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Jul 29, 2014

Questions to Valiant Thor about Reptilians and His Reponses

Questions to Valiant Thor about Reptilians and His Reponses

The following photo is in the book “Alien who Met President” published by Tama Shuppan (Original title: “Stranger at the Pentagon” by Frank E. Stranges).  This is a photo of three Venusians.  Since the three were students of my celestial school, they should know me very well.  The rightmost man is Valiant Thor.  What is written in this book is the truth.  I do recommend you to read the book if you are interested in it.

I introduced a communication with Valiant Thor on Shanti Phula’s blog dated May 18 last year.  I have asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to play an intermediary role to communicate with him this time again.  I have edited my questions and his responses for easier reading.  The words in parentheses are my expositions.

I’d like to post them in twice because there are many questions.  Tomorrow I’d like to introduce a “message to earthlings” from him.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 21, 2014

Jill - V. Cmdr. Donn - Cmdr. Valiant Thor

Dear Mr. Valiant Thor,
Now Earth is flooded with mixed information on aliens and others.  So I’d like to ask you about a couple of things which I consider the most fundamental and important.  I hope you will answer many questions I have.

1.     I think you were a Venusian in the past but with the progress of Reformation of Heavenly World since 2007, you have evolved into deity.  Would you give me your current name?

Response:  You are quite right.  My current name is Kagayakiwataru-mikoto.

2.     I think you actively work as Pleiades System Earthly Deity 3rd Level member in the Pleiadian Council.  Am I right in saying that you reside on the 5th planet of Star Alpha (Procyon) in the constellation of Canis Minor?

Response:  You are quite right.
(The 1st System is sometimes called the Sirius System, the 2nd System the Pleiades System and the 3rd System the Ursa Major System.)

3.     Thanks to information from Mr. AlexCollier and books by Mr. David Icke, the concept of reptilians has become known to the public.  It is my understanding that reptilians had Linga Sarira or spirit body looking like a lizard but didn’t have the physical body of a lizard.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.
(As is clear from this Q and A, reptilians do not exist on a corporeal level.  It is often thought that reptilians live as physical body in the underground bases of Earth and control people of Earth.  It is wrong.)

4.     I think that reptilians have taken the shape of ordinary people in Linga Sarira or spirit body by using sorcery.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.

5.     I think that reptilians were originally humans on Earth but they changed the shape into lizards by genetically manipulating their Linga Sarira or spirit body and cutting off their feelings in 333 B.C.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.

6.     I think that Cain , a son of Adam and Eve, Circe in Greek myth, and Krishna, Rama and Gautama Buddha in India are representative of people who became first reptilians on Earth. Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.
(Almost all deities worshipped on Earth are reptilians or their comrades.  Jesus, the central character of the New Testament, is also a reptilian.  There are very few exceptions, of course.)

7.     Those mentioned in the above staged a coup d’etat in heavenly world in 332 B.C. and wrested control of Earthly Deity 2nd to 5th levels in the Sirius System by force.  I think that the Spiritual Hierarchy came into existence at that time.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.

(Reptilians and Spiritual Hierarchy date back to at most 2340 years, a very short period of time.  According to channeling information, their origin dates back to hundreds of thousands years.  They purposely spread erroneous information because there are some people who have a misconception that the older times the origin dates back, the more true.)

8.     I think that since those in Spiritual Hierarchy led by these reptilians rose to power, reptilians and their comrades were scattered all over various planets and made Draco, Big Dipper or Orion their bases, as claimed by David Ike and others.  Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.

9.     I think that all spaceships that have come to Earth from outside the solar system belong to true deities or true “Galactic Federation”) and no spaceship belonging to the SpiritualHierarchy has come to Earth. Am I right?

Response: You are quite right.

(Mr. Benjamin Creme claims that spaceships that have come to Earth are from our Solar System planets.  Half of his claim is correct.  With regard of the spacecraft belonging to the Spiritual Hierarchy, it is true.  However, some of the spacecraft belonging to true deities and their line troops come from outside the solar system.)

10.  Since they were originally people of Earth, they are reincarnated on Earth in some cases.  Although Mr. Alex Collier claims that reptilians came to Earth on board spacecraft from Darco, Big Dipper or Orion and settled on Earth, I feel it is wrong.  It is right in thinking that they were reincarnatedon Earth from the planets (precisely, satellites) of these stars. What do you think?

Response: You are quite right.
(Reptilians and their comrades are so negative that they cannot live on planets and instead they live on satellites.)

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