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May 18, 2020

“The Solfeggio frequencies” known as healing music have a bad effect on body and mind! – It is absolutely untrue that the frequencies work on chakras

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“The Solfeggio frequencies” known as healing music have a bad effect on body and mind! – It is absolutely untrue that the frequencies work on chakras

There are the frequencies we often hear as the “Solfeggio frequencies.” It is said that the frequencies were widely known by the book *“The deadly weapon frequency that killed John Lennon – A=440Hz” by Leonard G. Horrowitz. It is a book published in 2012. 

Many people have been deceived. You had better not listen to the “Solfeggio frequencies” because they have bad effect on body and mind. It is completely untrue that the Solfeggio frequencies work on chakras. These frequencies belong to those of “seven chakras on the body surface” but they are different from what they should be.

Chakra has two functions: “release” and “absorption” of prana, subtle energy. The “Solfeggio frequencies” inhibit absorption function of “seven chakras on the body surface.” For example, if you listen to the frequency of 639Hz, it prevents Anahata chakra (Fourth chakra) on the body surface from taking in subtle energy. It is the same with other frequencies, but only 528Hz, which corresponds to the “Third chakra,” is exceptional.

528Hz is the frequency that stimulates “Spleen Meridien of leg” of left side of body for male and “Spleen Meridien of leg” of right side of body for female and this is the only frequency that accurately acts on the body. And“Spleen Meridien of leg” is related to the “Third chakra” but it does not open it temporarily. 

The exact frequency that corresponds to prana absorption of the third chakra (Manipura chakra) on the body surface” is “572Hz.”

All other “frequencies” listed below are chosen to inhibit absorption of sublet energy on each chakra. It would be better to understand that this is malicious and intentional act. If all is false information, nobody can be fooled. Therefore, only “528HZ” that has healing effect is mixed. 

It is the “Galactic Federation” that can blatantly do such thing. They take advantage of the spiritual level of earthlings and have engaged only in destroying body and mind of earthlings.

In“Solfeggio frequencies”, “440Hz” is the devil’s frequency. However,“440Hz” is the frequency that works on “Spleen Meridien of hand” of left side of body for male and “Spleen Meridien of hand” of right side of body for femaleand the frequency causes no problem.

Read this article, you can understand that the Solfeggio frequencies cause self-contradiction by making 440Hz the bad guy.

Read this article, you must realize that the “frequency” that gains popularity as “healing music” is baseless.

You can learn the frequency that accurately works on each chakra and each meridian in the intermediate course of Oriental Medicine Seminar. The “Sound therapy – Frequencies that work on Chakra and Meridian” is a set of two CDs in which accurate frequencies are recorded. Compare the frequencies there with wrong frequencies as mentioned at the beginning of the first sentence, you can clearly understand the difference.   

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 6, 2020

This is Japanese translation by Aya Watanabe. The original version is titled “THE FREQUENCY THAT KILLED JOHN LENNON” 528 FREQUENCY

Distributed by YouTube– 2013, February 17
7 Chakras Meditation with 7.8Hz - 5 Minute Full Chakra Balance

You can effectively activate the seven chakras in a short time with theta wave 7.8Hz and image video of each chakra.

1st Chakra (Muladhara, Base chakra, Root chakra)
00:00 - 396Hz Root Chakra … liberation from sin, trauma and fear

2nd Chakra ( Swadhishthana, Sacral Chakra)
00:47 - 417Hz … recovery from negative situation, promotion of transformation

3rd Chakra ( Manipura, Solar Plexus )
01:32 - 528Hz … transformation to ideal, miracle, cell recovery

4th Chakra ( Anahata, Heart Chakra )
02:17 - 639Hz Heart Chakra … connection with people, improvement of relations mending

5th Chakra ( Vishuddha, Throat Chakra )
03:02 - 741Hz … Improvement of expression, problem solution

6th Chakra ( Ajna, Brow Chakra, Third Eye Chakra )
03:47 - 852Hz … Awakening intuition, spiritual awakening

7th Chakra ( Sahasrar, Crown Chakra )
04:32 - 936Hz …Higher dimensions, connection with cosmic consciousness

00:00 - Last 7.8Hz binaural beats

The above is partially translated by Shanti-phula but mostly reproduced from the source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=72&v=J5dy6Qs2tgU&feature=emb_title
Distributed by Twitter - September 8, 2019
# Solfeggio frequencies

John Lennon knew about this frequency and composed music with 528Hz. 
AoinoillcaFinal answer
528Hz is Solfeggio frequency.
Other frequencies include
396 Hz
417 Hz
528 Hz
639 Hz
852 Hz
639 Hz
852 Hz
963 Hz
If you are smart, you understand it, don’t you?
Yes, you’re right.
It increases by 111Hz at a time.
And add all of the above numbers. 
If the formula of the universe is used, in which all of the above numbers are added,
3, 6, 9… are followed.
Yes, it’s Mirokuor Maitreya.
Real one is filled with love. 
English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Hagoromo-no-syo – January 23, 2020
What are the Solfeggio frequencies? Fake or real? Are they effective to balance chakras and raise vibrations?

It is said that there is a relationship between Solfeggio frequencies and chakras as follows: 
First chakra 396Hz liberation from trauma and fear
Second chakra 417Hz mind to challenge change, intelligence
Third chakra 528Hz DNA repair, miracle
Fourth chakra 639Hz improvement of human relationship
Fifth chakra 741Hz power to resolve problems, improvement in expressive power
Sixth chakra 852Hz awakening of intuition
Seventh chakra 936Hz linkage to higher dimensions and space consciousness

On the other hand, with regard to the relationship between chakra and frequency, some media gives a definition corresponding to planets shown below
First chakra 194.18Hz One day on earth
Second chakra 210.42Hz Syndic month
Third chakra 126.22Hz One year on earth
Fourth chakra 136.10Hz Sun
Fifth chakra 141.27Hz Mercury
Sixth chakra 221.23Hz Vinus
Seventh chakra 172.06Hz Plato year

First chakra 194.18Hz One day on earth Second chakra 210.42Hz Syndic month Third chakra 126.22Hz One year on earth Fourth chakra 136.10Hz Sun Fifth chakra 141.27Hz Mercury Sixth chakra 221.23Hz Vinus Seventh chakra 172.06Hz Plato year

There are many other theories. All theories seem to be correct. There are a number of chakra frequencies because frequencies reach different place (body/energy body). 

<The rest is omitted>
English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: I thank my stormy life  from Mom in Osaka– June 17, 2011
Oh, why! What I have learned about sound and music by using a pendulum

What kind of movement do you think healing music give with a pendulum? 
Slow and safe YES movement.
But it was not.
Meditation CD contains completely opposite vibration, unsteady NO movement…
I suppose this is not applied to all medication CDs.
But I write here because I want you to know such fact.
Hemi-Sync and Solfeggio frequencies were unsteady NO vibrations.
I haven’t tried all of nature sound and musical instruments.
But I suppose almost all gives YES vibration.
<The rest is omitted>
Distributed by Twitter
mamy Osakano-okan
[Solfeggio frequencies  What makes us in bad shape?]
mamy Osakano-okan:
@mamy888 What makes us in bad shape?
With regard to Solfeggio frequencies about which I write again or
I have written many times, I compare Solfeggio frequencies with 
Mozart music …
mamy Osakano-okan
When you listen to music with Solfeggio frequency, chakras vibrate at a lower level.
I have confirmed it.
Please be careful. I’m serious about it. Sound is easy to affect people to great extent…

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