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Aug 22, 2014

I (=Ms. Eleanor Longden) Diagnosed with “Schizophrenia” Recover by Listening to “Voices” in the Head. – Exposition of how to meditate –

I (=Ms. Eleanor Longden) Diagnosed with “Schizophrenia” Recover by Listening to “Voices” in the Head. – Exposition of how to meditate –

I think this is a very important message.  A woman who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and drugged has recovered by listening to the voices in her head.  This is the essence of meditation.
During meditation, you listen to thoughts in your head and keep watching and listening to them.  What is important is that you just listen to them without judgment of good or bad; in other words, you should just listen and try to understand them, not try to judge or resolve them.  Chattering in the head is the source of complaint which causes a thought.  It is necessary to keep watching your thought until the most fundamental thought or vision comes to your mind.  When taking in the light of consciousness any fear, uneasiness, confliction, past trauma and others, you would recognize them.  Recognition itself is the solution.  Taking as a whole the memories and thoughts you have separated and suppressed is treatment, which leads to liberation of your mind.  Doing this work thoroughly, the moment would come to allow you to accept you as what you are.  This is liberation in the true sense of the term.

This video teaches us that the ultimate remedy for mental disease is exactly the same as the method of mediation in religion that brings about enlightenment.

When you always keep watching your thoughts well up in your mind, while working, taking care of your children or enjoying being alone, in this manner, it is true meditation.  Those who live like this are sure to achieve enlightenment in this life, while living a daily life.  This is Karma Yoga (path of action).  I have felt the moment when psychiatry has come much closer to religion.

When you don’t have the time, please see between 07:40 and 11:25.  Around 09:25, she talks about the event that caused her to develop schizophrenia.  I imagine that she presumably had heard the voice of a man in the head.  It is because she is a female in body but a male in Linga Sarira inside her.  It is likely that a message was sent in the form of voice to free her from suppression.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 16, 2014

Video: @douga - October 25, 2013 –

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