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Oct 26, 2013

Spectacular Photo of “Thee Suns” Taken in Izumo (manifested by Sumiwatarutakakihoshino-himemiko-sam)

Spectacular Photo of “Thee Suns” Taken in Izumo

A photo posted on Shanti Phula’s blog today  is manifested by Sumiwatarutakakihoshino-himemiko-sama (Nyan Tolo). I introduced on Shanti Phula’s blog a message of Himemiko-sama dated October 17, the same day when the photo was taken.I suppose she manifestedthis phenomenon after sending a message.
I am quite sure that such beauty must surprise deities.
It is a low level topic of whether aliens exist or not that has been in the news on Earth.Although few people can understand tales ofdeities I have told of, the time will come when you will understand that what I explained about was true.Regrettably,however, at that juncture most of them will have already lost souls and can do nothing about it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 20, 2013

English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: Kopike Information Agency – October 19, 2013 –

[Amazing Images] Spectacular Photo of “Thee Suns” Taken in Izumo

1. Ironfingerfromhell (Okayama Prefecture): 2013/10/19 (Sat.)19:43:24.90

Gods Descend in “Kamiaritzuki”!?Three Sunsand Upside-Down Rainbow

It has been found on 18 that atmospheric optical phenomena, in which it looks as if there were three suns and an upside-down rainbow appears, occurred simultaneously in the Izumo region, Shimane Prefecture.In Izumo, people arecelebrating “Kamiarizuki” (October of the lunar calendar) when gods from across the country are believed to get together.Local people are struck with surprise, saying “It looks as if real gods descended.”

According to Mr. Daisuke Nishimura, an office worker in Matue City, (39), he noticed a climatic change in the sky while driving a car at Hirata-cho, Izumo City on October 17 around 3:30 p.m. Hesaw a light ring surrounding the sun and two light sources with almost the same brightness as the sun, on both sides of the sun as well as an upside-down rainbow in the upper part of the sun.

According to Matsue Local Meteorological Observatory, a circle of light around the sun, bright spots of light on either side and an upside-down rainbow are atmospheric optical phenomena; they are called “solar halo,” “sundog” and “circumzenithal arc,” respectively. All of them are produced when light is reflectedby movement of innumerable ice particles which form filmy clouds in the sky. They say three phenomena rarely occur simultaneously.

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