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Aug 13, 2014

Life Shortened in Asia’s Poorest Country – Photo Depicting Problems with Globalism –

Life Shortened in Asia’s Poorest Country – Photo Depicting Problems with Globalism –

I think these images show the problem with globalism.  Big corporations relocate their offices to seek for lower labor cost.  In the end, the human right of workers is never protected.  Free capital movement caused by globalism will destroy economy and devastate nation.  It is obvious that capital movement has to be controlled.

By the way, when trying to buy clothes, we are sometimes perplexed at excessively low price.  My family and I try to avoid buying clothes which we think to be too cheap, as much as possible because I don’t think labor cost can be generated from such cheap products.  There is always this kind of problem shown in this article in such cheap products.  (Such cheap products always accompany this sort of problem shown in this article.)  I think we should not buy such cheap products that deprive those who produce them of pride and dignity.

I believe that any product has appropriate price.  However, to get to realize it sensuously, the ability to feel vibrations emitted from products is indispensable.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 9, 2014

English translation of a Japanese article: 8bitnews – August 6, 2014 –

Life Shortened in Asia’s Poorest Country

8bitNEws ties up with American major photographic imagery agency, Getty Images, to provide “Today’s Getty News.”
We convey the latest move to you by using various photos sent from across the world.

The image of the video is shot at a garment factory in Bangladesh.  A doctor is running physical checkups on female workers who have been staging a hunger strike since June 28.
Why did they dare to launch a hunger strike in protest, stopping eating and drinking?  As a matter of fact, reportedly, three months’ wages have not been paid in this factory.

The Bangladesh textile industry has made a remarkable growth over the last decade, rising to the second largest garment export country next to China.  It is reputed to have surpassed China in power now.  The reason is a low production cost.  According to the report by ILO last year, the minimum monthly salary in Bangladesh is 39 dollars.  It is so low wage, about half of the level enjoyed in other Asian countries such as Cambodia, India and Vietnam, all export competitors.  In recent years, under the slogan of “China Plus One” many corporations have increasingly expanded their businesses to Bangladesh with an aim to move production bases from China, where a hike in labor costs has been continued.  Although we benefit from buying cheap clothes, there is such situation in Bangladesh called one of the Asia’s poorest countries.  Both corporations and consumers have to take responsibility for which to take the initiative to improve harsh working environment.

On Getty Images website, the latest news photos and images are collected from across the world.  Be sure to check up the Getty Images website.
Information is available in TOKYO MX “Morning CRSS”, too.  Be sure to check it up, too.

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