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Sep 30, 2020

Who are the White Hats? – They are a group of U.S. patriots who comply with the law, investigate people who violated the law and think of punishing them! The contact person of this group is Sir Blackheath!

image: The_White_House [Public Domain]
Who are the White Hats? – They are a group of U.S. patriots who comply with the law, investigate people who violated the law and think of punishing them! The contact person of this group is Sir Blackheath!
The video below is quite interesting. Please watch it. In response to the question of who the white hats are” at 2:25 of the video, Mr. Harusuke Naito says: “They are a group of U.S. patriots who love the U.S., comply with the law, investigate those who violated the law and think of punishing such violators. The origin was descendants of the spiritual bloodline of the Templers who escaped from Scotland. The first patriots were the U.S. navy.”

I think that this is correct. I recognize that the contact person of this group is Sir Blackheath.

Mr. Naito says at 3:36 to 4:24: “The White Hats is the implementation unit. The U.S. has 17 intelligence organizations including the Pentagon. The White Hats infiltrate into all of these organizations. NSA puts together the information the White Hats got and the information of what they carried out. The Pentagon has the investigation department. The information from the investigation department goes to Q. That is how the system works. Q is a group of digital soldiers, a computer battle group that use the information to let you know what they do.”

This part is not clear. Q and Qanon are supposed to be different. Mr. Harusuke Naito might be confused about it. However, above-mentioned information flow is compelling.

If Q had a contact person, I think that lieutenant general Michael Flynn is the person. He belongs to the Pentagon’s research division and sends information to Q. Q is at the top. Q gives a command to lieutenant general Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn sends the information to Qanon. Qanon fights as a digital soldier on the computer by using the information. If so, it is very understandable.

I hear that “White Hats Report Vol. 1” edited by Mr. Harusuke Naito was published. The source of the article quotes the part of “in lieu of prologue.” I quoted only a part of it.

According to it, “Queen Elizabeth is the top of bad guys behind the scenes in the financial world. I think that it is the “Committee of 300” that controlled the financial world behind the scenes and Queen Elizabeth was the top of the Committee. All of the upper echelons of the Committee must have belonged to the Illuminati. According to Uzumasa Kibi, Mr. Eiken Itagaki’s information source, the incumbent head of the “Goldman Families Group” is Japanese. So it means that the Committee of 300 has at least changed its direction significantly.

Masatoshi Takeshita
September 22, 2020
Shanti-phula hasa indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.
Distributed by YouTube
What is White Hats Report? Special interview
English translation of a Japanese article: Yorozuya Sunwaroku – September 14, 2020
“White Hats Report” September 14, 2020


A major reason why the White Hats has enabled to gain access to bank-related computers is the contract concluded between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the White Hats. <snip> It has allowed the White Hats to analyze the computer systems in the bank one by one and to expose by whom and in what system the crime to steal access to the bank is committed.


Queen Elizabeth is the top of bad guys in the financial world who commits the evil behind the scenes and all the financial frauds have been perpetrated in and around London. <snip> It is Mr. Trump who served as the biggest drive to put together a new economic system, a new financial system and a new political system where everything gets together in this way.


It was also the White Hats who tried to make me the contact person in how to deal with the Japanese imperial family and imperial household-related money. The current Emperor is not of legitimate bloodline. It is the same with Queen Elizabeth . <snip> The White Hats is trying to return the current Imperial family to the original legitimate lineage.


There exists a legitimate emperor . Dignities of the world came to Japan even after the Emperor’s funds were frozen because they wanted money. When they go to greet the Emperor in whatever form, they come to thank him for the money they were given.

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