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Sep 27, 2014

Identity of gnome filmed in Argentina and Warning against sending false channeling information

Identity of gnome filmed in Argentina and Warning against sending false channeling information

Reportedly, this footage was taken in January 2011.  According to the article, “this creature produced an intense foul odor and her son kept playing with this creature for three years. This creature not only stank badly but let out a bloodcurdling scream at night. It did not appear to be hostile to humans.”
Since this video interested me, I did a little research on the creature.  I have found that what I have warned about so far had actually happened.

This gnome is a Saturnian whose soul (Monad) has fallen to the Plant System due to the judgment associated with a full-scale reformation in the physical realm after the end of the heavenly reformation in 2011.  It is originally the being of the 3.3 dimension with spiritual evolutionary level of 2.3 and a collaborator of the “(Fake) Galactic Federation.”   A spirit that has fallen to the Mugenjigoku (limitless hell) stink so badly.  If the spirit falls to the Plant System, much lower realm than the Mugenjigoku, it suffers unbearable agony.  It is no wonder that “it stank badly and let out a bloodcurdling scream,” as described in the article.  It is also natural that they are not hostile to humans because they are collaborators of the “(Fake) Galactic Federation.”

It appears that subsequently, this being sent channeling information under the name of Matthew without repenting itself.  As I have warned that “thebeing would be destroyed some day because such act is a deadly sin, it appeared to have been destroyed.  This being, including the body, has been annihilated.

Since many deities and aliens of true “Galactic Federation” see my comment on the blog, they would see what I have commented here today is right.

However, since most channelers are bogus and are connected with the aliens of the “(Fake) Galactic Federation,” they tend to never believe in channeling-related information from me, which are sometimes posted in this blog.  On the other hand, those beings such channelers are connected with should see that my information is right because their peers have been destroyed as warned.  Even if they are so silly, they would understand that they would face the same fate if continuing to send false information to channelers and people of Earth.

As I wrote previously, there is the only way for them to be forgiven.  It is to confess every sin they have committed through channelers they have continued to send false information to.  Unless they make it public, they will never be forgiven.  Note that this is the last chance.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 18, 2014

English translation of a Japanese article: RocketNews 24 – September 17, 2014 –

[Clear Occult Image] Mysterious creature in footage of a child in Argentina! Gnome Runs Through?

By Hidenori Sato

Even if science or culture progresses, there are unexplained mysteries.  The day might not come when every supernatural event, for example, such as existence of UFOs and aliens or ghosts is elucidated.

As a matter of fact, the video released in April 2014 created much controversy among South American internet users.  A gnome-looking is seen running through.  What is this?  Is it a gnome or mysterious creature?  The figure is so vivid that I am baffled for a moment.

*Releasing video anonymously

According to Cryptozoology News reporting overseas occult information, the video was taken in 2011 and released by an Argentine YouTuber.  The video was taken by a woman named Silvia living in Santa Fe.  She decided to share the video with the world on condition of anonymity.  This name is a pseudonym.

*Son talks with somebody

In the video appears her son.  She was worried about her son’s strange behavior.  She noticed he was talking to somebody, though he was supposed to play alone.  So she decided to take a video with a cell phone to record his behavior.  In November 2011, when he was a little nervous, she videotaped his behavior.  Then something unexpected emerged.

*Intense foul odor and electromagnetic interference
Please pay attention to the first 10 seconds of only 1-minute video.  A small human-like being was seen passing through behind her son.  This creature produced an intense foul odor and seemed to give an electromagnetic interference on the cell phone.  She explains that she cannot hear the sound of the cell phone with big noise while the creature passing through because of the influence of this electromagnetic interference.

*No hostility

Silvia has revealed that her son kept playing with this creature for three years.  Incidentally, it not only released a strong odor but emitted a bloodcurdling scream at night.  It’s scary.  However, it did not appear to be hostile to humans.

*Sightings of gnomes in many countries

This website introduces other gnome sightings.  A certain writer reports he filmed something resembling this creature seen in Argentina, in western Pennsylvania.  In a989, a dead creature believed to be a gnome was found in Spain.  However, they have not examined in detail yet.

I wonder if this creature in the video is a gnome.  I cannot get what it is out of my head

*Around 0:10 something is running through.

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