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Aug 24, 2020

People in the video, “transgender” people, dislike natural marriage and natural families

image: Pixabay
People in the video, “transgender” people, dislike natural marriage and natural families
The video you see below is shocking. Undoubtedly, all of the people in the video are “transgender” people. I feel sick. This is not because they are “transgender” people but because the combination of their queer appearance and “bad vibrations” makes me feel sick. Therefore, I never feel sick when seeing snakes or lizards emitting high vibrations.

Please watch the video, which says at 3:09-3:19: “it’s quite obvious that these people hate natural women. Yes,they hate natural marriage and they hate natural families” and at 3:33 – 3:48: “they are following a general strategy to wipe out the family, separate sex and marriage, separate of rearing of children from their parents so that the state raises and brainwash the child.”

Plato says in his book “The Republic” that beautiful women should be shared by brilliant men and children should be taken away from parents and should be in group care. Fools are always the same like this at any time.

If you read Swedenborg’s book, you should see the description saying “married couple’s spirituality is high in the heavenly world.” Modern people are married only on paper and their marriage is not based on “love” but on “money.” That’s why marriage never happens even in terms of plasma body of physical body (in the broad sense of the word). For this reason, they are separated by “death.” On the other hand, man and wife who “marry” in terms of upper body are still married after death, too.

Those who could not find “love” in this world are born again many times to find out the other half. It is just like young people who are going to come to Tokyo to meet someone.

Therefore, those who found “love” in this world and lived happily are graduates of the earth. However, “religion” destroyed this order of the universe. They say that “being unmarried” is sacred and close to “God.” They have been rampant on earth and it has brought about extreme confusion on earth.

I have picked up some people who seem to be “transgender.” In the article dated March 19, 2019 I told you how to distinguish between men and women. Try to confirm it on your own.

Masatoshi Takeshita
August 17, 2020
Distributed by YouTube – August 15, 2020
“Illuminati agenda that brings about gender confusion Part 2”
Distributed by Twitter

Japanese translation of President Trump tweet (with commentary)

(Commentary) Biden nominated Kamala Harris as his vice president. Harris is
Mix of Indian and Jamaican
55 years old
California Senator
California Attorney General
San Francisco District Attorney
She ran for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination (but defeated due to lack of funding and strategic mistake)

Trump said in press conference: “I’m a little surprised that Biden has selected her as his running mate”


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, puts on “6,000 JPY” sneaker available in Japan – Front Row
The simple sneaker Princess Catherine puts on, a big name brand, is available at an affordable price in Japan, too. (Front Row editorial desk)
Front Row


“Eleven tips” for enriching life late Princess Diana left hits us

Eleven tips” for enriching life late Princess Diana left hits us
The documentary “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” was released on U.S. TV network HBO. Jess Catcher of “Little Things” shares life lessons Princess Diana left with Prince Harry and Prince Williams…

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