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Jun 1, 2020

Completely disgusting Abenomasks – At a junior high school, Saitama Prefecture, students should wear the masks on campus and students never wearing it should bring it with them and furthermore be individually given instructions –Sontaku education

image: Author:希望 [CC BY-SA] & Wikimedia_Commons [Public Domain]
Completely disgusting Abenomasks – At a junior high school, Saitama Prefecture, students should wear the masks on campus and students never wearing it should bring it with them and furthermore be individually given instructions –Sontaku education
The information that students were forced to wear Abenomasks at a junior high school in Saitama Prefecture has gone out. A parent of a child posted a twitter and uploaded the printout from the school, which says that students should “wear Abenomasks when coming to school, students not wearing them are remained in the classroom in a small group and individually given instructions and students who wear masks other than Abenomasks should bring the masks with them. Even if already delivered, the school forces students to blindly wear or “bring with them “Abenomasks,” which we hesitate to touch. What a school! They have never learned about the background of Abenomask-related suspicions with students, have they? Mr. Kihei Maekawa is worried about fascism. First of all, the term “Abenomasks” must have been sarcasm against PM Abe’s idiotic policy. Is this a high level of sarcasm? It has already a well-known fact that no one in the Abe Cabinet excluding PM Abe is wearing Abenomasks. And yet they force children to wear it. It’s a bad joke. If they force it across the country, it is a big problem. Diet members have started to investigate whether this is the policy of the junior high school or the guidance by Saitama Prefectural Education Board.

According to a responsible person in the ministry, this case seems to be the fact. However, the Ministry responds that it was extreme reaction exclusively in the junior high school and exclusively by one teacher and that “this kind of compulsion is unlikely” and “extremely inappropriate.” “Sontaku or surmise toward masks granted by Mr. Abe is an anachronistic educational view and Abenomask is a problem also in terms of infection prevention because ordinary non-woven fabric face masks are said to be superior. According to Kazunori Yamai, a Diet lawmaker, PM Abe’s photographs have been increasingly adopted in textbooks and the achievements” by PM have been used as teaching materials over the last few years, which indicates there is the background in which school education is utilized as ‘accomplishment’ of one prime minister. This enforcement of Abenomasks comes before “education of patriotism” proposed by PM Abe. The twitter account of the parent who raised the voice seems to have been frozen.

Manoji, chief-in-editor
May 26, 2020
Shanti-phula has indicated some parts of the following text in black bold-faced type or in red letters.
English translation of an excerpt of a Japanese article: BIBLOBE News – May 25, 2020
<snip> The printouts in question concerning May 27 school day were made by the school and distributed to students. The documents read “confirmation about whether students are wearing Abenomasks” and with regard to “one-on-one tutoring,” if students who forgot to (wear or bring with them) Abenomasks, they should remain in the classroom in a small group.” It could be interpreted as the meaning that students are forced to wear the government-distributed cloth masks.
<snip> The school apologized by saying that there were some parts “sounded like that” and “we used improper expression.” The school is said to make a comment that they would like to make correction and give a supplementary explanation to parents again by mail.

The Municipal Board of Education explained its policy that“masks are not in no way limited to Abenomasks” and “students can wear any type of masks. ” They said: “We would to give guidance thoroughly not to cause misunderstanding.
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Kazuhiro Haraguchi

“Mask should be Abenomask”

It has become a hot topic of conversation even among Diet lawmakers. I’m checking out whether it is true or not. I pray that it is a sort of joke.

Ryuji Morita

Oh, what’s this? Media should make check.

*Mask should be Abenomask
*Those who don’t wear Abenomask need personal guidance.
*Even in case students wear other masks, they have to bring Abenomask.
*This occurs in a public junior high school in Saitama Prefecture.
*Students should wear it because it is distributed. It means that nothing else is acceptable. It will deprive students of ability to think and judge, won’t it?

Kihei Maekawa (A citizen who deeply deplores a right-wing tendency of the nation)

Students are mandated to wear Abenomask. It proves that fascism has reached schools. No laughing matter.


Twitter account of mamazakimama has been frozen.
Isn’t this control of speech? #Abenomask

Mako Saiki [Who made us never to speak?]

Why is this frightening? Students never fail to bring Abenomaks Abenomask with them even if wearing masks other than Abenomask. “I’ve lost it” or “I’ve donated it” is no excuse. In a word, it means that the school enforces every student to gratefully accept the mask granted by the country.

Kazuhiro Haraguchi

It is an interim report.
Surprisingly, it was not “a sort of joke.”
The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has admitted and furthermore it is not limited to this school in Saitama Pref.
Why are students forced to wear Abenomask that even the Abe Cabinet members don’t wear? I’m going to make a further investigation.
Why has this person’s Twitter account been frozen? https://t.co/SG68APDimI

Kazuyoshi Kani Yamazato Chafe Cake shop Atori

It was true!

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