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Jun 6, 2014

Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explained – Message from the Galactic Federation

Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explained – Message from the Galactic Federation 

This is a very important video on a message from the Galactic Federation.  The being that conveys this message is presumably an alien that has come to Earth onboard a spaceship from the 7th planet of the star alpha-Alpheratz in the Andromeda.  The names of the planet and this alien are unknown.
However, the content of the message is very important because it appears that events written in the message actually occurred on the dates as predicted there.  Since I happened to find this video the other day, I had known nothing about what is written in the message.  However, I suppose that the dates of actual events I have commented about on Shanti-phula’s blog are almost at the same time as shown in the article.

Reformation of Heavenly World was initiated in 2007 and nearly finished around the end of 2010.  I let you know that a reformation on the earth was initiated in 2011 and the earth achieved ascension and plunged into the 4th dimension on January 1 this year.  Around March 20, the “Galactic Federation of Light” disappeared and as a result, around the middle of May survivors of the “Galactic Federation of Light” including Agarthians completely disappeared.  This corresponds to the part in this article: “Since they vibrate at such a low frequency,… they will not be able to survive for very long after January 2014.”  As a result, the prophecy came true.

There is information on ET races that have manipulated Earth, which is indicated by boldface.  I am afraid that almost everyone might not understand what it means unless additional explanation is provided.  I’d like to comment on this tomorrow.

There is a disclaimer at the end of the message: This does not necessarily represent the views of Mr. Tolec and the Andromeda Council.”  It means that the Andromeda Council joins the “Galactic Federation of Light” and Mr. Tolec is a collaborator for the Federation.”  However, this video is on a message from an alien from true Andromeda, which joins the (authentic) Galactic Federation.  These two groups are essentially completely different, though similar in content.

Many people can’t tell the “Galactic Federation” from the “Galactic Federation of Light.”  Therefore, they can’t distinguish between a message from an alien coming from true Andromeda and the information from the Andromeda Council.  One is a message from the “Galactic Federation” with God and the other is a message from a group of the dark Ones “Galactic Federation of Light.”  Observing low vibration emitted from their message, you should immediately tell which is real Light.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 28, 2014

Excerpt from You Tube  An Open Letter to Humanity – June 25, 2014 –

Reptilians – Andromeda 2012 – Explained

Written and produced by RonPaulNWO
Uploaded on YouTube: June 25, 2012

An Open Letter to Humanity

The future is nothing to fear, but rather encourage and look forward to.

You are seeing political, financial, and social structures break down for a reason.

Do not fear this, but proudly celebrate it.

This collapse is happening because the old structures no longer suit humanity; you are evolving past them, and they must break down in order to make room for the new.

Your earth and its entire solar system is currently in the process of migrating from the Northern Galactic Hemisphere into the Southern Galactic Hemisphere.

This migration was predicted by civilizations such as the Mayans and Egyptians who sought knowledge and understanding of this universe and its predictable order, and is now finally being recognized by your own science communities.

As your solar system begins to enter the Southern Galactic Hemisphere, you will be coming across energy currents much different than the ones you are used to in the Northern Galactic Hemisphere.


This migration, however, is not instant. It began in mid-October of 2011 and will be fully complete by January 2014.

These energy currents will magnetically and genetically alter you, in a good way.
In short, the energy particles found in the Northern Hemisphere vibrate at a much lower and slower frequency which encourage feelings your soul would naturally recognize as low vibrational feelings such as sadness, depression, loneliness, as well as feeling lost/unable to control your reality.

The reason you need to understand that this transition is not instant is due to (as you may have already noticed) the earth already beginning to hit these higher-frequency energy currents.
The solar system is about one-third through its transformation, so because you have already begun to experience these higher frequency energy particles, you as well as the entire planet are, in essence, beginning to vibrate at a higher, faster frequency.


This is represented by the old structures (control, war, financial enslavement via dishonest money) breaking down.

This will only continue. Imagine a mountain, and that mountain is this solar system's evolution.
You are still climbing, and the climb is the hardest part, but
once you reach the mid-point, or peak, of this transformation (which is on December 21st 2012), you no longer have to climb because you would have already then reached the peak, or mid-point, of your transformation.

This is the best example I can give you in reference to your present and future state during this transformation.

So do not fear, my friends.

You are, after eons and eons of living in a low, dark area of the Milky Way Galaxy, FINALLY entering a "section" of the galaxy in which it will, very literally, be scientifically impossible for your species to not be empowered and, finally, FREE


Believe it or not, your species has been manipulated for eons by five different ET races. They include:

1. Grey beings, who were originally from the Zeta Reticula star system but now call the Orion constellation home.

2. Reptilians from the Draco constellation who are of equal harm to not only Earth humans, but other humanoids across the Milky Way galaxy as well.

3. Hydra Reptilians who are a real problem here on Earth.

4. Reptilians from the star system Sirius B.

5. Reptilians from the Orion constellation, but also many "Orion" referenced stars.

Earth was sadly, just one chess piece in their game of galactic domination.

They have created a coalition which has controlled your planet and its reality for a very long time.

They view you as cattle; nothing more than a resource of energy for them.


They are disgusting beings. They have purposely genetically bred emotion out of their species all together in sought after being 100% intellectual.
This is why they see human race as cattle, because they see your emotional capabilities as weak and manipulable.

The good news, however lies in this transformation. Their species cannot genetically survive this migration.

Many have already begun to leave, because these energy currents are physically unbearable to their very essence: lower vibrational frequencies.

Since they vibrate at such a low frequency, if and when some stay out of arrogance, they will not be able to survive for very long after January 2014.

This all may seem like a sci-fi movie to you, but I can assure you it is all true.
We are here to assist with your natural transformation and help assist your species into these new magnetic energy fields which will soon transform your body, mind, and planet.

How can you prepare? Begin dismissing any low, or negative, energy within you.

Any feelings of guilt, hate, and fear must and will be dispersed.


Another suggestion would be to keep your mind open to any and all possibilities.

Never limit your mind. You have been born into a control system which discourages open thought as well as true galactic research and understanding.

This is all about to change, so please keep these words in mind as you begin to feel the effects of this transformation.

You are such a beautiful and creative race, and deserve this amazing transformation. You are ready; I know you can feel it.

Just let your soul do the thinking and work on raising your vibration which will in turn attract the upcoming higher-vibration energy currents your solar system will continue to approach.

By doing this, you prepare the body and soul for its inevitable transformation.

Written and produced by RonPaulFightNWO

*DISCLAIMER* - This does not necessarily represent the views of Tolec and the Andromeda Council, but rather my interpretation of their reporting. Please visit www.andromedacouncil.com for a more in-depth and direct representation of this perspective.

6:12 END

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