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Sep 3, 2014

ISIS are Suni Impostors & Saudi-CIA Shills – A list of names of 12 pivotal figures in conspiracy –

ISIS are Suni Impostors & Saudi-CIA Shills
 – A list of names of 12 pivotal figures in conspiracy –

With regard to Salafism, it refers, according to this article, to “ultraconservative religious thinking embraced mainly in Saudi Arabia. It puts emphasis on spreading puritanical conviction that observes the practice and belief of earlier Muslim religion.

I posted a comment on 24: “Nobody intends to bring about a World War III any longer.”  Although I think there is no doubt about it, 12 people still continue to develop strategies leading to a World War III.  Key figures of them are neo-conservatives.  They actually think that they can’t start a World War III.  However, they tend to have things proceed according to plan and it has caused confusions every here and there.

After the “Read more”, I have listed the names of these 12 people.  To put it the other way around, only such small fry survive.  Although it is really easy for deities and aliens to punish them, I feel they should be arrested and judged by human beings because they are the perpetrators of 9/11 terrorist attacks.  I think things are moving in such direction.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 27, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: ROCKWAYEXPRESS – August 21, 2014 –

[August 19  by David Ligingstone]

Left. John McCain meets with Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, 
leader of ISIS in Aleppo in April 2013.

An effort is being made to paint ISIS as a "Sunni" movement in order to suggest that they may have a far larger following and can ignite a major conflict.

But nothing could be further from the truth. ISIS are Salafis, a manifestation of a modern phenomenon in Islam which scholars have referred to as "Revivalism." The Islamic revivalists have two important things in common: they have always been British-sponsored, and are marked by a rejection of Islamic legal tradition.

Therefore, Islamic law was essentially incorruptible.  From that point forward, the Doors of Ijtihad ("independent reasoning") were considered closed.

This posed a challenge to the British "Divide and Conquer" strategy of creating sects based on corruptions of the religion. Therefore they sponsored a wave of these so-called "Revivalists" who all demanded a re-opening of the Doors of Ijtihad, beginning with Mohammed Abdul Wahhab, in the mid-1700s.

Wahhab, a crypto Jew, was sponsored by
another crypto-Jew, Ibn Saud, the progenitor of Saudi Arabia.

In 1932, again with British support, the Saud clan seized control of Arabia, which they proceeded to name after themselves. They also seized al Haramain, the sacred precincts of Mecca and Medina and masqueraded as defenders of Sunni Islam.

In 1933, they signed away oil concessions to the Rockefellers' Standard Oil, now Exxon Mobil, the world's third largest company by revenue, and the second largest publicly traded company by market cap. 90% of Saudi revenues from from oil, largely managed by the Rockefellers' Exxon Mobil.

The extraordinary Saudi wealth was a key factor in their support for the spread of Wahhabism, as well as the related Salafi movement, which have since essentially become one.


The Saudis are the Illuminati's partners-in-crime. Saudi royalty are crypto-Jews. Their state was created to hijack Islam, with the intent of annihilating it in a WWIII showdown. Saudi Arabia is also one of Israel's most important allies in the Middle East, in addition to Turkey. Their wealth was also created by Kissinger's devious orchestration of the Oil Crisis, after which Saudi Arabia became one of the CIA's most important conduits for covert operations, starting with Iran contra, and eventually the so-called Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

Saudi Arabia's continued support for the ISIS on the CIA's behalf is just a perpetuation of the same story.

Long story short, the ISIS are Salafis, so that completely denies the fact that they could be Sunnis, and why Muslims need to reject them.

Exposition by Mr. Takeshita: Twelve pivotal figures in the conspiracy

These 12 people are pivotal figures among those who have brought about confusion to the world.  The boss is Karl Hapsburg-Lothringen.  I think that it is safe to say that the people in this list are all connected with the Nazis.  However, the article posted by the chiefeditor of this blog on May 27 will show you how Prince Charles is linked to the Nazis.

Dov Lior - Landy Kee - John McCain

Ricciardone - Victoria Nuland - Princess Charles

Paul Wolfwitz - Karl Hapsburg-Lothringen - Dick Cheney

Donald Rumsfeld - Richard Perle - John Brennan

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