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Aug 31, 2020

Prime Minister Abe announces resignation – All people, thank you for your hard work “#resignation and arrest are a two-piece set”

Prime Minister Abe announces resignation – All people, thank you for your hard work “#resignation and arrest are a two-piece set”
Prime Minister Abe has (finally) resigned. All people, thank you for your hard work.

Thank you, people, for all your hard work. There were "joyful" posts from our readers as soon as the first news came in. It was a surprising announcement within not only the opposition but also the Liberal Democratic Party. However, there was nothing particular to take up in the press conference from 5pm on the 28th. It was unusual that there was no prompter, but we felt painful to listen to empty words as usual, which ignore reality, went on and on. We felt painful to listen to him. He never answered important questions such as how to cope with corona, constitutional amendment, public records management and abduction issue. A freelance reporter asked him “whether the media measures that were characteristic of the Abe administration were taken by the prime minister himself or by his staff” and asked whether they were related to democracy. PM Abe became defensive and answered using his pet phrase: “It’s not characteristic of the Abe administration.” And the moderator interrupted what the reporter tried to point out. We saw the very picture of media control. Some reporter asked in-depth question about “privatization of the administration.” However, he answered: “I have no intention to privatize the administration, but I regret the way I explained it, which led to misunderstanding.” He did his way like this until the end. I am so glad to know that he resigned.

However, some people on the internet said that we should have driven him into the corner to hold him accountable instead of letting him use his illness as an excuse to resign. I totally agreed with this opinion.

We had better think "#Resignation and arrest are a good combination” from now on.

The funny thing is that after the news of Prime Minister’s resignation, the Nikkei Stock Average plummeted, while Aso Group shares soared. The Abe administration has been pouring public funds into the market, but now the time has come for the true nature of the administration to be revealed.

Manoji, chief-in-editor
August 29, 2020
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English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: NHK NEWS WEB – August 28, 2020
Prime Minister Abe makes official announcement of resignation “I cannot confidently respond to a commission”

In a press conference, Prime Minister Abe officially announced his intention to resign because he was no longer able to confidently respond to the mandate as a recurrence of his chronic ulcerative colitis.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Abe expressed his intention to serve until the next prime minister is appointed .
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Yanka Shishou2.0

This is the best Premium Friday ever
Kyoto Shimbun @kyoto_np
Prime Minister Abe intends to resign.
He judges it difficult to continue to work due to worsening physical condition


Osaka-Subway.com/Railway Press

[Sad News] The Nikkei Stock Average plunges on the resignation of PM Abe

Asakura Nikki

The Aso Group’s shares soared and hit limit-up immediately after the news PM Abe’s resignation. I laughed at that.

Kiatakaze Kurumi(from 30A to 20A)

There will be thousands of people who cannot get paid \50 per tweet after tomorrow because they defend Shinzo Abe!
Don’t you feel sorry for them!
They could eat a beef bowl for 10 tweets.


I don’t like either Aso or Suga!


When he resigns, they can arrest him, right?

Indoor camper

“Mr. Abe, I’m waiting for you.”

Editor's Note: The attached image is the plate of Abashiri Prison.


But no politician has ever worked for global capital as hard as Abe did.
He is a perfect person for foreign investors
He accomplished participation in EPA, FTA and TPP, privatization of water supply and forests, large enterprise tax cut, consumption tax hike, special economic zone, super city, immigration lifting, strengthening the Dispatch Law. He is a perfect man for foreign investors. , it's a perfect score of 100. He has messed up Japan.

Sasaki Ryo

But he was really the worst prime minister ever.
He assumes a heavy responsibility for deteriorating politics to this point.
I hope that a change of prime minister will get our country back on the right track.

Miharu Mitsuki(Haru) - Mirai Election Project

I think that nothing will change unless we change.

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