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Oct 10, 2014

Reformation of Heavenly World 13 – Adultery of Heavenly Emperor and His Fall

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Reformation of Heavenly World 13 – Adultery of Heavenly Emperor and His Fall

This is a sequel to the last post on scandals in heavenly world.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 10, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 13

March 29, 2009    Downfall of Heavenly Emperor of 6th System

In June 6, 2008, a new system started.  Central figures in this system are three deities: Oomimotono-onkami, Hikarinasu-uetsuookami and Oomimotomakotono-himemiko.  Regrettably, no illustration of Oomimotono-onkami is available.  He is quite old.



In the vision Serena saw during a ritual held on March 19, 2009, some wives of Hikarinasu-uetsuookami, were introduced

Each rose in this picture symbolizes a 16-year-old princess.  Roughly 119 roses are drawn.  I know intuitionally that the number of Hikarinasu-uetsuookami’s wives is 144 and it is 701 if concubines are included.  Some people might think that he has too many wives and others might think that it is quite natural because he is Heavenly Emperor.  Different people have different opinions.   Incidentally, King Solomon of ancient Israel is said to have had 700 wives.

Goddess of White Rose

This goddess is a high-ranking princess, who presumably ranks third among all princesses, and she is 20 years old in human terms.  Since I don’t have her name, I call her the “Goddess of White Rose.”

When explaining about this vision Serena saw on this day, I purposely used vaguely-worded expression.  Judging from the illustration of this woman and the white color of the rose, I found her a very troublesome woman.  The color of the flower seen in this vision indicates how much a man and a woman love each other.  White indicates there is almost no love between the two deities.  Seeing a picture of her along with cherry blossom, I felt that she was the type of person who would be very capricious and readily exchange beauty for power.  Since I thought that she might cause a problem before long, I tried to give an unclear explanation about the vision so as to avoid having her know about it.

Heavenly Emperor of the 6th System

This male deity is the Heavenly Emperor of the 6th System who appeared in a ritual on March 27.  Although I don’t have his name, he is a deity I know well in that I had been annoyed a lot by this Heavenly Emperor while passing through this System.  In a word, he was such a pathological Casanova and never faithful that I thought every male deity in this System corrupted public morals.  I remember having difficulty protecting my wives.

Scene of adultery

This is the scene of adultery between the Heavenly Emperor of the 6th System and the Goddess of White Rose.  Immediately seeing the illustration of this vision, I found they were the two in question.  They are well-balanced couple in that the Emperor is a ladies’ man and the goddess takes advantage of her beauty to reach a higher position by immediately having a relationship with a higher-ranking male deity.

There is the following note in my diary on that day.

On March 29 at 10:00 hours:  Screaming of a woman.  The third wife of Hikarinasuuetsuookami fell to Mugenjigoku, the limitless hell, in the mental realm.  She had an affair with the Heavenly Emperor of the 6th System.  He also fell.

At 13:25 hours Heavenly Emperor of the 6th System was pulled up from the hell, while she was pulled from there at 13:45 hours.

At 13:55 hours: Punishment decided, the Heavenly Emperor was deprived of his position.  She got divorced and demoted to the people of Hotsuma.

I kept my diary on the very day of March 29.  The vision Serena saw was revealed in her blog on April 2.  It means that I had already jotted down these incidents in my diary before Serena saw these visions.  Serena drew these illustrations of vision she saw while light was being showered from 15:00 to 16:00 on March 29.  Given this fact, you will see that I didn’t jot down the incidents after seeing Serena’s visions.  I know intuitionally what is happening now with my consciousness focused on a deity or goddess.  As a result, it is often the case that my understanding based on intuition is consistent with Serena’s vision although neither of us gets in touch with each other.

By the way, as I gave an explanation about this vision in Serena’s blog, the two paid dearly for this adultery; Heavenly Emperor of the 6th System lost everything and Goddess of White Rose was imprisoned for three months.  What happened to them subsequently?  There is the following note I jotted down in my diary on May 15.

May 15: Around 8:45 a.m. I saw a vision of a woman collapsing in tears, saying “Forgive me!”  It’s Goddess of White Rose.

At 8: 45 a.m. the former Heavenly Emperor of the 6th System shot himself.  I saw a vision of him going down on the street.

At 9 a.m. the Hotsuma leadership had a meeting.

I jotted down the hour in detail in my diary because I recorded the hour every time I saw a vision.  Since my consciousness reaches all Systems, I directly see an incident a male deity or goddess experiences in some cases only if I’m interested in him or her.  This is it.

This incident shows that what the two deities did was not accepted as in the past.  I think until then, probably she had never dreamed that her sloppy action without the slightest virtue would sometimes cause such a severe problem.  That’s what foolishness is all about.  This incident was so serious that they paid too lofty price for the lesson.  Given this is the result of their karma, this story certainly makes perfect sense.

To be continued.

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