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Jul 16, 2014

Big Scoop Likely To Topple Abe Prime Minister’s Office And NHK

Big Scoop Likely To Topple Abe Prime Minister’s Office And NHK

This is terrific.  I suppose that NHK must be like a madhouse now.  I want all of you to jab NHK as much as possible.  I will, of course, do so.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 11, 2014

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Yahoo News – July 11, 2014 –

Big Scoop of Weekly Friday Likely To Topple Abe Prime Minister’s Office and NHK

The July 25 issue of Weekly Friday released today (on July 11) carries an exclusive headlined “Abe Prime Minister’s Office Has NHK Kneel Down On The Ground.”

The gist of the article is as follows:

When Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga appeared on NHK program “Today’s Close-up” live broadcast on July 3 and tried to publicize the right to exercise collective defense approved in the Cabinet meeting, newscaster Hiroko Kuniya asked him questions such as “Is it likely that Japan will get involved in wars of other countries?” or “Is it allowable to change the interpretation of the Constitution?”  After the program was over, the Prime Minister’s Office reportedly intimidated NHK by saying “Who is the central figure that engaged in producing this program?” or “Who had Kuniya ask such questions?” to find out the culprit.

Intimidation of the Office has surprised us but the response of NHK is far more shocking to us.

According to the article, the management including President Momii got down on their knees and Ms. Kuniya started crying while apologizing.

The Prime Minister’s Office still had carried out such a shameful conduct of intimidation to NHK.

NHK still had given complete obedience to the Prime Minister’s Office.

If this scandal is properly examined in the Diet and the media, Abe Prime Minister’s Office and NHK would undoubtedly be driven into the corner.

A storm of anger of the people would be directed toward the Abe administration and NHK.

The big scoop of the weekly Friday might directly hit the Abe administration and NHK.

The mass media is hopeless but magazines are fighting a good fight.

profile-1372756450Naoto Amaki

He is a diplomatic analyst.
He was dismissed from Foreign Minister in 2003 because he suggested to then Prime Minister Koizumi not to support U.S. attack against Iraq.  Since then he has engaged in critical activity mainly on Internet and has provided the truth never reported by the media, keeping a decisive stance of anti-power, peaceful diplomacy, anti-bureaucracy and support for the underdog.  His main books include “Good-by, Foreign Ministry” (published by Kodansha), “Good-by, Japan-U.S. Alliance” (Kodansha), “Injustice of U.S.” (Tenbousha) and “South Africa of Mandela” (Tenbousha).

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