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Oct 6, 2020

Heavenly Message by Seiko Nakanishi 58 - Fake communication from a person who calls him “Iyotushikonomikoto”

image: Pixabay
Heavenly Message by Seiko Nakanishi 58 - Fake communication from a person who calls him “Iyotushikonomikoto”
Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi sent a communication to me after a long time. She received the communication from a person who calls him “Iyotsuhikonomikoto.” I found it a fake communication before reading what is written there. Therefore, it is meaningless to post this on the blog. However, I have decided to post it here because I think that it would show you a good example of how a fake god sends a communication under the name of “god.”

This fake god is a person who had normal vibrations before sending this communication and he has physical body. He is an alien of the “Galactic Federation of Light” and I think that his evolutionary level was 2.0. This fool had his soul (Jiva) disappear because of this foolish deed. He has been driven into the worst situation and is stuck in that situation. Probably he will be a robot human not so long. After becoming a roto human, he will be under the control of AI Cobra called Jaldabaoth.

This man did such a stupid act because he hardly believes the information I convey on this blog. This man never believes that Misakitakakunoboru-himemiko is the Central Sun goddess and Takakiuchuno-hikarino-himemiko is the Central Sun goddess of the universe. If you carefully read the communication by paying attention to this, you would really understand that such stupid aliens are creatures we can’t trust.

This man took my warning of “Don’t send a communication under a false name” as a threat. I suppose that he never thought that my warning - “if sending a communication under a false name, your vibrations immediately decrease and your soul (Jiva) will disappear soon” - would come true.

I suppose that from his uncertain world viewpoint, he thought that “soul can never disappear.”

They act with the world viewpoint known as “theosophy” and they think that animals have no “soul.” Animals can be given “soul” for the first time by God when they become humans. This idea is wrong. To be precise, after becoming humans, animals have soul (Jiva) ascend to the Sirius system (Fist system) from the Animal system. However, it is it is the fact that “God” gave “souls” to animals, plants and minerals including humans. The “God” who gave souls takes off the souls from them.

You don’t need to believe my information. However, if you dare to do what I warn you “never to do,” you would put yourself in an irreversible situation. It is completely foolish of you. I think that maybe these aliens don’t understand that “Last Judgment” is still under way.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 30, 2020
Heavenly Message by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi 58
This is a fake communication.

<Communicator: Seiko Nakanishi>
<Communication date: September 29, 2020>

“The influence by this new coronavirus has being brought about a wonderful change.

Such change on this time has occurred for the first time in the history of Earth.
Earth is now recovering from the destruction and pollution caused by humans so far.

First, the natural world that was in critical condition because of human activities in every field on the earth having been stopped since the corona pandemic has come to life for the first time. Accompanied by it, every life on the earth has regained joy.

The air is getting clearer and the blue sky has become more beautiful with increase in the original transparency.

Decades of adverse effects caused by chemtrail are being purified almost completely thanks to the work by “Galactic Confederation of Worlds” and “Earth Alliance” that are guided by deities.

However, it is predicted that various kinds of destructive activity and various acts of violence by the organization of Darkness on Earth driven to the corner will occur on a daily basis, a new pandemic will aggravate people’s uneasiness and conspiracies will be pushed forward by those who fill their pockets behind the scenes.

Now it will be the time for people on Earth to make a choice whether (a) or (b):
(a) They will harmonize with the universe, nature and all lives and live together with them with the spirit of sharing and coexistence.
(b) They will live a life seeking for short-term self-interest with a sinking mud ship on.

For a long period of time from the last blog “Unity Design” to the current blog “Shanti-phula,” warnings have been repeatedly given many times, in which the universe has shown patience and compassion.

However, you are running out time that is left.

“To whom Earth belongs?”

So far, especially for recent 100 years, a very small number of people with endless greed have treated not only all natural resources on earth but humanity as their possessions.
As a result, we see the current miserable situation on earth now, which is visible proof of insatiable greed for power, possession and control among some people.

Deities who act based on the will of the universe respect the free will of humanity and never impose justice on them. However, people in power behind the scenes who abused it have carefully manipulated various forms of brainwash over the years so that humanity cannot exercise their free will.

However, thanks to divine light by two goddesses* showered for the last few years, the reality of brainwash manipulation and conspiracy has become more and more clarified.

*Takakiuchuno-hikarino-himemiko (posted on Shanti-phula blog on February 18, 2019)
Misakitakaku-noboru-himemiko (posted on Shanti-phula blog on July 16, 2017 and
the other days)

The prayer of those who have awakened from brain washing and sleep has reached deities and more and more people have started with a harmonious life with nature and all life based on their free will. This can be said to be meaningful especially at this time.

Earth belongs to nobody and all life on earth can get gift of selfless love. Humanity is part of life and desire for possession

It is apparently blasphemy and crime for Earth and all life to be driven by desire to possess unknowingly.

Now we are about to reach the final stage of reformation on earth. We will have the time of change we have never seen.

Warnings have been given so many times, but with time, humanity tends to forget the seriousness of the matter.
Please think carefully once again.
It is not the change limited to some areas or regions.
The change covers the whole of Earth. Furthermore, it also covers the realm of the universe.
For this reason, we took the time to warn you.

Without expectation,
Without disappointment or despair,
Gazing at nature vaguely

Please keep your mind undisturbed and peaceful

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