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Aug 23, 2014

“Half-Dead” Korean “Pro-Park Group” – Conservative Polemicists Give Up On Park Due to Disappointment with Personnel Affairs in Disarray

“Half-Dead” Korean “Pro-Park Group” – Conservative Polemicists Give Up On Park Due to Disappointment with Personnel Affairs in Disarray

I have a feeling that the Park administration has been shaken to its foundations since the MV Sewol incident.  I think that this incident was an intimidation of Washington against President Park Geun-hye who had got too closer to China.  I feel that she has been scared all the time since the incident.  She understands what the incident means because she knows why his father was killed by Washington.  However, as in the case of President Park, anybody in a high position such as a president or prime minister of a country cannot make a right decision if she is afraid of assassination.  She should not assume such a position if she is not courageous enough to stake her life.

In the East, *Tao (or the truth) was sought after in every field.  Those who acquired Tao were able to be their natural self, transcending life and death.  If those with such spirituality had assumed important positions, political corruption would never have occurred.  Furthermore, those who have not reached such level of spirituality would have not easily given in to threat only if they had sought after it in their specialized field.  Considering these things, I feel that as the philosophy of Laozi and Zhuang Zhou mentions, confusion of this world has been caused by dying out of Tao.  If Tao dies out, a king or emperor of a country is nothing but a person who has robbed the country.  It is impossible to expect justice of a robber.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 15, 2014

*Tao The term Tao means “way”, “path” or “principle.” Tao denotes something that is both the source and the driving force behind everything that exists. (Wikipedia)

Editor's Note)
Just reading red letters made by Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita,  you may grasp the essentials of the article.
English translation of a Japanese article: zakzak – August 13, 2014 –

“Half-Dead” Korean “Pro-Park Group” −Conservative Polemicist Give Up On Park Due to Disappointment with Personnel Affairs in Disarray

Korean President Park Geun-hye has a tough time.  She is rapidly losing support from the conservative class that has supported the administration over the Cabinet reshuffle personnel affairs repeatedly in disarray.  On the Internet a lot of verbal abuse has been posted and conservative polemicists who have had an influenced the management of the administration have made a mover to give up on it.  The Park administration is in a terminal state with the support group within the ruling Saenuri Party being ‘half-dead.”   Mr. Yasushi Takatsuki, a non-fiction writer, reports as follows:

“She has brought disgrace on her father.”
“Since she has turned out to be a parent’s coattail, I won’t expect anything of her.”
“I feel too ashamed of her to get angry.”

On the Internet in Korea, a swirl of such opinions of anger and disappointment has been posted.  Their criticism is directed at President Park Geun-hye herself.  In contrast to praise of the achievements of her father, former President Park Chung-hee, President Park bashing has been remarkable.

Criticism of a politician inevitably comes with public opinion on the Internet, but we can say that recent responses to President Park are unusual.

In Korea, the Internet community of conservative group has continued to passionately support the Park administration.  However, such people have changed their attitude to start criticizing the president.” (Person familiar with the local media)

Not only Internet users but political analysts who have took the initiative in supporting the Park administration, namely, typical conservative polemicists have declared themselves against Park one after another.  It was triggered by the problem of cabinet reshuffle personnel affairs which have remained in disarray since June this year.

“It began with the Seoul sinking incident in April.  Left-wing opposition parties strongly shook the Part administration, using the incident as ammunition for attack.  (ditto)

Around May, Ms. Park decided to dissolve the marine police as she was told by the left-wing forces.  Although she was criticized by the conservative class, her administration still enjoyed firm support from them.

“At that time, conservative people were engaged in advocating President Park on the Internet.  Some of them, who had a high expectation for the conservative administration, called themselves the “Shield of President Park.”  (Government official)

Under such circumstances, in June the Park administration nominated a new prime minister in order to defuse the situation.

However, Mr. Ahn Dae-hee, the former Supreme Court justice, withdrew the nomination due to disclosure of the past fraud.   The next nominee was Mr. Moon Chang-keuk, the former chief editor of the Joong Ang Ibo.

“Although he was originally a journalist and exceptional nominee, Mr. Moon was welcomed by the conservative class.  The reason is that he was famous for his honest and backboned columnist and he was reputed as the “face of patriotic conservative camp.”  (Japanese familiar with the local media)

The left-wing camp started attacking Mr. Moon because of allegations of being pro-Japan.  They retrieved the remark of “Colonial domination by Japan is the will of God” he made in the past lecture and made it a scandal as “betrayer of the country.”

However, the criticism is made up by putting together the remarks completely different in the point and it is completely irrelevant.  Other press also made a report about such remarks for verification and a great number of people feel “this allegation is strange.”

The conservative class believed that President Park would protect Mr. Moon from the attack from the left-wing that did everything they could do.  Mr. Moon also intended to bravely respond to the challenge.  However, President Park didn’t resist irrational criticism again and drove Mr. Moon, who was a hope for the conservative class, into withdrawing the nomination.”  (ditto)

Conservative Camp Strongly Opposes Weak-Kneed Park

Mr. Ji Man-Won, a political analysis who is the active leader of conservative polemicists, put down Ms. Park, who gets pushed around by the left-wing, worrying about public support rate, saying “hideous, repeated offender of ideological adultery.”  Subsequently, Ms. Park has repeatedly strayed off course in the cabinet reshuffle personnel affairs.

In the ruling Saenuri Party she belongs to, anti-Park faction has expanded it forces and we hear a voice say that the pro-Park faction is “half-dead.”

While the relations with China and the U.S. are destabilized, there is concern that Ms. Park will further confused as to how to manage the administration.

*Yasushi Takatsuki

Non-fiction writer.  Born in 1965.  Comes from Hyogo Prefecture.  Graduated from Graphic Design Course, Tama Art University.  Actively engaged in collecting news mainly on media in Korea.  Writes many books such as “Legend of Kim Il Ooki Kintaro”, “Dokdo Addict”, “In-Depth Comparison Between Japan and Korea”, and “Legend of Antarctic Pole No. 1”

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