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Jul 12, 2014

List of Stars that 27 Deities of Pleiadian Council Belong To

List of Stars that 27 Deities of Pleiadian Council Belong To

We have known that an organization of deities called the Pleiadian Council exists and Archangel Adrigon is the chairperson of the Council.  I have already revealed an illustration of Archangel Adrigon drawn by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi.  Today, I’d like to reveal a list of stars that 27 deities, who are members of the Pleiadian Council, belong to, together with the illustration.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 6, 2014

大天使アドリオン 様 〈霊体〉 (国津神第3レベルの女神)

Chairperson of Pleiadian Council: Archangel Adrigon

The shaded parts shown in the above table show the Systems and Levels in which the Pleiadian Council members exist.  Although deities and humans reside on these areas, the Pleiadian Council is an organization of deities.  As reported before, the Council is an organization consisting of eight deities in the 1st System, six deities in the 2nd System, four deities in the 3rd System, four deities in the 4th System and five deities in the 5th System.  These deities reside on the 5th planet of the stars shown in the following table.   In the previous correspondence, we confirmed that Archangel Adrigon resides on the 5th planet of Alpha Centauri, Rigil Kent in the constellation of Centaurus.  The table shows that she is a being of the 3rd level of the 1st System.  Looking at the correspondence relation between the System/Level and the dimension in the above table, we can see that she is a being of the 6th dimension.

A list of stars that 27 deities of Pleiadian Council reside on is shown below.

Twenty-seven Deities of Pleiadian Council (PDF File)

System Constellation Star Level
5th System (5) Cepheus Alpha (Alderamin) 1st
Circinus Alpha 2nd
Perseus Alpha (Mirfak) 3rd
Antlia Alpha 4th
Sextans Alpha 5th
4th System (4) Aries Gamma (Mesartim) 1st
Corvus Alpha (Alchiba) 2nd
Serpens Alpha (Unukalhai) 3rd
Draco Beta (Rastaban) 4th
3rd System (4) Eridanus Alpha (Achernar) 2nd
Triangulum Alpha (Caput Trianguli) 3rd
Sagitta Alpha (Sham) 4th
Carina Alpha (Canopus) 5th
2nd System (6) Andromeda Alpha (Alpheratz) 1st
Lupus Alpha (Kakkab) 2nd
Cassiopeia Alpha (Schedar) 2nd
Canis Minor Alpha (Procyon) 3rd
Ophiuchus Alpha (Ras Alhague) 4th
Aquila Alpha (Altair) 5th
1st System (8) Lepus Alpha (Arneb) 1st
Taurus Beta (Elnath) 2nd
Corona Borealis Alpha (Gemma) 2nd
Cetus Alpha (Menkar) 3rd
Centaurus Alpha (Rigil Kentaurus) 3rd
Crater Alpha (Alkes) 4th
Cygnus Beta (Albireo) 4th
Pegasus Alpha (Mearkab) 5th

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