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Jul 29, 2020

It is important to understand in what a context Mr. Tsuneki Onishi of Reiwa Shinsengumi made a remark of “selecting lives” – “Words” can be the cause of misunderstanding and we must see the world beyond words

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It is important to understand in what a context Mr. Tsuneki Onishi of Reiwa Shinsengumi made a remark of “selecting lives” – “Words” can be the cause of misunderstanding and we must see the world beyond words
Our editor-in-chief picked up an article saying that Reiwa Shinsengumi has decided to expel Mr. Tsuneki Onishi from the party, which was proposed by the party leader Taro Yamamoto. I was a little bit disappointed with how “Reiwa Shinsengumi” coped with this problem.

From outsider’s viewpoint, it seems that the party never gave Mr. Onishi a chance to explain himself and made decision to expel him behind closed doors. The political party with the principle that “people are worth living” made a decision to expel Mr. Onishi from the party before it was confirmed whether his remark was based on “eugenic thought.” Their words and actions are filled with contradictions.

I can understand how Ms. Eiko Kimura, Upper House member, felt but it is important to know in what a context Mr. Tsuneki Onishi of Reiwa Shinsengumi made a remark of “selecting lives.” I feel uncomfortable about Ms. Eiko Kimura’s statement: “I cannot forgive Mr. Onishi’s remarks.” In order to create a “society where handicapped people and non-handicapped people can learn together, work together and live together” it is essential to understand the true meaning of words and deeds even if they seem unreasonable. If we can understand the true meaning of words only through the filter of emotions, mutual understand is impossible. I wonder if the ideal society “Reiwa Shinsengumi” considers is another form of cult where people with different opinions are eliminated.

By the way, please read an interesting article on “selecting lives” given below. I have an impression that an adorable cat named “Hakutou or white peach” cannot survive in the wild. However, luckily, she can live like a princess because she gives pleasure to the owner because of prettiness, which never helps her survive in the wild. Every life evolves through “love” and therefore, creatures truly loved by humans rapidly evolve. And, humans learn “love” from such little life.

Like this, our world is composed of “universal (spiritual) laws” beyond the “law of nature.” Therefore, the answer by Best Answer below, which says that even in the narrow range of the “law of nature”, not “the law of the jangle” but “survival of the fittest” is applied at the level of species, is worth of attention. I recommend you to read the whole text in the original article.

Discussion at the level of words such as “selecting lives,” “eugenic thought,” “law of jangle” or “survival of the fittest” will not create any understanding. As seen in the Q & A session of the article, “words” can be the cause of misunderstanding. We have to see the world beyond words.

Please watch the video below again. You can understand what the world beyond words is like.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 18, 2020
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Ichikawa Dan@Daily Life &Neko Aka

She seems to feel good with the glove-shaped brush I use to finish brushing
Hakuto goes to sleep purring

Ichikawa Dan@Daily Life &Neko Aka

A reader sent Hakuto a hand-made yarn toy, which makes her so happy
English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Yahoo!JAPAN Chiebukuro
Eliminate the weak. This is an inappropriate question, but I was wondering if you could answer it for me….



In the world of nature , the weak are preyed on by the strong
as indicated by the word law of jangle .

But why doesn't that take place in human society?
In the early days of civilization, people of the same tribe fought each other and the weak were killed.

But in today’s society, the weak are kept alive because of taxes or this and that.
Isn’t it the order of nature that the superior genes survive?
<The rest is omitted>
Answer chosen as best answer


Well, it is a common misunderstanding, but the natural world is not the world of “the law of jangle.
The law of nature is "all individuals are finally eaten" at the individual level and "the survival of the fittest" at the species level.
It does not mean that the "strong ones" survive but it means that the "fittest ones" survive. (Please note that "survive" does not mean "individuals survive" but "genes are passed on to the next generation.")
It doesn't matter how strong or weak they are, as long as they are "adapted." <snip>. In case of an individual who survived 10 years and had only one child and an individual who lived only for one year but had 10 children, the latter was the more "fittest" to "survive".
The human survival strategy is …… “sociability”

Create a highly functional society and protect individuals through their reciprocal action.
It is a strategy to maximize the possibility of prospering offspring by allowing individuals that individually cannot survive for long periods of time (i.e., the "weak" you mentioned) to survive <snip> ... it is a very successful survival strategy for living things , isn't it?
For example, a trait that is considered an "obstacle" to humanity in modern society may become an "effective trait" in the future.
So having as many patterns of "disability" (i.e., trait irregularities) as possible can be an "insurance policy" in your survival strategy, if possible.
It means that we are all "weak" and keeping the "weak" alive is a survival strategy for Homo sapiens.
<The rest is omitted>

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