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Jul 12, 2013

Illustration of Harukekihikarinomiya-himemiko-sama & Her Message

Illustration of Harukekihikaritodokumiya-himemiko-sama
(Vulcan*, 10 years of age)
<Linga Sarira>

Illustrated by  Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi
Posted on our blog on July 4, 2013

*Vulcan: A small planet proposed to exist in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun. SeeWikipedia.

Message from Harukekihikarinomiya-himemiko-sama (in response to many comments from readers)

Thanks you for sending us many comments to Harukekihikarinomiya-himemiko-sama.
We have received a message from her through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi on July 5, 2013.

Shanti Phula

Hello, people of Earth.
I am Harukekihikarinomiya-himemiko.
My nickname is “Yellow Vulcan.” (laughter)
Mrs. Nakanishi has given this nickname to me.
(Nakanishi:   Sorry, but I can’t remember your official name.)

I love this name very much and call me by the nickname.

I have read many comments for me so repeatedly that I have memorized all.

Since I was considered to be non-existence, nobody has paid attention to me.
I am really happy that you have recognized me now.
Mr. Takeshita is the only person that has always known me.
This alone has consoled me very much.

However, my illustration has been released this time.
As many people have recognized me, I am full of joy.

I am such a small planet and near the sun. This makes me difficult to be seen.
I move following Mercury and it is difficult to see me from Earth.

I have been worried about Earth, watching it.
When beautiful Earth has felt sad, I have felt sad, too.

However, Earth is shining beautifully day after day and has is returning to what it should be.
I have been happier day after day.

I am happy if I could support Earth and all life.

I do appreciate your giving me an opportunity to express my feelings.
I pray that peace and safety of Earth will be realized as soon as possible.
Thank you.


As for a nickname “Yellow Vulcan-sama,” I’d like to give some explanation.
While talking to her, she said to me that she loves a yellow frilly dress.
I got an image of a planet which shines yellow at high temperature near the sun.
So I called to her, saying “Yellow Vulcan.”
She laughed for the joy.
I have decided to openly call her by that name.

Somehow she takes after Tamako-sama and she is very straightforward and simple.
I feel how attractive she is.

Seiko Nakanishi
July 5, 2014

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