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Aug 17, 2013

I’ll introduce an article on interview with Ms. Cisco Wheeler, who was at the 11th degree of Illuminati and a mother of darkness. ~ Antichrist and Maitreya~

I’ll introduce an article on interview with Ms. Cisco Wheeler, who was at the 11th degree of Illuminati and a mother of darkness.  Given the fact that Obama and Hillary Clinton are at the 6th degree in the shady Illuminati, you will understand very well that Ms. Wheeler held a very high position.  This article seems to have been posted on August 1 this year.  I have known for the first time that Ms. Wheeler accepted such an interview.  Judging from the contents of the interview, I suppose this interview was held before 1998.  The red part in the article shows that she had already warned about the problems we have been facing now.  Since the full text of this interview is very important, I’ll introduce it again after summarizing it sometime.  This time, I’d like to focus on the part on antichrist and Maitreya and see it.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 6, 2013

Excerpt from the original text
Cisco Wheeler Interview

Produce/Interviewer Wayne Morris:
-----  Cisco is a mind control victim of one of the Illuminati families.  She is a descendant of Ulyses S. Grant -------  She is currently working with Fritz Springmeier to help other victims of mind control heal. ---- 

Cisco Wheeler:
-----  My father was also a Grand Master within the Illuminati.  He worked on the west coast during the Vietnam war with his uncle who headed the military, to run drugs into this country to create a drug culture.  The purpose of that was to destroy the structure within the family unit. -----  ; he was also involved with the CIA; and he was a 33rd degree Mason.

Cisco Wheeler:
-----  and my father was trained by Mengele, he was his #2 man. -----  In California at China Lake Naval Base; the Presidio north San Francisco; and the Letterman Hospital next to the Presidio military base.  In Alcatraz there was programming that went on in the prisons there. -----  And at the State Mental Hospital in Salem, Oregon and in the big Masonic hospital called Dorenbecker here in Portland.

Wayne Morris:
As an Illuminati family member, what did they have in mind for you,---  ?

Cisco Wheeler:
The sole purpose – at the deepest layer of the system – lies mothers.  They are the foundation.  You have three mothers who are on a pedestal – their sole purpose is to rule and reign with the antichrist as his queen when he takes his throne.  As god has a bride, so Lucifer has a bride, and that bride is the mothers of darkness. -----

Wayne Morris:
Who would be this antichrist figure?  I have heard of the name, “Lord Maitreya.”  Is this one candidate?

Cisco Wheeler:
He is one of the forerunners, a disciple. -----  But when god sent his son to the earth, Christ had twelve disciples that followed him.  The antichrist is going to be like three in one, and he will also have twelve forerunners. This is where Maitreya comes in.  He is a forerunner.  John the Baptist was a forerunner for christ.

Wayne Morris:
In a global sense, how is this related to what is known as New World Order?

Cisco Wheeler:
The New World Order is a body of people within the Illuminati, thirteen major bloodlines that rule the world and they set the stage, they play out the script, ---

I believe that the people in the world are going to wake up some day very soon and realize that the stock market has crashed, that financially the world has been crushed.  They are going to realize that their food and grain has been contaminated, that their medical field has been dominated by the Illuminati medical force because the Illuminati has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.  ------------------------------  There is nothing that has not been touched by the Illuminati and its family. 

Wayne Morris:
What do you think people can do out there to try to stop this or to prepare themselves for this?

Cisco Wheeler:
…..  they need to look at themselves.  Listen to themselves, ------------. Look and see and hear what is happening around them, and they need to start preparing themselves for the worst …

----- you need to understand what the Illuminati are – who they are, what they are, and what they have done.  To understand something you need to have foresight – without foresight you are walking in the dark … . If they don’t know what’s been done to them, they are never going to know what can be done again to their families and their families, and their children. ------

Wayne Morris:
So what elements in terms of the Illuminati’s belief systems and what they have been doing – what elements are essential for people to understand?

Cisco Wheeler:
They need to understand that the Illuminati are satanists and that there isn’t anything they will not do.  They are gods unto themselves.  They think they are gods and they are only serving Lucifer.  They have taken oaths to Lucifer to serve him as their prince, as the father of light.  They have taken blood oaths in order to see this, to see it done, to see the fulfillment of the end-time, to see the antichrist take his throne.  They have done this for centuries.

[Explanation by Mr. Takeshita]

When the interviewer asked her whether the antichrist would be Maitreya, Ms. Wheeler responded that “He is one of the forerunners, a disciple.  He will also have twelve forerunners. …. John the Baptist was a forerunner for Christ.  This response means that Maitreya and twelve forerunners are supposed to be killed before the antichrist appears, just like John the Baptist.

I have explained that there was a coup plot in the heavenly world and Sanat Kumara, Maitreya and his disciples was supposed to be killed and confined to the Mugenjigoku (uninterrupted hell).  Ms. Wheeler’s response backs up my explanation.

Twelve Masters around Maitreya, close aides to him, had all sworn Enoch as Lucifer.  Although these Masters including Enoch are reptilians, Maitreya and Sanat Kumara had no idea of the fact and believed that they were in the same camp.  Sanat Kumara, Maitreya and followers of Maitreya had thought that they were united in fighting against the Illuminati that has four sides and controlled by reptilians.

Here is a problem: who are twelve forerunners that were supposed to be destroyed together with Maitreya?  They are the disciples of twelve Masters (reptilians) who are close aides to Maitreya and they are those who have confused the world with channeling information, using various names.

For example, among them is St. Germain who had provided channeling information in the name of Master Racosi (reptilian).  The being providing channeling information in the name of St. Germain cannot be Count of St. Germain in the past life.  This can be immediately understood by reading the vibration of information.  Benjamin Creme also says that such channeling information is astral glamor.  To be exact, they are the disciples of true Maters, who had received instructions from the Masters and sent information in the name of St. Germain.

Many people who believe in theosophy, especially information of Benjamin Creme had considered that Maitreya and his twelve close aides were fighting against the Black Lodge and channeling sources under their control which provide information full of glamor.  As a matter of fact, as explained above, such channeling sources are Masters’ disciples who were supposed to be destroyed as 12 forerunners, together with Maitreya when a coup plot in the heavenly world was carried out.  On the contrary, Christians and believers in the Apocalypse have thought that Sanat Kumara is the dragon, Maitreya is 666 (Maitreya Buddha) and Obama, who has been overshadowed by Maitreya, is the fake prophet and all of them are supposed to be destroyed.

Obama is in the camp of secret Illuminati.  True Illuminati members are limited to thirteen selected bloodlines.  A small fray with a low degree like Obama is nothing but sacrifice to be offered to achieve the purpose.  This is the same with twelve forerunners (channeling sources) who are supposed to be destroyed together with Maitreya – disciples of Masters (reptilians) –.  Devils will do anything to achieve their purpose.

From the viewpoint of secret Illuminati, Lucifer and antichrist control the world.  This means that the former is Enoch and the latter is a certain human picked by Enoch, who has been reincarnated on earth (it is highly likely that a person with the Merovingian bloodline.  According to Ms. Wheeler, “The antichrist is going to be like three in one.”  The person chosen as the antichrist is thought to be the multiple and the being as medium shared by Masters of Hermes, Nimrod and Jest groups.  In this sense, as I have explained, you will understand that the secret Illuminati are divided into three factions.

Maitreya is Christ, but it will be explained that after destroyed in a coup, Sanat Kumara is Lucifer/Satan and Maitreya is the antichrist.  And it is Lucifer, true god of light, and Christ, reincarnation of Lucifer, (the multiple mentioned earlier) that control the world.  I supposed that there was a plan to manipulate information so as to have people recognize the antichrist multiple as true Christ after he appears.  This is because in Jewish religion, Christ is the king who controls the world.

As explained so far, the word of Lucifer or Christ has different meanings, depending on the viewpoint of users.  I have commented that the word of Lucifer has another meaning, that is, the chieftain of true devils who are higher in rank than Enoch and Masters who worship Enoch (all reptilians).  This man is known as Cain, the first killer in the Bible.

However, these devils have been destroyed and have never existed.  Their plots have been foiled.

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