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Sep 23, 2014

Massive Voting Fraud Done Also In Scotland Referendum

Massive Voting Fraud Done Also In Scotland Referendum

This is a very short video.  Please watch it.  It appears that there is no question that voting fraud occurred in the referendum.

My family and I talked: “It would have been better for Scotland to become independent.  They have been deceived by people in power again.”  However, we had never thought of such voting fraud.  The problem is how much Scots know about such information.  If these video pictures are spread on the Internet, people would turn their interest toward the voting fraud in Japan, too.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 20, 2014

Large-Scale Vote Rigging Done Also In Scotland Referendum

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trendof Japan, World and Universe – September 20, 2014 –


There is no question that massive voting fraud occurred in Scotland!  The picture above shows a YES vote clearly on a table for the NO votes!   This is absolutely ridiculous that this fraud was allowed to happen.  The following video shows a woman blatantly taking an entire stack of YES votes and putting them in the NO stack!    

It would have been so easy to have multiple layers to this system from both sides checking each other and when mistakes happened by a counter then that person would be relieved of duty!  Of course we know that many elections in the US are totally rigged too either by voting machines that flip votes or massive voting fraud where people vote up to 15 times and brag about it.

The video below shows that voting fraud occurred in the Scotland referendum.

This is the video with Japanese subtitles.


In the Scotland referendum, it has been decided that Scotland would not become independent from UK.
However, something unbelievable was done in a voting place.

(0:39) This is a ballot paper used in the referendum.
It is a very simple way by placing a check mark of YES or NO.  The image showed a massive voting fraud.  (1:01) Please watch this image.  This is the smoking-gun evidence.
This woman is in charge of tallying votes.  She is counting YES and NO votes.  She actually put the YES votes on the NO votes.   She left only one YES vote intact.  In this manner, she decreased the number of YES votes and increased the number of NO votes.

Like this, there is no democracy though the referendum is held.  People in power try to get the outcome they want in any case.
Furthermore, according to the SKYNEWS report, (2:00) there are stacks of NO votes on this table.  But carefully looking at it, there are YES votes in them.

(2:31) Now, please watch this video.  This person are not counting votes, but crossing NO in a number of ballot papers.  How ridiculous!  There is no democracy in such voting.  We have known that the federated kingdom would last.  Scotland is never allowed to become independent from UK.  Do you think that the elite in UK will permit it?  They will never permit it.
To accomplish the NOW agenda by the elite, Scotland should not be allowed to become independent.

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: Sakurai Journal – September 19, 2014 –

Rumor Says Vote Rigging in Referendum Done to Prevent Scotland from Becoming Independent

It has been pointed out that voting fraud occurred in the referendum over Scotland independence. Reportedly, the media had manipulated coverage in advance so as to induce people to oppose to independence.  Not only that, but children aged betweenthree and 11 have received polling cards and MI5 (British securityorganization) is suspected of intervening in manipulating vote count.  Scotland independence is connected with North Sea oil and it is also the issue relating to the survival of the financial community.  It is little wonder that MI5 embarks on it.

It is said that the number of votes cast in early voting is more than 20 percent of the total.  However, it is pointed out that these votes were suspected to have been examined or replaced before the voting day.  There is also a video showing the evidenceof vote being rigged.

Specific frauds are pointed out in the Western voting.  In the 2000 U.S. presidential election, quite a few citizens were not able to exercise their legitimate right to vote due to interruption of voting by “election observers” or voting was not counted accurately due to old-fashioned machines or butterfly ballots.  There was a strange difference between exit polls and official announcement.  It is natural that the referendum was suspected of massive vote rigging.

Subsequently, with progress of electronic voting system in the U.S., it has been difficult to examine fraud.  Needless to say, Japan is also suspected of vote rigging in recent years.

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