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Oct 21, 2013

Request from Sumiwatarutakakihoshino-himemiko-sama on the Occasion of Her Return Home to Earth

I got a message from Sumiwatarutakaihoshino-himemiko-sama through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi on October 17.
Her message is as follows. I do ask you to convey your feelings directly to Sumiwatarutakakihoshino-himemiko-sama or by posting your comments on the Shanthi Phula’s blog.
As Himemiko-sama mentioned in her message “Reform of Heavenly World related to Earth has already finished. I suppose a full-fledged reform will shift to Earth,” it means that a Reform of Heavenly World related to Earth finished up with a crackdown of approximately 50,000 people on October 11, which I let you know in my comment on an article posted on October 12. We are going to see a Reform of Earth. It is our great honor to welcome Himemiko-sama’s return home to Earth on November at noon. I suppose that we will often communicate with her through Mrs. Nakanishi after her return. As mentioned in her message, she will accomplish her purpose for reincarnation on Nyan Tolo after November 1. A longtime planning over more than five hundred million years is about to be realized.

Masatoshi Takeshita
October 19, 2013

Editor's Note) 
You can see many given comments to her from readers: here (Automated Translation)

“There is something I want to tell you.
I let you know that I was scheduled to return to Earth on November 1 at noon. Would you do me a favor?
I want you to do a certain thing for me.
I want Mr. Takeshita to send me light of blessing.
I want you all readers to express your feelings that you welcome me.

[Nakanishi] In what way should we convey?

Please convey your feelings on a conscious level until my return to Earth by calling my name at any time convenient to you.
Then, I’ll be back to Earth with joy.
Although it sounds a strange request, please do it for me.
To be honest, I’m get a little bit nervous as the day to return is approaching, for I have been away from Earth for long periods of time.
I was reincarnated on Nyan Tolo with an aim to carry out a Reform of Earth.
And now I will return home to Earth to help carry it out.
Reform of Heavenly World related to Earth has already finished. I suppose a full-fledged reform will shift to Earth.

I have been looking forward to this day.
Earth is very beautiful.
It is my great pleasure to help recover the brilliance of beautiful earth.
It gives me great joy to work with considerate people.
Thank you for your cooperation.”


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