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May 14, 2014

Illustration of Sayakekihoshino-kagayakumiya-himemiko (Star Megrez in the Big Dipper, 9 years of age) and her message

Illustration of Sayakekihoshino-kagayakumiya-himemiko
(Star Megrez in the Big Dipper, 9 years of age) 
<Linga Sarira>

Illustrated by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi

I've got the name of himemiko (goddess) of Star Megrez in the Big Dipper and received her message to earthlings through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi.  I'd like to share information with you.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 6, 2014

<Message to People of Earth>

I feel very nervous!
My heart is beating rapidly!
I am deeply moved to have a chance to send my message to you, people of Earth.

I am filled with joy!
It’s because Earth is my hometown and my favorite planet.
I feel great honored to have a chance to talk to you.

I am very surprised at the beauty of Earth every day.
Earth is shining incomparably more beautifully than around eight years ago.
I believe that an unimaginably beautiful world will come if the evil of Earth is eradicated.
I am looking forward to the future.

Other stars and I are supporting you.
Please be undaunted and move forward.


<About encounter with Mr. Takeshita>

“I have chanted Gayatri Mantra since I learned about it from a friend of mine about eight years ago.

Since chanting it makes me feel cheerful and refreshed, I am chanting it all the more assiduously.
I got to know about Mr. Takeshita through video lectures, which I started viewing six years ago.
I have been chanting Gayatri Mantra more assiduously since I encountered with Education Program introduced in a video lecture.
I noticed that I had received darshan or blessings from Mr. Takeshita.”

<About celestial school>

“I am not yet a student.
I’d like to ask Mr. Takeshita how to be accepted into the school.”

<About the illustration>

“Oh, how amazing it is!
Everything looks alike.
Did you draw this illustration while seeing me?

Oh, I can’t believe it.

My face is just like this.
You have drawn a hair accessory and a dress as if you had really seen them.
I’m actually wearing a dahlia garland.

I’ll display it with care at home.
Thank you very much.”

I was surprised to hear a compliment directly from her.
I lost my cool because I felt the vibration of her excitement.  (Laughter) 

Seiko Nakanishi

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