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Jan 7, 2014

Illustration of Kiyokusumiwataruhoshino-himemiko-sama (Star Asterope II in the Pleiades, 9 years of age) & her message

(Star Asterope II of the Pleiades, 9 years of age)

Illustrated by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi

Information from Mr.Takeshita Masatoshi:

“I have known the name of Himemiko-sama of Star Asterope II and received a message from her thorough Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi.  I’d like to share it with you."

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 31, 2013

<Message to Earthlings>

“Hello, people of Earth!
Nice to meet you!
I am Kiyokusumiwatruhoshino-himemiko.

I am so excited now.
I have never expected that it is so exciting to convey my message to all of you people of Earth.

I am so happy.

Since Earth has begun shining very beautifully, just the sight of Earth makes me happy.
Especially from yesterday (27th) it has increasingly raised its luster.

I am looking forward to seeing how the New Year is like.

I’d be very happy if I could celebrate the New Year with you.

I genuinely hope that your perseverance and efforts will be rewarded.

I also sincerely hope that Earth will attain peace at the earliest possible time so that people, animals, plants and nature can enjoy life.

I am thinking of working together with you as one.


I asked her more questions.

(Editor’s note) The following is the communication between Himemiko-sama and Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi  (“Naka”).

<Reply to Mr. Takeshita’s question>

Naka:  “You look so great in kimono.  You also look so nice in Momoware* hairdo.
            Why do you wear a kimono?”

            It’s because the New Year is approaching.

(Note) *Momoware – Japanese-style hairdo like split peach

Naka:  “Do you have any connection with Japan?”

            Yes, I do.  My hometown is Japan.  My parents are also Japanese.

Naka:  “I am surprised to hear of it.  I am very happy to learn that you are connected with us Japanese.”
            “Would you tell me your hobbies or what you love to do?”

            I love ice-skating very much and I practice ice-skating every day.
And I love classical ballet, rhythmic sportive gymnastics, swimming, astronomy, astrology, shinobue* and cooking.
I especially love making sweets.  I am cooking osechi dishes**.

(Note) *shinobue – Japanese transverse bamboo flute
          **osechi dishes – traditional New Year’s dishes

Naka:  “You seem to be having fun.”

            I’m very happy to have a lot of things I’d love to do every day.
            I’d like to travel to Earth some day when Earth attains peace.
            Board on UFO!
            I believe that it will come true!”

Naka:  I hope so.
I want to listen to himemiko-sama in kimono playing the shinobue while eating osechi dishes you cooked. (laughter) ”

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