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Oct 22, 2014

Governance Structure of Evil Group 2 – Relationship between 12 Masters of Great White Brotherhood and Council Members of Galactic Federation & Galactic Federation of Light

Governance Structure of Evil Group 2 
– Relationship between 12 Masters of Great White Brotherhood and Council Members of Galactic Federation & Galactic Federation of Light

I have already told you that all of 12 Masters serving Maitreya were actually reptilians. As a matter of fact, 12 Council members of the “Galactic Federation” and the “Galactic Federation of Light” respectively were the disciples of these reptilians. This time I’d like to make a detailed explanation about it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 12, 2014

In the previous article (on September 24), I posted the following list of relationship between the Great White Brotherhood and the “Galactic Federation” & the “Galactic Federation of Light.” In this list I let you know the names of 12 members of the Andromeda Council and the Pleiadian Council, which are highest organs of decision-making of the two Councils respectively. Actually, instead of their real names, they assumed false names to send channeled information.

In the October 8 article, I showed a list of names of 12 stars belonging to the Andromeda Council and names of Council members living there. The list rearranged in order of decreasing dimension of planets is shown below.

Dimension of 12 stars belonging to the Andromeda Council -2-

12 stars belonging to the Andromeda Council Planet (Satellite) Dimension Council members
Ursa Minor-Polaris Ventra (12th planet) 3.7 MAAM TE ELIAS
Cetu-Tau Ceti Xeta (5th planet) 3.7 Hutton
Canius Minor-Procyon Kaena (5th planet) 3.6 ECTON
Gemini-Alhena Degaroth (5th planet) 3.6 Montague Keen
Canius Major- Sirius Toleka (5th planet) 3.5 Babaji
Auriga- Capella Pershea (5th planet) 3.5 Lord Emanuel
Orion-Betelgeuse Etorth (5th planet) 3.4 Saul
Bootes-Arcturus Pitolla (5th planet) 3.4 Hathor
Cassiopeia-Open cluster M103 Legola 3.3 BASHAR
Lyra -Vega Percula (12th planet) 3.3 Jesus
Scorpion-Antares Nikotae (12th planet) 3.2 St. Germain
Cygnus- Deneb Ritol (5th planet) 3.2 Matthew

The 12 Andromeda Council members in this list correspond to the disciples of 12 Masters, who are aides to Maitreya.

The names of another disciple group belonging to the Pleiadian Council are also added to the list below.

Names of 12 Masters & Names of their disciples

Great White Brotherhood
12 Masters
Galactic Federation
Andromeda Council
Galactic Federation of Light
Pleiadian Council
Manu MAAM TE ELIAS Father God/Zora
Maha Chohan Hutton Mother Deity
Master Jupiter ECTON Sananda
European Master Montague Keen Archangel Metatoron
Master Moriya Babaji Sanat Kumara
Master Koot Hoomi Lord Emanuel Archangel Michael
Venetian Master Saul Ashtar
Master Serapis Hathor Archangel Gabriel
Master Hilarion BASHAR HiraLion
Master Jesus Jesus Archangel Uriel
Master Rakoczi St. Germain Archangel Raphael
Master Djwhal Kuhl Matthew Zoraya

Manu (Nimrod)’ disciples are MAAM TE ELIAS and Father God/Zorra. The same is applied to other Masters; for example, disciples of Master Djwhal Kuhl are Matthew and Zoraya. In a word, these 12 reptilians completely controlled the two Councils. Since the “Galactic Federation” and the “Galactic Federation of Light” act based on the decisions made by these Councils, we can say that these two organizations were virtually controlled by reptilians

However, as Tolec information shows, the “Galactic Federation” regards the “Galactic Federation of Light” as an enemy. In fact, aliens of the “Galactic Federation” could have considered that the aliens of the “Galactic Federation of Light” manipulated behind the scenes the reptilians that did evil on earth. Furthermore, they might have thought that the members of the Pleiades Council were reptilians. However, these members of the Pleiadian Council were actually Satanists but not reptilians. (Note1)

Since the Council members of the “Galactic Federation” were not Satanists (Note 2), they should have thought that the “Galactic Federation of Light” was the center of the evil group and it is behind-the-scenes manipulator that brings in a NOW on earth.

In conclusion, there were fierce battles between the two groups: one trying to bring in a NOW on earth and the other trying to thwart its plan as well as between the “Galactic Federation of Light” and the “Galactic Federation of Light” which induced the former and the latter behind the scenes, respectively. However, these two organizations were controlled by 12 Masters, that is, true high-ranking reptilians. In other words, their intention is to finally cause Armageddon by having relative Light (Galactic Federation), which is controlled by “True Darkness”, and Darkness (Galactic Federation of Light) fiercely fight with each other. Although the “Galactic Federation of Light” seems to be righteous in the eye of people on earth, they were the group that did evil; under the order of Masters, they have sprayed chemical or biological agents at high altitudes, had volcanos erupt, caused earthquakes, produced genetically modified food or promoted sterilization by vaccination, on the pretext of eliminating karma. Soldiers spraying chem-trails believed that they did right to preserve the global environment. Likewise, members of the Galactic Federation believed that their wrongdoing was right.

Finally, at present, the “Great White Brotherhood,” “Galactic Federation” and “Galactic Federation of Light” have all been extinguished and no one, with the exception of those who have repented of their sins, has survived. At present, most of channelers and light workers, who were their collaborators, have also been destroyed. Those who have the body on earth have lost souls. Any warning had no meaning to them.

(Note 1) The word “reptilian” are used here in the proper sense of the word. It means that reptilian has Linga Sarira or spirit body looking like the Godzilla. In the general meaning, the word “reptilian” is used for those with Linga Sarira or spirit body looking like a human. In this case, they are reptilians.

(Note 2) Two out of 12 members of the Andromeda Council, Montague Keen and Matthew had Linga Sarira as Satanists. Therefore, their Linga Sarira does not look like human. In the general meaning, both of them are reptilians.

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