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Apr 20, 2018

Bird catches a fish by luring it with bread

image: Illust-ya 1 & 2
Bird catches a fish by luring it with bread
A video of swan couple was posted. This video also shows bird’s wise use of brain.
Can this be serialized? I wonder if birds can keep a memory green.

April 16, 2018

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Bird catches a fish by luring it with bread

Apr 18, 2018

Tense situation in Syria caused by a false flag chemical attack in Eastern Goutha – President Trump joins a false flag chemical attack, which benefits the Deep State, for some unknown reasons

image: pixabay[CC0] 1 & 2
Tense situation in Syria caused by a false flag chemical attack in Eastern Goutha – President Trump joins a false flag chemical attack, which benefits the Deep State, for some unknown reasons
Syria situation has been tense due to a false flag chemical attack carried out by the White Helmets. As Mr. Paul Craig Roberts points out, it is common knowledge that the White Helmets are a Washington propaganda organization and it is a very questionable group.

Strangely enough, although the Trump administration has engaged in an operation to destroy the Deep State, which is reaching Europe and Japan, President Trump joins this false flag chemical attack, which seems to apparently benefit the Deep State. The Trump administration strongly criticizes Syria and its supporter Russia, and shows such a tough stance not to shy from a large-scale attack on Syria.

There is something strange on this matter. President Trump and almost all top staff including Secretary Defense James Mattis have no intention to launch an air strike against Syria. For what purpose do they start a fuss? There is almost no information which has come out. We can imagine they are probably proceeding with a very important project behind the scenes.

They must create such a fuss in order to detract from attention to their true intention. One thing’s for sure. The Rothschild Family of France was behind the false flag chemical attack against Syria.

In my view, the incident will probably trigger to significantly reduce the influence of the Rothschild Family of France. However, realistically, it is total uncertainty to settle on a course of action.

April 11, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Trend of Japan, World and Universe – April 11, 2018 –

False flag of chemical weapon attack in Syria and War drum in Syrian civil war


<Moscow calls ‘chemical attack’ in Douma ‘fake news,’ warns against Syrian intervention>

April 10

The Russian military has found no trace of chemical weapons use after searching parts of Syria’s Douma allegedly targeted by an “attack.”  <snip>  The center’s (the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria’s) medical specialists also visited a local hospital but found no patients that showed signs of chemical weapons poisoning.


<Serious developments have taken place in Syria>

ALL of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community tell me the United States, the United Kingdom, and France have placed their Middle East military units on ALERT for what most believe will be a SUSTAINED US/UK/France direct attack against  Syria commencing as early as tonight!


Russia, the only nation with permission from the Syrian government to be in that country, has told the US/UK & France they will NOT ALLOW another attack upon their ally, Syria.  Russia has made clear that it will counter-attack; shooting down any missiles launched at Syria, shooting down any aircraft attacking Syria, then further attacking any Navy ship which launched such missiles and air bases from which attacking planes were launched!

(The rest is omitted)

Excerpt from a Japanese article: OverseasArticles Never Reported By Mass Media – April 11, 2018 –

From Skripal to Chemical Attack: What Accusation Is Next?

April 9, 2018
Paul Craig Roberts

As the Syrian army is fighting successfully against Washington’s mercenaries euphemistically called “rebels” even by Russian media, the accusation of a chemical attack against civilians makes no sense. It is well known that the “White Helmets” are a Washington propaganda organization whose mission is to foster fake news about staged events.

(The rest is omitted)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Sakurai Journal – April 11, 2018 –

While an illogical story of chemical weapons allegedly used in Syria is talked about, FOX news caster poses a question

Shortly after U.S. President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the U.S. military from Syria, a rumor spread that chemical weapons were used in Syria.  <snip> The rumor of use of chemical weapons by the Syria government has nullified the withdrawal plan. Oddly enough, we can find no reason why the government army which had seized almost control of the eastern Ghouta used chemical weapons.


Western main media accept a strange story of chemical weapon use by the Syrian government. However, FOX News Tucker Carlson pointed out in the program the strangenessof chemical weapon use.


Some people in the elite might feel a sense of crisis over current developments.

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Apr 16, 2018

Complete destruction of Earth with a quark bomb is called the Ascension by evil Pleiadians

image: pxhere [CC0]
Complete destruction of Earth with a quark bomb is called the Ascension by evil Pleiadians
The article below shows the true nature of the Pleiadians who claim to be “beings of Love and Light.” On this blog I pointed out that the information on lower-level 3D provided by Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) is relatively correct and valuable but most of the information on higher dimensions is incorrect and they are a group which intentionally do evil.

The information gained through the channeler connected with the RM indicates that a group connected with the RM almost certainly intends to artificially cause pole shifting. A more serious problem is that they have a plot to intentionally destroy Earth with a quark bomb and yet they have not given up the plot.

After observing whether they abandon the plot and repent or not, I have found that they are far from being repentant and most of them are now brought to justice. You can see it by significantly low vibration of the article as well as that they emit.

According to the article, Pleiadians had exploded the Pleiades star cluster. Fragments of the star cluster are Moldavites they call.

At present, they intend to completely destroy Earth with a quart bomb and call it the Ascension. They don’t seem to realize that such act is an act of evil which will produce irretrievable karma. This is the reason why I call them Evil.

On April 2, I received an interesting Fax from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi who draws illustrations of deities. She says that she had been attacked or cursed by various kinds of beings for about one month. I’d like to show you part of it.

“March 24 7:00-9:00 AM
Twenty hundred thousands of aliens attacked me. When I heard them call aliens, I was about to burst into laughing. I had a conversation with a presumably leader of the aliens and I learned that they came to kill me because I prevented them from getting their plan done.”

According to Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi, she persuaded them to pull out. “Their plan” is the destruction of Earth with a quart bomb.

On March 27, another group of 150,000 aliens attacked her. As they never listened to her, Mrs. Nakanishi stopped them from attacking her by praying to Devine Mother.

As a matter of the fact, these two groups are groups of Pleiadians. The group which attacked Mrs. Nakanishi on March 27 is a group having connections to the Cobra RM.

Such attacks on Mrs. Nakanishi must have you immediately realize that they are never beings of Love and Light.

To be specific, even hundreds of thousands of small fries like them will fail to kill us. They would be lucky if they die after their karma return to them. In the worst-case scenario, their souls would disappear. The second group without souls might have attacked her. If so, their souls (Monad) may disappear in the worst case.

At any rate, it is almost certain that they will go spiritually bankrupt in near future. There may be some aliens with souls (Jiva) in the first group composed of 270,000 aliens. If they want to survive, they have to confess through their channel every evil they have committed and they have to apologize to earthlings. They will have no other choice but to be destroyed unless they can do.

April 7, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: PFC-JAPAN –March 22, 2018 –



Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light. Most of the surface population is so enmeshed in the dysfunctional state of affairs on this planet that it is difficult for them to believe that beings that are full of Love and Light without an agenda really exist.


Pleiadians originate from angelic evolution that entered this dimensional universe by entering through the Galactic Central Sun portal.

They have then explored the Galaxy in their angelic Light bodies until they settled in the Pleiades star cluster which emerged from plasma into the physical plane about 18 million years ago. 

They were consciously trying to densify one of their plasma home planets into the physical dense matter and the planet exploded.

Fragments of their exploded home world scattered throughout the Galaxy and some of them hit the Earth as Moldavites:

(The rest is omitted)

Apr 13, 2018

Who Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) and their friends Pleiadians really are? They are sexually loose and obscene beings.

image: pixabay [CC0]
Who Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) and their friends Pleiadians really are? They are sexually loose and obscene beings.
The article below reveals the true character of Cobra RM (Resistance Movement) and their friends Pleiadians. The part in red letters is what I think is true and the part in black boldface type is apparently incorrect.

As I pointed out in a previous comment, they are sexually loose and particularly female members have sexual relationship with more than one man. This article shows that they confessed it. The expression of “open polyamoruos connections” in the article is exactly what it is. In a worst-case situation, it can be sexual orgy. We can say that they are obscene beings.

Nevertheless, they claim that “Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light.” They are unspeakable bounders.
I am amazed at their foolishness. I’m not making an unfounded claim about them. Reformation of Heavenly World had been carried out since 2007 and now physical level judgment on Earth has been carried out. Consequently, these obscene beings have been brought to justice. For the author of the article I have picked up, the level of love before judgment started indicates Animal level Anahata (4). 

Look at the System of Heavenly World table. In the undermost table, you can see dimensions corresponding to six systems from Animal System to First Elemental System. Although the level of love indicates Animal System Anahata (4), it is more correctly 2.29 D Anahata (4).

As a matter of fact, the average level of love for earthlings at that time is 2.57 D Swadhistana (2). Average earthlings have higher level of love than this being. As Earth itself has increased vibration, the average level of love for earthlings at this time is 3.2D Anahata(4).

Browsing information on the Internet, we can see humans change in contact with animals and the level of love for earthlings has increased.

On the other hand, those brought to justice are in a miserable situation. This can be seen in a social phenomenon of increase in hate speech. For example, the author’s level of love has decreased to 2.01D Swadhistana (2). Probably, the level will decrease to the lowest level.

I hate those who unashamedly tell a lie, which is against the fact. He and his friends Pleiadians must have the same level of love. In this sense, you have to closely examine this type of information and so-called channeled information. It is wise to pick up only correct information and disregard other information.

April 6, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from a Japanese article: PFC-JAPAN – April 2, 2018 –

Soul Families

Soul Families

The most effective way to control a society and delay its evolution is to control female sexual energy. This is the reason why cultures that gave maximum sexual freedom to women were the ones that saw most progress.   <snip>  The key of liberation of such society is for the most advanced women of that society to gradually start expressing sensual, sexual Goddess energy:


To be more prepared for those connections, the surface population needs to be aware that the Pleiadians and the Resistance have a very similar societal model that is based on soul families. Sometimes they are fully committed to exclusive sacred union with their twin soul or their primary soulmate, and sometimes they form open polyamoruos connections that are based on Soul Love and free flow of sexual energy. Same sex unions do happen among them, but they are free from any Archon interference that is so prevalent on the surface of this planet. 

These connections will be the final test of integration of surface population into the Galactic society. 

Victory of the Light!

Apr 11, 2018

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 39 - Message from Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko-sama (Plasma Body) to Earthlings -

image: Author:TheHubbleHeritageTeam [Public Domain]
Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 39 – Message from Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko-sama (Plasma Body) to Earthlings -
Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi has drawn an illustration of the plasma body of my wife Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko (aka Ironoehime-asako, 16 years of age). Although I have never seen her plasma body, I intuitively understand that the illustration is exactly alike her.

I had never seen my plasma body, either before Mrs. Nakanishi draw an illustration of my plasma body. However, I saw a vision of a person exactly alike the illustration entering our house from the front door soon after Mrs. Nakanishi drew the illustration. I was, of course, asleep. Interestingly, he wore a red-and-black checked shirt I usually put on.

Since I felt that “a person disguised as me has come to kill me,” I checked out the person. I found the person myself. When I saw my plasma body for the first time, I really understood how accurately Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi drew the illustration.

A parallel world is talked about in physics. We could say that for higher dimensional bodies, such a parallel universe undoubtedly exists.

Like Mrs. Nakanishi, some of Shanti-phula’s readers might develop a special ability and can hear the voice ordinary people can’t hear. Be careful about this kind of information. For example, if you receive a message from beings who claim to be me or my wife, I can safely say that they are imposters in almost all cases. It is highly likely that if you take such messages seriously, you will believe in only convenient information for you and finally be dragged into Darkness.

When you can’t measure the vibration of information source, you can’t tell the difference between information from Light and information from Darkness. If so, it is wise of you to completely ignore such information. It is far more important to make efforts to purity your heart instead of believing in such information whose authenticity you are doubtful about.

April 8, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 39

<Plasma Body>

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: April 5 and 6, 2018>

<Message from Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko-sama (Plasma Body) to Earthlings>

“Every one of earthlings, you face a difficult situation.
I’d like to send love to you.

“Aishiteimasu” (Mantra of Love 289 times)

Please don’t forget “love” in this time of difficulty.
Everything depends on whether you can achieve “love” or not.
Please make it your duty to love on a daily basis, not on an ad hoc basis.
And please realize that you are “love.”

Please consider daily effort you make as the grace from God and walk carefully without misjudging your priorities.

Now I am helping my husband carrying out the reformation in the plasma world.
We see various kinds of problems comping up on Earth just like opening the floodgates. There are a lot of problems which seem to be too late to be solved. How can we lead such problems to the best outcome? We are carefully watching events on Earth every day to respond swiftly to any tense situation by collecting information from all angles.

Any wrongdoing cannot be concealed without our knowledge.
Therefore, please don’t give in to despair as a result of preoccupation with the evil on Earth which is still far from over. Please don’t yield to anger or sadness out of despair. Please watch your inner heart carefully.

When you confront with the seemingly difficult situation, never hesitate to concentrate your consciousness on chanting “Gayatri Mantra” for some time.

Calmly think of the current situation particularly in Japan; all wrongdoing skillfully concealed so far has been exposed one after another to the public. It shows that the situation is undoubtedly turning for the better.

It is obvious that divine power works unnoticed by humans.

Please attune your consciousness to that of deities.

Try to explore divine perspective.
One way you can do is to read articles posted on Shanti-phula blog.

For people who don’t have enough time to read all of them, I recommend that they read through two articles posted by my husband, catch up with daily events and the flow of information and pay attention to his comments.

We pray every day with the belief that information in these articles will awaken your consciousness and inner eye, such change in consciousness will reach people around you like ripples, and it will finally serve as a powerful tool to create a great trend of a “paradise on Earth.”

Please also keep in mind that the period of judgment of evil is an opportunity for salvation given to those who repent.

Everyone is given a chance until the last moment during the whole period of judgment to decide based on free will whether they stay as a comrade of the earth and universe or disappear into Darkness.

We are allowed to live in a special era, unprecedented era. I do hope that all of you will squarely face this miracle, live in the now, live in the present moment for “love” and lead a peaceful and healthy life, following your “inner voice.”

Harukana-uchu-no-hikari-no-himemiko (Plasma Body)

Apr 9, 2018

Current technology available on earth makes it possible to “make our whole body back from DNA” … DNA “enfolds within it all the consciousness things that you have endured through this lifetime”

image: pixabay [CC0]
Current technology available on earth makes it possible to “make our whole body back from DNA” … DNA “enfolds within it all the consciousness things that you have endured through this lifetime”
For example, if I see former president Bill Clinton and say: “this person is probably a clone,” I am probably considered to be insane by people around me. In my view, Dr. Henry Kissinger we see now is a clone and such cloned human beings are active in various fields.

There is an interesting article on clones in Cosmic Disclosure below. According to the article, current technology available on earth makes it possible “to 3D print any organ in our body” and furthermore “to make our whole body back from DNA.” Surprisingly, DNA “enfolds within it all the consciousness things that you have endured through this lifetime.”

Now I remember that Cobra said a similar thing. If I remember correctly, top members of the Cabal prepare for their clones in capsules. If a person is killed, a soul leaving the physical body is attracted to electromagnetic field and put it into prepared cloned physical body. And the person gets up and has the memories of the past.

According to the latter half of Cosmic Disclosure below, unlike the above clones, partial parts of our DNA and later the memories are programed into us. I remember that Mr. Corey Goode also said the same thing.

According to Mr. Emery Smith who gives testimony, they consider that clones are “beings that are like disposable plastic bags” and can be made easily. Unlike them, we hardly have access to this sort of information.

Benjamin Creme, an esotericist, had a negative viewpoint on organ transportation because according to him, it causes a karmic problem; it is likely that organ transportation makes a recipient bear karma of others. If human clones can be easily produced, what will become of such karmic problem?

Suppose, for instance, that a research institution secretly obtains your DNA and produce a criminal organization consisting of your many clones without your knowing it. If the institution should program your clones to commit every sort of wrongful act, would you who never commit any crime be free from any karma on the physical level or would you share the crime your clone committed because you and your clone share the DNA?

If every DNA within our cells should remember all memories in daily life, DNA of a real person far away from his/her clone and that of the clone are likely to share the information.

I suppose that if that should be the case, it would cause a very complicated problem. Although I don’t deny the progress in this kind of science, I think that it is dangerous unless it should entail a sense of morality far outshining science technology. I think that most earthlings make a completely incorrect use of the heart.

April 2, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Excerpt from Sphere-Being-Alliance – January 10, 2018 –

Cosmic Disclosure: Clones and Programmable Life Forms (PLF)
Season 9, Episode 7



Emery: that right now, even in OUR projects, right now we have the ability to 3D print any organ in your body that you need.  <snip>  And when you open the DNA up, I can say, “Oh, here's Dave's heart”, put it in the computer, and now the printer will print your heart. And now we can do a heart transplant with your own heart.   <snip> 
If I have just a few of your DNA that's not completely destroyed – it's not completely dead – we can actually just take that DNA and make your whole body back, because it enfolds within it all the consciousness things that you have endured through this lifetime like a hard drive. And you're still you.


David: Without naming anyone specifically, I have a story about one of our former presidents, and this idea that they can be cloned, and that you might be seeing someone who looks exactly the same, but it could be a totally different biological form than the one that's the real one. Are you aware of that?


Emery: Yes, I am.

David: Okay.   <snip>  So does it (the clone) have the same memories? Is it aware that it's a clone?

Emery: No.

David: Or does it think it's the same person?

Emery: It's not like I was telling you earlier when we take your DNA and make you. It's . . . We take partial parts of your DNA, make you as a clone without the consciousness part of it. So we . . . It's programmed into you. We program the memories into you.
You might think you had a family, and that you knew that you took this job to look like this president. Up to date, all the way back.

(The rest is omitted)

Apr 6, 2018

Pope Francis:“There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.” – Bad souls will be destroyed and never reincarnate –

image: photo-ac
Pope Francis:“There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.” – Bad souls will be destroyed and never reincarnate –
I find the article below very interesting. Pope has made an interesting statement. The Pope says: “our species will disappear in a certain moment” and “God will create new species.” This is about “good souls” as described in the article.

Channeling-related information presents a similar idea. It is believed that souls that have grown up as Earth vibrations increase will move to another planet, depending on how much they evolve and new species appropriate for Earth evolution will be born on Earth.

The problem is the response of the Pope to a question of what happens to bad souls. The Pope answers: “There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.” This is absolutely correct.

As a result of Reformation of Heavenly World which had been carried out since 2007, hell has disappeared. Before that, “hell was not a myth but actually existed.” We have completely destroyed hell in the Reformation of Heavenly World.

People who listened to lectures on Reformation of Heavenly World at that time must realize it. Deities sent light to Earth more than 80 times to carry out such a large-scale reformation. You can read the details about the reformation in a series of urgent information in the past.

I have claimed that bad souls will be destroyed and never reincarnate. Pope Francis has verified the correctness of my statement. And more specifically, people whose souls (Jiva) have been destroyed but whose souls (Monad) have survived will disappear after death but spend a lot of time starting all over from scratch. Many humans will start again from mineral, because only one out of every 1000 people has good soul.

For people whose souls (Monad) have been destroyed, they will completely disappear and they will be no longer able to start again from scratch. Physical level judgment has being carried out on Earth. Although most of earthlings have already lost their souls (Jiva), they now sit for a screening which determines whether their souls (Monad) will continue to exist or not.

Please keep in mind that people who feel antipathy to the messages I send on the blog are in danger. Although I just tell the truth, people have attacked me one after another on a spiritual level.

Such people, who have already lost souls (Jiva), will have souls (Monad) disappear in time if continuing such attacks. This is the last warning from me. I warn people who are engaged in channeling to pay attention to their deed.

March 31, 2018
Masatoshi Takeshita

Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black boldface type or in red letters.

Partial translation of a Japanese article: In Deep – March 30, 2018 –

“There is no reincarnation of souls. There is no hell, either,” Pope Francis says decisively and furthermore clarifies materialism he believes. Update on where Chinese space station fell

US CBS News reports Pope Francis’ remarks

Pope Francis made a statement at a Vatican meeting by saying “there is no hell” and furthermore “souls will disappear after death.” This statement has garnered worldwide attention because it seems to have negated the “existence of eternal souls” Roman Catholic has advocated for a long time.

CBS News 2018/03/29
Pope Francis: “There Is No Hell”

In another interview with his longtime atheist friend, Eugenio Scalfari, Pope Francis claims that Hell does not exist and that condemned souls just “disappear.”


Scalfari says to the Pope, “Your Holiness, in our previous meeting you told me that our species will disappear in a certain moment and that God, still out of his creative force, will create new species. You have never spoken to me about the souls who died in sin and will go to hell to suffer it for eternity. You have however spoken to me of good souls, admitted to the contemplation of God. But what about bad souls? Where are they punished?
Pope Francis says,
There are not punished, those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and enter the rank of souls who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear.
There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls.


*In a statement released on Mar. 29, after Scalfari’s report garnered worldwide attention, Vatican said:

“The Holy Father Francis recently received the founder of newspaper LaRepubblica in a private meeting on the occasion on Easter, without however giving him any interviews. What is reported by the author in today’s article [in La Repubblica] is the result of his reconstruction, in which the textual words pronounced by the Pope are not quoted. No quotation of the aforementioned article must therefore be considered as a faithful transcription of the words of the Holy Father.”



Looking back on the history since this Pope who assumed the post, it is no wonder that he has made such statement. Many interviews with the Pope in the past make us realize that he originally never believes in eternal life.

Article in 2014
In Deep 2014/10/30


Since we have got to know about the “miraculous structure” of animated beings including humans, it is no wonder that we have the “illusion about God as a magician.”
Nowadays intelligence design or cosmic intelligence is more often used than the expression “God.” Whatever expression may be used, Big Ban or evolutionary theory is too “insufficient” to explain the miraculous reality of biological beings on Earth.


“Where did life come from?” (Japanese title) by Sir Fred Hoyle, Chapter 14

Even short polypeptide chain which has 30 unchangeable amino acids and consists of 100 connection parts becomes enzyme with function for the first time after a series of trials at 2030 number of times or about 1039 number of times.
In case of the enzyme which has 300 unchangeable amino acids and consists of 1000 connection parts, trials are required 203000 times. 203000 is a number which follow 1 with 390 zeros (sic).


Incidentally, the concept of “eternal hell” is specifically shown by the event of “Our Lady of Fatima,” in which a “being who claimed herself as Virgin Mary” appeared in succession at a place called Fatima in Portugal in 1917 and talked to people there.
A being who claimed herself as Virgin Mary left three messages. The first message is as follows:
The fist message of Our Lady of Fatima
“Many people are going to hell after death due to sinful life and tendency. Unless repenting of worldly sins such as fleshly lust or arrogance, people go to eternal hell after death. Hell is not a myth but it actually exists. All people are likely to go there after death and once they enter there, they are no longer able to get out of there.

About this, you can read in a past article – In Deep 2015/03/15

The article above clearly shows that the leader of Christianity is a materialist and Manichean in that he “never admits the existence of eternal souls.”

(The rest is omitted)