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Jun 16, 2014

Jinfurin, Place for Social Intercourse of All Gentlemen in Political World

Jinfurin, Place for Social Intercourse of All Gentlemen in Political World

The parts in red are reliable information. Other parts are probably true as described in this article. Since Yasuyuki Nanbu, Pasona Group CEO, used to join the covert Illuminati, it is natural that this writer thinks in this way.
Same with Japan handlers mentioned in the below article. They are high-ranking members.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 9, 2014

English translation of the excerpt from a Japanese article: richardkoshimizu’s blog – June 9, 2014 –

Jinfurin, Place for Social Intercourse of All Gentlemen in Political World

A place for social intercourse of all gentlemen in the political world is Jinfurin.

It provides every kind of service such as drugs and taking care of the lower body.

We have been patronized by a singer ASKA and influential politicians including incumbent Minister of Defense Onodera and Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura. (Lawmakers who were elected thanks to election fraud are always welcomed. Rather all of them have patronized us.).

We are patronized by Mr. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a patient with ulcerative colitis, too. We are taken special care of by people in the police and media. Without any worry, you can enjoy amorous affairs with an artificial beauty from Soka Gakkai, with an injection of a drug on your upper arm.

Some customers like Mr. Maehara, took a beautiful companion of a parent company, who is a Soka Gakkai believer, through the back door to take her for his wife.

We are an outlet wholly owned by Pasona, which is also known as Soka Corporation, and possessed by Nanbu of Soka. All politicians that need support of Soka Gakkai, please visit us. We’d like to secretly take a commemorative photo of you, who have an injection of a drug, embracing a woman, and send the photo to your wife or Weekly Taishu or Weekly Asahi Geinou. However, if you provide consultation for us, such photo will not be sent to them. Pro-Japanese Jews such as Japan’s shadow Prime Minister Michael Green, Kurt Campbell and Joseph Nye are in charge of consultation.

Every politician who becomes our customer has assumed the post of minister one after another. I don’t mind if you would think that such privilege is offered. When you become a pet dog of financial Jews, your future as a politician will become stable. Jinfurin is a gateway to success

I’d like to request you that you patronize Jinfurin, “dream social meeting place, which connects financial Jews with Japan’s politicians. We would like you to accept in advance that because of the taste of consultants, we might ask you to borrow your butt.

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