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Jun 11, 2014

Story of an ex-homeless youth, who passed through hardships and poverty and managed to enroll in university with will power, inspires a lot of people!

Story of an ex-homeless youth, who passed through hardships 
and poverty and managed to enroll in university with will power, inspires a lot of people!

This is a good-natured young man with stormy good looks.  Deities pay special attention to such children.  For unscrupulous people who think that God never provides financial help, I’d like to provide one example.

There is a sushi restaurant our family used to patronize.  On a Wednesday night, we visited the restaurant where we had made a table reservation.  Surprisingly, we were the only customers there.  Since it was a nice restaurant, I didn’t want it to wind up its business and then wondered if there was something I could do.  Strange enough, there was a telephone call for reservation in no time and a couple with a little girl came there.  Hearing the family and the restaurant owner having a conversation, I found that the family seemed to visit the restaurant for the first time in a long while.  It was probably because an angel who read my mind sent to the family her vibrational energy which induced them to go to the restaurant.  Apparently, deities secretly paid attention to my feelings.  I did appreciated their thoughtfulness

I hear that subsequently, the restaurant was awarded as one-star restaurant to by the Michelin Guide and has had a thriving business.  We feel relieved to hear about it.  This is because our family have not been able to eat sushi because of cesium.
Oh, my wife has remembers that the name of the little girl was Serana.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 6, 2014

English translation from the excerpt from a Japanese article: Rocket News 24 – June 6, 2014 –

Story of an ex-homeless youth, who passed through hardships and poverty and managed to enroll in university with will power, inspires a lot of people!

*High school student who stands hardships others hardly experience

It is Griffin Furlong living in Jacksonville, Florida who has graduated from a high school with a top GPA and will attend a university with his guts.

*He suffers from poverty in childhood

He lost his mother to leukemia when he was a child, leaving him with his father and elder brother.  They were forced to live in a homeless shelter for two years after his mother passed away.  When he was in sixth grade, his family finally moved into a home but money was scare and they often hungry.

*Before graduation from high school, he becomes homeless again.

Then, just a few weeks before graduation, he found himself homeless again.  He temporarily thought about dropping out of school, but he asked his girlfriend to stay at her house to secure an accommodation before moving in with an aunt and uncle.

*Top-class achiever in the face of adversity

Such situation like his easily makes ordinary students become delinquents.  Griffin maintained getting good academic achievements of all A’s and graduated with top-class achievements.  He graduated as valedictorian.

Although he was qualified to enroll in university with high level of academic achievement, has had to face hardship again.  University tuition was too expensive for him to afford it because he was raised in poverty.

*Donation enables him to attend university

Then, Griffin raised fund for his enrollment in college at a fund-raising site “GoFundMe” and succeeded to raise a goal donation of 20,000 dollars (approximately 2.04 million yen) within only a week.  He will go to University of Florida this fall.

*Strong will power makes everything possible

In an interview with TV, he says: “I try to accomplish everything I need to do.  All I have is school and family. I made up my mind to do my best because I didn’t want to lose either.  I did it for me and my mom all the more because I was through hardship.  He shows strength of character, unimaginable for high school student.  Needless to say, his guts touched many people and donation was raised in a moment.

It is easy to show the white feather and drop by the wayside because of hardship.  Therefore, I can help feeling that the younger generation should have such will power as he does.

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