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Jun 3, 2014

Reformation of Heavenly World 29 - Blood Lines of Conspiracy: Karl Habsburg and Descendants of John the Baptist

Reformation of Heavenly World 29
Blood Lines of Conspiracy: 
Karl Habsburg and Descendants of John the Baptist

Today’s post addresses the last piece of a secret that has long been unrevealed. All that has ever been perceived as a mystery or apparent contradictory descriptions will be unraveled when you have read this article along with my commentary.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 1, 2013

Reformation of Heavenly World 29
Visions on November 5, 2011 & Exposition by Mr. Takeshita (2)
  * The blue letters present Mr. Takeshita’s exposition.


A bulky black chest was laid open. From therein, dazzling rays of light were scintillating. The chest too dazzling as it was to peep inside was obviously densely packed with treasures.

“What a thing to find here!”, a surprised man’s voice was heard.

“The Earth is a mine of gold”, said the gleeful man whose face came into my vision.

“There are also good wines.” The white man was enjoying the aroma of a glass of wine,
seated cross-legged on a sofa with a satisfied look.

At first glance, I recognized him as a royal personage. Though his age remained unclear, he didn’t look very old.

In a large adjoining room that was partitioned by a stout wooden door, there were a bunch of women dressed up, and suffused with a smell of makeup, unbending themselves each in her own way. Those women looked confined in the dimly-lit room, but there was no pessimistic atmosphere felt among them. They were all courtesans. Their clients were, I believe, high government officials and prime ministers.

It looked like I was in an old European castle.

The male voice was heard again.

“After all, America is a savage country ready to be cast out once its utility is over.”

“Well, I don’t like savage things, but....” He was talking to another man in the room, as if spitting out words.

“You see, it’s even more intolerable to let those humans like gusanos thrive.

The aged male figure in a military uniform nodded, with an air of profound respect.

”This man is Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, an Austrian politician. Presumably, the treasures in front of him have been taken away from David Rockefeller. As can be presumed based on Benjamin Fulford’s information, he plotted to realize World War , but was caught concealing himself in an Indian underground shelter. He managed to avoid being executed by offering his fortune and treasures. The treasures she saw in her vision seem to be a part of those treasures.”

  My article of September 28 brought in the following information from an article of Eiken Itagaki. As described in the exposition below, this vision suggests what David Rockefeller offered instead of his own life.
The former Rep. Ichiro Ozawa is delighted at the complete derogation of David Rockefeller
Excerpt from the origin of reproduction: Masukomi ni de-nai urabanashi (Politico-economic Stories Untold by the Media)  11/10/4

The U.S.’s biggest plutocrat David Rockefeller has suffered complete loss of prestige. Charged and questioned by the monitoring agency of U.K. plutocrat Jacob Rothschild (baron, descendant in the 4th generation) and the “57 countries”, he was caught escaping into an Indian shelter with his family and was cornered to ‘choose between wealth or life’. That is to say, being killed or offering all the fortune.

Yet as regards the question of knowing why Karl Habsburg-Lothringen retains these treasures, the fact is that he is actually the most important figure in the Illuminati’s conspiracy. Chances are good that he is the top of the Council of 33 that belongs to the covert Illuminati. In fact, it may be safe to say he has been concealed and protected as a keystone of the conspiracy agenda.


“My dear, where on earth shall we go?” With this, his wife came into the room.

She was famous as a philanthropist but actually she was covetous at heart. “I will suck ‘em dry” her heart’s voice was heard.

“Well, we must leave this castle. Our children shall take refuge first,” replied the man to her, “to the underground in Swiss, under the Alps.”

“The first things first, we need to protect our royal blood line. Sordid bastards! keep on suffering for some time. Now, I trust all the rest to your discretion. We'll be taking shelter for a while.”

The man in military uniform stood up, bowed deeply, and saw off the family. There were dozens of people in service including military personnel (for guard?).

“A legitimate blood line of the Habsburgs?”, I seemed to have uttered without knowing it.


As laughter was emitted from the man, I heard the voice of his heart:

“We are a sacred clan dating back to the times of Atlantis, the ruler of this world selected by God. All that matters is the survival of our clan, even if this world may be ruined. But that’s the last resort. For worker bees are necessary. We have sciences and knowledge garnered from every source. One who possesses them is the king of this world. Money? Such a thing is worthless, because as much of it can be created as we wish. Knowledge is the power. ”

The part of his words “a sacred clan that dates back to the times of Atlantis” is important. Yet, he is himself the most important for the sake of the shadow world. For he is none other than a descendant of the Merovingian   family that had been descendants of Sara born of John the Baptist and Maria Magdalene.
I have mentioned frequently that the Merovingians were descendants of Sara, born of John the Baptist and Maria Magdalene, and that the Priory of Sion protects descendants of Sara, including such figures as Christine Lagarde and Prince Andrew. (Please refer e.g. to the articles of March 3, August 1, August 2, August 12, issued in 2013.)
Yet more precisely, I have already written the following comment in my article of March 3, 2013:

“Basically, the Merovingian royal family were descendants of John the Baptist and Maria Magdalene. However, the situation is a bit complicated: Actually, there are also descendants of Maria Magdalene and Saint Maximin (her third husband) among the Merovingian descendants. With regard to the Barbarian Illuminati, it seems like its members have literally mistaken Saint Maximin’s descendants for Jesus’s. As for Prince Andrew, he is a descendant of Saint Maximin and Maria Magdalene. Presumably, the case is that along with such mistaken ideas, there has been a struggle for supremacy intensified between groups of hierarchs with regard to the question of who will be the king of the unified world government.”

To sum up the whole story in the proper way: Maria Magdalene had been married to three husbands during her lifetime. The first was John the Baptist, the second Judas Iscariot, and the third Saint Maximin. After the crucifixion of Jesus, Maria Magdalene fled to France. Saint Maximin is known as the one who gave her the extreme unction. On the other hand, she had born Sara to John the Baptist. Karl Habsburg-Lothringen is their descendant. After the death of John the Baptist, Jesus and Maria Magdalene were in love with each other but without physical relationship. After the death of Jesus, she, as well as Judas Iscariot and others, fled to France where he became her second husband. Later on, Saint Maximin became her third husband and she bore to him three children, namely Joshua, Tamar, and Joseph. As a matter of fact, Christine Lagarde and Prince Andrew are descendants of Maria Magdalene and Saint Maximin, therefore not of John the Baptist. In spite of this, the Priory of Sion has protected them until now, taking them for John the Baptist’s descendants.

The true descendant of John the Baptist is Karl Habsburg-Lothringen. He is protected by the German Rosicrucianism. The members of this society are descendants of the Knights Templar that had protected the descendants of John the Baptist.

Consequently, the Merovingian family, properly speaking, must be descendants of John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene. And the Priory of Sion must have had an mistaken idea. For Christine Lagarde and Prince Andrew cannot be regarded as members of the Merovingian family. Their inclusion in the Merovingian family would be only possible if the Merovingians were defined as descendants of Maria Magdalene.

As is also clear from my comment posted on March 3, the Barbarian Illuminati seems to have misunderstood Saint Maximin’s descendants for Jesus’s. Given this situation, the chances are that knowing who is telling the truth is now even beyond the reach of the persons concerned unless relying on intuition. It seems like that they are competing for supremacy under such circumstances.

However, there should be added another perspective to this. As I communicated in my video lectures on religion, the Qumran denomination of the Essenes had intent to start a revolution under a troika regime uniting Maria Magdalene as woman messiah, John the Baptist as ritual messiah and Jesus who was planned to be the king messiah. Eventually, this plan aborted due to an internal split. However, provided that the NWO (New World Order) has also presently been conceived as an extension of such a governing regime, it may be that the woman messiah is Lagarde, the ritual messiah Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, and the king messiah Prince Andrew. This, too, seems reasonable enough for a scheme extending over 2000 years.

To be continued.

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