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Jul 18, 2014

Indian Conjoined Twin Sisters, Ganga and Jamna, Find Love With The Same Man

Indian Conjoined Twin Sisters, Ganga and Jamna, Find Love With The Same Man

This is a startling video.  I was very surprised to see the video at first.  Immediately, however, I felt no feeling of strangeness.  I admire them for having survived in the face of their physical handicap. Although they are partly conjoined on the physical level, each of them should have ordinary independent body in the afterlife.  If they maintain this marital relationship, Ahmad would have two wives in the afterlife.  It sounds quiet natural to me.  It would be harsh for him if we force him to choose either of the two.  Like this case, I accept polygyny, polyandry and conjoint marriage as special exceptions.  In a word, nobody has a right to determine how marital relationship should be as long as they can live happily with their priority on love without any jealousy.  In this special case, one man can learn to equally love two women simultaneously and as a result, they can liberate themselves from jealousy through such relationship.  I think that this relationship is much healthier than modern marital relationship in which a man has an affair with another woman behind the scenes, superficially maintaining monogamy.

As for me, I feel monogamy is natural and don’t accept any other marital relationship.  However, I have no intention to force others to accept my opinion.  Although for any human who found a lifelong partner, monogamy may be possible, ordinary marital relationship will never last for a long time because it is merely a chance to learn each other even if among deities in the heavenly world.  What matters is not to stick to how marital relationship should be but to establish marital relationship based on true love.  During the process of growth through such relationship, one can get acquainted with someone, which will make marital relationship permanent in the true sense of the word.  Deities and humans alike are making efforts to grow to such level.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 9, 2014

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Zaeega - July 6, 2014 –

Indian Conjoined Twin Sisters, Ganga and Jamna, Find Love With The Same Man

Conjoined twins Ganga and Jamura, 45, are living in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.  They share two heads, three legs and four arms while having separate hearts, livers and kidneys.  The twins, who made a living by joining a travelling circus, have reportedly found a lover.

The two met Ahmad who worked part-time with the circus as a sound engineer.  According to Ganga, she fell in love with him at the first sight and so did Jamura.  Ahmad is a school teacher now.

The twins were born to an impoverished family.  Since their parents were too poor to have them undergo surgery for separation, they had been forced to be conoined.  The parents deserted them when they reached their teens.  Since then they have been working in the circus.

They married a man when they were 22 and got pregnant.  They delivered a baby by Cesarean section.  Regrettably, however, the baby passed away in a few hours.

Although the twins can afford to have an operation, they do not want it.

Via: dailymail

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