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Oct 7, 2014

About Structures of Darkness Organizations Under False Names of Andromeda Council, Pleiadian Council and Galactic Federation

About Structures of Darkness Organizations Under False Names of Andromeda Council, Pleiadian Council and Galactic Federation

In the September 15 article, I gave a summary of true Andromeda Council, Pleiadian Council and Galactic Federations, respectively.  In this post, I’d like to explain about how the organizations of Darkness giving assumed names are structured.  The White Brotherhood (Hierarch) is at the top of these organizations of Darkness.  Its subordinate organizations use the same names as the above three organizations.  Those who cannot tell the difference in vibration cannot determine if they are true or fake organizations.

However, if you understand my explanation I’m going to give, you will see that almost all channeled information sent to Earth, with the exception of only a few cases, was from Darkness.
As for related information, please refer to the two articles “Questions to Valiant Thor and His Reponses (1) and (2) posted on July 21 and 22.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 23, 2014

[Dimensions where deities live]

These tables show the dimensions where Heavenly Deities and Earthly Deities in each System live.  Each System is just like parallel universe.  Our 1st System (Sirius System) consists of two groups of dimension: 68-64 dimensions where Heavenly Deities live and 8-4 dimensions where Earthly Deities live, both of which are shown at the rightmost column in the table.  The Sirius system is the center of the system.

The 1st System is divided into seven realms (lokas).  The three reams (lokas) from the bottom are called Desire Realm, Form Realm and Formless Realm.  They are shown in the following table.  In Buddhism, each loka has a name.  Our planet earth is located in Senbushu, which is surrounded with a red frame.  For details, please refer to System of Heavenly World (4).

Each loka is further divided into seven stratums (sub-lokas).  Heavenly Deities live in the 5th stratum (5th sub-loka) and Earthly Deities in the 6th stratum (6th sub-loka).  The following figure shows the correspondence relationship between each heaven and each dimension in Buddhism.

The rightmost part shown in red is the 4th dimension.  More precisely, it is the realm between the 4.0 or higher and less than the 5.0 dimension.  Dimension gets higher from bottom up.
True Andromeda Council, Pleiadian Council and Galactic Federation exist in the 4.0 or higher dimension.

[Dimension where Princes of Evil live]

We earthlings and people of other planets have the body in lower dimensions of this realm and both are beings living in less than the 4.0 dimension.  It is shown in the following figure.

We earthlings live in the 3.0 dimension within Sunbushu, Martians in the 3.1 dimension, Uranusians in the 3.2 dimension, Saturnians in the 3.3 dimension, Venusians in the 3.4 dimension, and Jovians in the 3.5 dimension.  Inhabitants of each planet live in different dimensions.  Aliens live in each planet.  However, even if you go on a rocket to, for example, Mars, all you can see is rocks.  However, if we can focus our consciousness on the 3.1 dimension as a result of the progress in science and technology, we can get to communicate with them.

I’m going to give a more detailed explanation some day in the future.  Earthly Deity four to seven levels in the 1st System were controlled by princes of evil (evil deities), a being living in lower dimension of less than the 4.0 dimension, until between BC332 and AD2011.  This ruling group was divided into upper organization and lower organization.  They were called the White Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood, respectively. Therefore, it is safe to say that these Earthly Deity four to seven levels were overlapping realm where deities and princes of evil live. According to Buddhism, such princes of evil (evil deities) controlling the Desire Realm are called Heavenly Princes of Evil in the Sixth Heaven of the Desire Realm.

Well, the spiritual beings and aliens that have put the earth into confusion, simply speaking, belong to the White Brotherhood, the Great White Brotherhood, or either of the subordinate organizations of the Great White Brotherhood: the “Galactic Federation” and “Galactic Federation of Light.”
The supreme decision-making body of the “Galactic Federation” and “Galactic Federation of Light” is the Andromeda Council and the Pleiadian Council, respectively.  Each body has their collaborators, light workers.

Like this, these organizations of Darkness are different from true organizations and all of them exist in less than the 4.0 dimension.  However, for example, although Agartha (the country within the earth where Agarthians live) is in the 3.0 dimension, they provide information about ascension to the 5.0 or 6.0 dimension through their correspondence.

We can say that they always tell a lie.  You can tell by looking at politicians from around the world who practically control the world.  Basically, every religion admonishes people against telling a lie.  And yet Mahanaya Buddhism was created by such organization of Darkness.  They can shamelessly tell a lie.  This shows their arrogance that saints who have gained enlightenment of emptiness, in other words, prajna (wisdom of Hannya) rise above right or wrong.  All of them have been destroyed.  It can’t be avoided.

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