed close relationship between Russia and China. 
It has been disclosed that immediately before the smmit, the two countries signed the second large-scale deal to supply natural gas from Russia to China.

In this Shanti-phula’s blog, I have told you not long after March 11, 2011 that NWO (New World Order) agenda would never succeed due to Greek problem and others, Germany would probably depart from the EU and instead deepen the relationship with Russia, and a currency backed by gold would be used in the future.

At that time, it was considered to be an unthinkable idea. Three years have passed and you will see the world is moving toward this direction. Additionally, I occasionally have given a comment that Jacob Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild, parent and child, play a central role in such change and Putin and Xi Jinping are making efforts for a reformation behind the scenes.

At present, Mr. Eiken Itagaki has posted articles supporting my claim. If you read the useful information from Mr. Fulford and Mr. Itagaki, it is not so hard to predict such future events to some extent. However, information about precise date or details is unknown to me. For this reason, it is important to always make preparations for the worst case scenario.

We don’t know for sure from when we will not be able to withdraw money from a bank. It is also expected that as the result of drastic change in the currency’s value, switchover to new yen will be made. In that sense, it might be wise to change money into gold. However, you can’t eat even with gold. Looking carefully at the countries which experienced hyperinflation in the past, therefore, it is desirable that you try to move forward a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 12, 2014

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: Sakurai Journal – November 11, 2014 –

The APEC summit showed close relationship between Russia and China. It has been disclosed that immediately before the meeting, the two countries signed the second large-scale deal to supply natural gas from Russia to China.

The APEC summit meeting was held from November 10 to 11, 2014. It has been disclosed that immediately before the meeting, China and Russia singed a new contract to supply natural gas. The contract is about supplying 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year from Russia to China, using the facilities of “west route (or Altai route)” which was created with EU member countries as a target. It was already decided in May this year for Russia to supply 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year to China. So this is the second large-scale contract. China has become a bigger partner than UE for Russia.

The EU leadership has imposed “sanctions” against Russia under the direction of US. It was pointed out from the beginning that EU would be hardest hit by them. So we can say that this has become to turn into reality. China has increased its presence, while the EU does not have much of a presence. Now the EU is being stuck in a situation where it cannot “survive without US.” It is just what the U.S. elite want.

On the sidelines of the APEC summit, the U.S. boasted of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement). Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed that the TPP was an attempt for the U.S. to build a regional cooperation organization, which is advantageous to the country. This “U.S.” should be interpreted as enormous capitals. Naturally, China should shares his opinion and China and Russia will not participate in the TPP. China has formulated a plan of FTAAP (Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific”
Given the current economy situation, it is impossible to establish an effective trade cooperation relationship unless Russia and China participate in the TPP. Although it is said that the TPP has economically no big meaning, the U.S. has promoted to achieve it. It is because the U.S. wants to change the country into an empire which can control the Trans-Pacific area with enormous capitals.

There is a move which is likely to give no small effect on the summit. Russia and China has clearly started departing from the dollar. Russia has already sold the certificates of the U.S. Department Treasury in large volumes. The country also has made a clear stance of making trade settlement in currency other than the dollar. It appears that this natural gas deal will be made in Yuan.

Such move is also seen in countries other than Russia. Gold has attracted global attention. The Lybian Muammar al-Gaddafi regime contemplated to introduce the “gold dinar”, not the dollar or uro to settle the trade, and withdraw gold ingots from the U.S. Like his regime, Iran, Venezuela and Germany try to keep gold ingots they deposit to the U.S. on hand.

There is no wonder that sharp rise in gold market price will occur in terms of cash transaction alone. It is said that the U.S. which hates gold market price inflation, tries to keep the price down by practicing paper trading and manipulate market price by using the NSA. And yet, something strange is occurring over actual gold.

Each country has kept much of gold they possess in the deposits managed by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRB) or the Department of Treasury located in Fort Knox, Kentucky. Although Germany tried to withdraw 1,500 tons of gold ingots, the FRB refused to withdraw them. As the result of negotiation, they reached an agreement that 300 tons of all gold ingots be withdrawn to Germany by 2020.

Germany planned to withdraw a total of 674 tons of gold, including this, that is, more than 84 tons of gold per year, from the U.S. and France during a period of eight years by 2020. However, only 37 tons of gold has been returned to Germany in 2013, 5 tons of which was from the U.S. So there is a rumored saying that the gold which should be kept in the U.S. has disappeared, namely, somebody might have stolen it.

The reality of the U.S. economy is dreadful and nobody believes in the economic indicators published by the government. Numerical manipulation of inappropriate “seasonal adjustment” is suspected. As the result of a decrease in number of those who give up job-seeking activities, the unemployment rate has dropped. Furthermore, under the situation in which only low-paid jobs alone are available, livelihood has become worsen. However, the media have played up the upturn in business.

Such situation has been cause by concentration of wealth. Upper 0.1percent of the rich possess 22 percent of the overall wealth, which is the sameamount of wealth the remaining 90percent of people possess. Upper 0.01 percentalone account for 11 percent of the overall wealth. This is the situation of the U.S. Destruction of public education and increased school fees virtually deprive ordinary people of the right to have higher education.

Such concentration of wealth is due to the policy which has been promoted since the latter half of 1970s. Margaret Thatcher introduced the policy into Europe, followed by the U.S., European countries, Japan and China. It was the same with the time of Boris Yeltsin. Millionaires called “Oligarch” were produce at that time.

The U.S. is also controlled by the “Oligarch.” Of course, the Japanese elite, who want to build such a society, promote a policy to expand a gap between the rich and the poor and devote their energy to the TPP negotiations. However, a big pillar which supports a system controlled by greedy forces, in other words, the dollar is shaken. Putin is the very epicenter and the Oligarch will try to expel him by all means.

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