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Jan 22, 2014

Message from Space to People of Earth – Communication from Galaxy Supercluster Deity (Being of 793rd Dimension)

image: CHROUS I
Message from Space to People of Earth 
Communication from Galaxy Supercluster Deity (Being of 793rd Dimension)

Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi listened to “Sounds of Space,” the article about which was posted on Shanti Phul’s blog yesterday. She spoke to a being with her consciousness focused on the sounds and got a reply from it. The communication between the being and her is shown below.
When Mrs. Nakanishi asked the being for its name, it answered: “My name is ‘Uchuno-yorokobi (Joy of Space).” It is similar to Hanatachibanano-himemiko-sama (Earth) who gave an answer: “Saotome,” her nickname, when asked about her name by Mrs. Nakanishi before. She should have an official name. If my intuition is not wrong, this person is a Galaxy Supercluster Deity, about which I revealed in System of Heavenly World 10 (Dimensions of Star Deities), and belongs to the Pleiades System. The deity is a being of 793rd dimension in terms of existence dimension. Given the fact that the dimension of beings communicating through channeling is usually at the highest 10th dimension, you will understand that Mrs. Nakanishi has communicated with an incredibly higher being. In order to understand the whole picture and structure of space, you have to bear in mind the system of spiritual world shown in a series of System of Heavenly World.
Although I provide correct information to you, many people don’t believe what I say. However, my careful explanations are paying off. Alien beings have now understood that my information is correct.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 14, 2014

January 13, 2014 22:46 Seiko Nakanishi

I casually spoke to the sound: “Is this your word?” I got an answer: “Yes. I’m giving my message to Earth.” I’ll let you know the message.

“Hi, everybody!
Can you hear me?

I’d like to give a message to you people of Earth from Space.

My dear Earth!
What a big change!

You are shining like a blue jewel.
You dulled over just a year ago.

Space is filled with joy.
Yes, it is!
Space is the very existence of love and life.
You have joined us.
We welcome you joyfully.

Earth! Our friend!
Please walk with us toward Light.

Please keep Light and Love in your heart.

And you will be filled with joy, splendid joy.”

“Please send this message to Mr. Takeshita.”

Nakanishi: Can I have your name, please?

“I’m Uchuno-yorokobi (Joy of Space)”

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