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Jul 31, 2020

Mr. Tsuneki Onishi who has been expelled from political party Reiwa Shinsengumi made a remark about “selecting lives” not based on “eugenic thought”! – It is ego that strongly and skillfully work on you to change others

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Mr. Tsuneki Onishi who has been expelled from political party Reiwa Shinsengumi made a remark about “selecting lives” not based on “eugenic thought”! – It is ego that strongly and skillfully work on you to change others
Mr. Tsuneki Onishi who has been expelled from Reiwa Shinsengumi held a press conference on July 17. Full text of the conference is introduced on “Tsuneki Onishi official website.” I quote part of it here. The part after 25 minutes on the video is about Q and A session.

As I’m not so interested in the commotion of “Reiwa Shinsengumi”, I am interested only in essential part of the topic. Just as I had thought, Mr. Tsuneki Onishi’ remark of “life selection” was not based on eugenic thought”

I watched a “problem video” which caused a commotion after part of his remark was cut out and disseminated and I imagined that he must have talked with terminal medical care in his mind. After watching his press conference on the video, I found that it was exactly what I had imagined

According to Mr. Onishi, after his remark became a problem, he had a talk with Mr. Taro Yamamoto, the party leader. Although Mr. Onishi said to Mr. Yamamoto “I want to explain my real intention correctly,” the leader answered to him by saying “you have no choice but expulsion, apology or retraction of what you said.” Then Mr. Onishi said, “Then I’ll leave the party” and submitted to Mr. Yamamoto the notice of resignation from the party. As Mr. Yamamot didn’t receive it, Mr. Onishi finally got expelled.

In yesterday’s article, I commented: “Mr. Yamamoto never gave Mr. Onisihi a chance to explain himself and I only got an impression that Mr. Onishi’s expulsion was decided behind the closed doors. My comment was right.

You can watch the problematic point from 11:12 to 12:22 of the video: “I received a notification from the party on the following day July 8 that I had to receive lecture by bioethics teacher <snip> I participated in the lecture on 14 and 15. <snip> Probably the party tried to teach me about the importance of life, but I thought I could not remain in the party under these circumstances.

Mr. Onishi said in 18:18 – 18:45: “People in the party desire to create a society where we can live as we are without suffering unreasonable disadvantage although we are different from one another. Such people attacked my thought by saying ‘you are wrong,’ ‘you should change’ or ‘change your thought’ and they tried to impose social punishment on me. <snip> Shouldn’t I be allowed to live as I am?” This is the point of his speech.

In yesterday’s comment I criticized ‘Reiwa Shinsengumi’ as follows: “The ‘political party that advocates that ‘people are worth living as long as they live’ decided to expel Mr. Onishi from the party, before it was not confirmed whether his remark was based on ‘eugenic thought.’ Their words and actions are filled with contradictions.” I was right.

Mr. Onishi continues to say: “They say that because they are right, incorrect way of thinking should be purged. Where is the difference between this thought and eugenic thought? The idea of superiority or inferiority is just replaced by that of right or wrong.” I agree with him.

As I said in my comment yesterday, “I wonder if the society ‘Reiwa Shinsengumi’ thinks as ideal society is another form of cult where people with different opinions are eliminated.”

Isn’t it ego that strongly and skillfully works on people to change others? People who think that “they have no power” try to change others. If you change yourself instead of trying to change others, people around you will change as you change.

To gaze at your mind and eliminate your ego every time it rises, this is true “meditation.” The moment you are aware of your “ego”, it will disappear. Awareness leads people to awaken. I feel that the brave of Reiwa Shinsengumi are in the place where they can gain awareness at this moment.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 19, 2020
Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.
Distributed by YouTube – July 17, 2020
Tsuneki Onishi Press Conference (Live streaming July 17, 2020)
English translation of an excerpt from Tsuneki Onish Official Website – July 17, 2020
Tsuneki Onishi Press Conference full text on July 17

I, Tsuneki Onishi, have been expelled from Reiwa Shinsengumi this time. Therefore, I’d like to talk about the statement I made, the cause of my expulsion, subsequent progress and my future activity.
I think that screening people by productivity and ability is never forgivable and screening by race, which was done by Nazi, Germany, is still more unforgivable. I never said such a thing. Rather if you reflectively associate my remark with such a thing, it would be filled with discrimination and prejudice, I think. That’s because such way of thinking suggests me to the fixed idea that the elderly are people with low productivity. I never think that we can measure people by productivity.
If we have to take some measures by all means, we have to think according to the order of nature that as we get older, we get closer to death, I said. <snip> I want the elderly to live longer and healthier. When they finally get sick, I think that it would be better to loosen the last exit a little bit by making some kind of rule to stop prolonging life based on doctor’s advice, not by continuing to have them live longer by any means.
I posted the video in question live on YouTube on July 3 at 8 p.m. <snip> Only a part of it was cut out and spread in turmoil. After that, on 7 there was a call from the party headquarters, where I was interviewed by the leader. I told him that I wanted to explain accurately what I had said , but he said: “Whatever you may say can be an excuse. There is no other choice but expulsion, apology or withdrawal of what you said. Then I chose to apologize and withdraw what I said.
At the end of the lecture on the 15th, the day before the general meeting, I informed the leader of my intention to leave the party and tried to submit a notice of resignation from the party but it was not accepted. On the following day 16, I participated in the general meeting with a notice of leaving the party, but the final conclusion was my expulsion from the party.
<The rest is omitted>

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