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Sep 1, 2014

Blood Sacrifice to McDonald's

Blood Sacrifice to McDonald's

This video is picked up on the blog “Voyage to Universe.”  On that blog, a summary of the contents is given in an easy-to-understand manner but you have to pay heed to reviewing the contents of the web.  Since some shocking images are attached there, you had better dig in for seeing them.
In this video, a Jewish rabbi openly speaks about what they are doing.  What he says seems totally unbelievable to people who have never heard about this interview.  Given various incidents and evidences backing them, which I have introduced on Shanti-Phula’s blog, it would make sense to think what the rabbi talks about is the fact.

Seeing terrible situation of Chinese food processing companies, I thought earthworms MacDonald’s uses as mislabeled meat would be much better than it.  However, seeing this video, we will see the case of MacDonald’s is far from it.  If it is found to be the fact, I think the world would fall into chaos.  I feel the content is so important that we have to confirm if it is true or not.  If you have no time, please just see between 01:36 and 02:03 and between 04:09 and 05:58.
As shown in the explanatory text in the end of the video, it is “some of Satanist Jews” who intentionally do such things.  This is proved by the remark given by Harold Rosenthal, which is shown in the last part of the Rosenthal Document: “We are God’s chosen people. ---- Most Jews do not like to admit, but our god is Lucifer. --- Lucifer is very much alive.”

In other words, most Jews do not know the fact that is talked about in this video.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 25, 2014

YouTube – August 23, 2014 –

Blood Sacrifice to McDonald's

Released on August 23, 2014

The “Jews” mentioned here refer to some of Satanist Jews, not all Jews. Please see the video, keeping it in mind.

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